The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 348 The market value soared, 250 billion Citi currency. On that day, 12 o'clock noon Beijing time.

Huanyu Technology received a report from the Citi branch that the FBI asked for help in cracking the power-on password of Huanyu mobile phones.

Fang Xiaoru said on the spot that he refused to help.

And published a tweet on the official Twitter of Huanyu Technology Company, stating that Huanyu mobile phone is the safest mobile phone.

Whether it is quality safety or information safety, the greatest guarantee can be obtained.

In time it is criminals and hackers, and the information stored in the mobile phone will not be leaked out.

As soon as this tweet was posted, the journalist immediately caught the news value hidden in it.

The reporter followed the vines, and finally he actually dug up a big piece of news.

As a result, the front page news on the third day of the New York Times published the fact that the FBI, Apple experts, and Citi Information and Security Center experts could not crack the power-on password of Huanyu's mobile phone.

As soon as this news came out, it was reprinted by netizens all over the world.

In just eight hours, the world’s mobile phone fans in major countries around the world are enthusiastically discussing the information security of mobile phones.

"Oh Maika! I wondered why Universe Technology suddenly sent out such a tweet. I didn't understand until now."

"HuaYu mobile phone, great! Even the FBI can't use it to crack the power-on password. If anyone tells me that HuanYu mobile phone has information security problems, I slap him to death."

"Huayu, redefine the mobile phone. It not only redefines the function and quality, but also gives users a guarantee in terms of information security."

"With such a mobile phone, there is no need to worry about the privacy or important information on the mobile phone being stolen."

"Didn’t Citigroup and Apple say that Huanyu’s mobile phones have information security issues, now why can’t even a power-on password be cracked?"

"Hahahaha, this slap on the face is really crackling. I'm across thousands of miles of sea, across the computer screen, and I seem to hear the slap of the face."

"I just said how such a great mobile phone could have information security problems. It turns out that all these are methods used by Citigroup and Apple to resist the expansion of the world."

"A good job is to refuse to provide assistance to the FBI."

The comments on the Internet are well received.

After this incident, the biggest loss is Apple.

It first uses quality and safety to make a fuss, and then uses information security to make a fuss.

The result was self-defeating, and it has been proved to the world that Huanyu mobile phones are not only superior in quality, but also number one in the world in terms of information security.

At the very least, even the FBI and Apple could not crack its most basic power-on password.

Citi, Apple's headquarters building.

President Ku Ke sat in his spacious and bright office room with a gloomy face. The originally organized desk was in a mess.

Brown coffee was sprinkled on the messy papers.

The screen of the laptop fell to pieces and shook.

The slag of the glass was splashed everywhere.

Two leather chairs were pushed to the ground.

Ku Ke's heart has fallen to the bottom, and his eyes are full of despair.

"Will the company passed down by Joe's helper be destroyed in my hands?"

He yelled unwillingly: "No! I will never let this happen! Apple can never be surpassed by Huanyu, let alone become a stepping stone to Huanyu's summit!"

However, even if he is not reconciled, there is no way.

Apple's technology is far from each other.

These days, they have been studying Huanyu mobile phones constantly, wanting to know the principle and structure.

However, the company's experts have no way to deal with the disassembled Huanyu mobile phone.

Because of the technology used in this phone, they have never seen or heard of it, let alone learned the technology through research.

This is like a primary school student studying math problems for high school students. Without formulas and theorems, it is no different from reading a book.

Suddenly, a gleam of light flashed in Ku Ke's eyes, and a hint of desperate counterattack appeared on his face.He said to himself with excitement:

"As long as you have the research and development materials of Huanyu Mobile, Apple will have a chance. Yes, just do it! Send a commercial spy to China to steal the research and development materials of Huaxia Mobile."

Time flies, and another week has passed.

After this week of fermentation, the sales of Huanyu mobile phones have exploded.

And Six Star Group, which was renamed Huanyu Processing Factory, fell to the bottom of its stock price and gained a new lease of life.

In just over a month, the market value has surpassed the previous peak of market value, reaching 250 billion Citicoin!

The six-star group's several shareholders who were urged by Li Zaijun to withdraw their shares, regretted it.

Seeing that the market value of the Huanyu processing plant returned to its peak, and there was still an upward trend, these shareholders thumped their chests and cried.

Everyone seeing Lee Jae Joon is like seeing an enemy.The boy with red eyes that didn't fit in a word fought.

And the new six-star group created by a few of them, due to such contradictions and discord, instantly collapsed.

The rhetoric of rebuilding the Six Star Group at the time became a joke.

Magic City, a luxurious box in Fenglin Tea House.

Kong Lecheng, the chairman of Fenglin Tea House, and Ma Hongqiang, the founder of Dayang Internet, were drinking tea and talking inside.

Ma Hongqiang took a sip of the tea, put down the cup, and said with a smile: "Brother Kong, more than a month ago, I bought a stake in Six Star Group, which is now the Huanyu Processing Factory, at a low price.

And now, do you know how much my investment has turned over?At that time, the stock price of Huanyu Processing Factory has fallen to the bottom, with a market value of less than 50 billion Citigroup, and it is approaching the stage of bankruptcy of the site.

No one thought that its market value has risen to 250 billion Citicoin!This Master Fang really brought me a huge amount of wealth.",, ..