The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 346: Citi Institution Comes Forward

Stimulated by 100 million Citicoins, countless people around the world took out pistols to experiment with Huanyu mobile phones.

However, twenty-four hours have passed and no one has ever heard of anyone who successfully destroyed the Huanyu mobile phone with a pistol.

In fact, the outer shell of the Huanyu mobile phone has a 3D holographic screen, which is made of special polymer materials, and its defense ability is comparable to a bulletproof wall. It is very abnormal, and ordinary small-caliber pistols really cannot cause damage to it.

Under the experiments of countless people around the world, everyone was shocked by the quality of Huanyu's mobile phones, and they couldn't even break the pistol.

Coincidentally, on this day, a local tyrant in the Middle East encountered a shooting on his way home.

The opponent fired three shots into his heart in a row, but afterwards the local tyrant didn't do anything, but his chest became stuffy, as if he had been punched twice.

And this fact all originated from the Huanyu mobile phone he put in his chest pocket!

Moreover, this supreme version of the Huanyu mobile phone is intact and has no scars.

This news, along with Fang Xiaoru’s offer of reward, instantly swept all major civilized regions around the world like a spark of fire.

Suddenly, everyone knew that the quality of Huanyu's mobile phones was good and could save lives at critical moments.

The sales volume of Huanyu Mobile, which had been contained because of Apple's counterattack, immediately rose like a rocket.

And Apple, stealing chickens is not an eclipse. Instead of hitting Huanyu, the sales of Huanyu mobile phones have increased at an even more terrifying rate than before.

Apple, the CEO of Ku Ke, sat in an office chair with a gloomy face.

The Huanyu mobile phone was so powerful, it really exceeded his expectations.

At noon today, he specially asked the secretary to buy a Huanyu mobile phone, and personally verified that the information on the Internet was true.

Moreover, less than ten minutes after he started using Huanyu Mobile, he was impressed by this high-tech product in his heart.

Just like the ad slogan of Huanyu Mobile: Huanyu, redefine mobile phone.

Even if Kuke is unwilling in every way, he has to admit that Huanyu Mobile has indeed redefined mobile phones.

This is a real cross-age mobile phone, compared with Apple, a huge difference.

Ku Ke looked at the Apple 8 that was planning and designing on his computer, and felt annoyed.

Not to mention Apple 8, even if Apple 18 came out, it can’t compare to this one-world mobile phone.

"Ah! Shit!"

In anger, the cool guest smashed the notebook on the table.

He knew that with Apple's current technology, he couldn't compete with the world at all.


Ku Ke exhaled heavily and sat on the boss chair, his face extremely heavy.

He is the second president of Apple, and he should have maintained Apple's position as the world's number one mobile phone.

But now, under the constant pressing of Huanyu Mobile, whether Apple can survive is still unknown.

At least Apple's mobile phones are close to the cemetery, and only notebooks, tablets and other products can survive for a while.

He walked to the window and stared at the endless stream of pedestrians outside the window, his eyes very solemn.

Five out of ten of these pedestrians are holding Huanyu mobile phones.

If this trend continues, oneworld mobile phones will sweep the global market just around the corner.

Kuke closed his eyes and murmured: "The only way now is to make a fuss about information security. I believe that Citigroup will not let Huanyu occupy the market. It will definitely help me."

It was another morning.

After the quality problem of Huanyu's mobile phone was eliminated, another serious problem emerged.

The director of the Citi Information Security Center suddenly came forward that the data stored in Huanyu’s mobile phone is extremely likely to be stolen and leaked, and he advised the general public to use it with caution to protect their own information security.

Such a suggestion from an authoritative organization and an authoritative person once again pushed the Huanyu mobile phone to the forefront.

After all, no matter how good a mobile phone is, if it leaks information, it will still be rejected by many people.

Subsequently, the Citi Agency issued a statement that for security reasons and to protect information security, all agencies and departments are not allowed to use Huanyu mobile phones.

Such a statement seems to confirm the warning words of the information security officer before.

For a while, many celebrities and businessmen who used Huanyu's mobile phones felt that everyone was in danger.I am afraid that my important information and data will be stolen or leaked out.

The sales of Huanyu mobile phones in the West have once again been curbed.

For three consecutive days, the sales growth rate continued to decline.

At Beijing University, Fang Xiaoru was in class, but received an emergency call from the public relations manager of Huanyu Technology.

On the other end of the phone, the public relations manager told Fang Xiaoru all of what had happened to Citigroup.

After the transfer, the public relations manager asked: "President Fang, Citigroup has stepped forward to ban Huanyu mobile phones, what should we do?"

Fang Xiaoru lowered his head to ponder for a while, and there was no good way in his mind. He was also annoyed by the practice of Citigroup.

He frowned and said, "First stabilize the market in other countries. As for how to solve this problem, a high-level meeting will be held in the evening, and everyone will brainstorm and think about the way."

Before the class was over, Fang Xiaoru greeted the teacher and set off for the magic city.

After learning of Fang Xiaoru's identity, the classmates and teachers respected and admired him one by one.

Seeing that he had something to leave, the teacher didn't ask him, so he let him go.

In the evening, the headquarters building of Magic Universe Technology Company.

The executives of the company did not leave after get off work. They discussed in the conference room how to deal with Citigroup's targets and how to prove to users around the world that Huanyu Mobile is safe and will not disclose any user information.

Everyone discussed it for more than an hour, but there was still no clue.

When everyone was silent, a person rushed into the conference room hurriedly.

He walked up to Fang Xiaoru and said with excitement: "President Fang, good news, good news! Citigroup has a hacker who hacked the important information of Hexagon Building and stored it in the Huanyu mobile phone.

Although the hacker escaped, his mobile phone was captured by the FBI.The FBI wants to determine whether all the information is in this world mobile phone, but they have no way to crack the phone code.

Now, they have no idea what to do with this mobile phone, and they have invited experts from Apple and the information security department to crack it.However, in the current situation, these experts do not have the ability to crack codes."

Fang Xiaoru's face showed a playful smile upon hearing this.

It is said that Huanyu mobile phone will be stolen and privacy is revealed.Now I want to see how you can crack the power-on password of Huanyu Mobile!

If all senior experts at Citigroup can't crack the code. The information security problem of Huanyu mobile phone will be solved. ,, ..