The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 350 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Fang Xiaoru registered on Weibo and published the first Weibo, expressing his intention to register the establishment of the World Group, which instantly became a hot news of the day.

In just half a day, more than 300,000 people left messages under Fang Xiaoru's Weibo.

The number of people who followed broke the growth record, increasing by 5 million people per hour.

Over time, a large number of netizens flooded Fang Xiaoru's Weibo and left comments and discussions there.

"My husband has finally signed up for Weibo. I am so happy that I can touch my husband up close."

"My husband loves me, you shameless ugly women, don't grab my husband."

"Go away, it's my husband."

Female netizens, frantically struggling, all say that Fang Xiaoru is her husband.

And Fang Xiaoru, it is precisely the title of national husband.

On the Internet, in reality, many girls who are in their youth, and even some married wives, regard Fang Xiaoru as their own fantasy object, as their own male god.

Compared with female netizens, male netizens are much more rational, at least no one left a message to get in touch with Fang Xiaoru.

"Great, I finally opened Weibo."

"Excuse me, Mr. Fang, what's the matter with you, the world group?"

"It turns out that Universal Media is also your company. I have always liked your company's actor Zhao Wantong."

"It's about to set up a group, Fang is always not ready to fight."

"Whether it is Huanyu Technology Company or Huanyu Processing Factory, which is the original Six-Star Group, is one of the top companies in the world. Mr. Fang, you want to merge them into a group, it is really big.

"I have a hunch that the day Universe Group goes public will create a myth."

Three days later, the Beijing Atlantis Building.

The tallest and most prosperous building in the world, which cost 25 billion, just completed this year, was bought by Fang Xiaoru as the headquarters of the Universe Group.

The building is 998 meters high and has a total of 196 floors.

Looking down from the top of the building, the cars coming and going have become the size of ants.

The upper two floors of the Atlantis Building were used solely by Fang Xiaoru.

The 195th floor serves as his office and reception room, and the highest floor is his private resting place. The decoration on it is more luxurious and extravagant than the seven-star chief suite.

On this day, at the gate of the Atlantis Building, Fang Xiaoru officially announced the establishment of the World Group and held the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Those who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony were all famous people.

In the business world, there are Ma Hongqiang, chairman of Dayang Internet, Mr. Zhou Lao, chairman of Sir Xiangjiang Tea, Kong Lecheng, chairman of Fenglin Tea House, Jiang Feng, chairman of Chase Real Estate, and other well-known domestic entrepreneurs.

Even the presidents of China's four major banks attended this ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The people here are also extraordinary. In order to show support for the Huanyu Group, the country has not only Tian Weiguo in Beijing, but also minister-level cadres like Zhao Kaiyang, Minister of Public Security.

Participants, each appearing alone, will be called the focus of the media.

And now, they all attended the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Universe Group.

But it’s not surprising that there will be such an exaggerated ribbon-cutting team. Economic experts at home and abroad, since Fang Xiaoru’s Weibo, have been predicting how much financing and market value will reach once Universe Group goes public. .

Among them, Barclays Bank analysts believe that the stock price of Oneworld Group is about 262 Citi dollars per share, Ocean Crown Securities expects the stock price to be 266 Citi dollars, and the brokerage Benchmark locked the target price of Oneworld Group at 289 Citi dollars per share.

The most confident of the Universe Group is the world's largest investment institution, INVESTING Venture Capital.

Roster, the founder of INVESRING Ventures, publicly stated that he believes that once Universe Group is listed on the New York A-share market, the stock price will reach 320 Citi, and within a month, it will reach 350 Citi.

Calculated according to the stock price of 320 Citicoins per share, the market value of the Universe Group at the time of listing will exceed 900 billion Citicoins!

What is the concept of 900 billion Citicoin?Exceeding the GDP of most countries in the world, a truly wealthy country.

This is the terrifying impact of the huge market.

According to statistics, China has nearly 600 million people using Huanyu mobile phones, and this number is still increasing.

And outside of China Mainland, 820 million units of Universal Mobile have been sold.

With a total of more than 1.4 billion users, once the Universe Group integrates its subordinate Universe Technology Company, Six Star Group, and Universe Media, on the day of listing, it will instantly become the world's largest company.

At that time, no company in the world can compete with it.

After the opening ribbon-cutting ceremony of the World Group, a group of guests were invited to the restaurant on the twelfth floor of the Atlantis Building.

At the banquet, senior officials from major institutions and business leaders cheerfully toasted Fang Xiaoru.

Everyone knows that this unassuming young man in front of him will become China's top entrepreneur.

During the period, Tian Weiguo of Beijing City said to Xiaoru, “Mr. Fang, when I made a guarantee and asked the four major banks to lend you a loan, I was trembling, for fear that you would lose yourself in. Now think about it, I’m really worried. Up."

Fang Xiaoru also responded with a smile: "Thanks to Secretary Tian for his help, otherwise I can't really get the loan, and I won't be able to take the 15% equity in the hands of Six-Star second shareholder Jin Dongcan.

Tian Weiguo also shook his head, and said, "I'm just pushing the boat along the river. Even without me, the money can be approved, but the time for the approval will be longer."

At this time, the president of Hua Xia Bank also interjected: “Secretary Tian, ​​don’t you know that Fang always pledged the equity of Universe Technology Company before he loaned to us.

The two largest venture capital companies in the world invested a full 520 billion yuan in the stock market with a leverage of 52 yuan 100 times, and this became the major shareholder of Six Star Group.

If it were not for your guarantee, we might really have to hesitate for a while, and it is impossible to approve the funds so quickly."

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