The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 354 China Boiling

The Modis consortium is one of the ten largest consortia of Citigroup.

The biggest pillar of the Modis consortium is Modis.Modis is one of the largest multinational banks directly, with more than 1,000 communications banks worldwide.

It also owns equity in financial institutions in nearly 40 countries.Controls the equity of 37 foreign commercial banks, development banks, investment companies and other enterprises.

The huge amount of funds makes it stand at the top of Citi Financial.

The General Motors Group, one of the world's top 500 companies, is just a company that has emerged and is known to the world.

In places unknown to outsiders, it is also ranked first in the world in the computer industry.At the same time, it is one of the largest arms contractors of the Citi Defense Department.

In addition to these, the Modis consortium also involves other industries.

In the early 1990s, a Citibank bank used this sentence to describe the Modis consortium.

It not only plays sports, it plays everything and controls everything.

But these are nothing. What is even more crazy is that although Modis owns very little capital, it controls 20% of Citigroup's wealth!

At this time, the head of the Mordis consortium set his sights on Fang Xiaoru's World Group.

Oneworld Group was listed on Citi’s A-share market. At the end of the market, its market value broke the 900 billion Citi currency mark, reaching an unprecedented 920 billion Citi currency.

This news swept across all countries and regions around the world like a gust of wind.

The reputation of the Universe Group is as world-renowned as Apple, Cuckoo, and Microsoft.

Fang Xiaoru, the head of the group, became the hottest person in the world at that time.

All over the world, as long as there is a world mobile phone, Fang Xiaoru is talking about the world group.

China’s major media reported that the Universe Group had created miracles.

The Empire Daily, also on the front page, described the history of the founding of the World Group in large strokes.

Fang Xiaoru has officially become a household name in China.

Ask a Chinese man on the road. He may not know who the Prime Minister of Geely is or what the name of the chief of France is, but he must know who Fang Xiaoru is!

Countless Huaxia people are proud of the achievements of Universe Group.

Tens of millions of comments have maxed out Weibo.

The crazy reposted screenshots of the stock market have also become popular in the circle of friends.

On the official website of the Universe Group, on Fang Xiaoru's Weibo.

Excited netizens left crazy comments on it.

"I can no longer express my feelings in any language, as if there is a flame burning in my chest."

"Oneworld Group, No. 1 in the world!"

"Is it finally my turn for Huaxia Enterprise to dominate the world?"

"I waited for a long time on this day, and came back so fast. When I learned that the market value of Universe Group exceeded 900 billion Citigroup on the day of listing, tears were in my eyes.

After many years, Huaxia finally stood at the pinnacle of the world again.Thank you, Fang Xiaoru.Oneworld Group, I am proud of you."

After this Weibo, countless netizens copied and pasted it.

"Thank you, Fang Xiaoru. Huanyu Group, I am proud of you."

"Thank you, Fang Xiaoru. Huanyu Group, I am proud of you."

"Thank you, Fang Xiaoru. Huanyu Group, I am proud of you."


The Imperial News that night, the 30-minute news, took 25 minutes to cover Fang Xiaoru and the World Group.

Only five minutes were used to introduce the imperial chairman to go abroad for friendly exchanges, and the prime minister went deep into the grassroots for inspection.

December 23 is destined to be a sleepless night.

Citi, Atlanta Hotel, Chief Suite.

Fang Xiaoru lay comfortably on the bed, enjoying Lisa's massage.

The market value of the Universe Group has reached 920 billion Citicoin, although it is shocking.

But Fang Xiaoru's heart was calm, because money was already a number in his eyes.

920 billion Citi currency, or 920 billion yuan, is not important to him.

Only just now, he received a call from Liu Shimao, Premier of the Chinese Empire.

On the phone, Liu Shimao first expressed his happiness and congratulations on Xiaoru’s achievement. Afterwards, it was clear that Fang Xiaoru revealed that as long as the empire allows, the organization will increase its support to the Universe Group and give the green light to some policies.

Lisa on the side also heard the dialogue between Fang Xiaoru and Premier Liu Shimao.

The way she looked at Fang Xiaoru was already the same as looking at the gods.

"Jingle Bell"

But less than ten minutes after Fang Xiaoru hung up Liu Shimao's call, another call came in.

Fang Xiaoru looked at the name on the caller ID and answered the call.

"It's big night, don't you accompany your wife and children, is there anything wrong with calling me?"

The person who called was Roster, the founder of INVESTING Venture Capital.

It was he and another venture capital giant, Antonio, who provided Fang Xiaoru with more than 500 billion yuan, and Fang Xiaoru could acquire Six Star Group in one fell swoop.

"Haha, Fang, you can be said to be the most eye-catching person in the world today. Although I originally predicted that once your Universe Group goes public, it may exceed 900 billion Citicoins. But when this moment really happened, I was still shocked."

Rost's voice is very hearty, completely different from his cunning style in the stock market.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Rost, the days to come will be long. 900 billion in my heart is just the starting point for the voyage of the Universe Group.

My goal is to surpass the world's famous consortia and break their monopoly in the shortest possible time.Become the number one person in the world, not the number one on the bright side."

Roster smiled and said: "Fang, you know, those well-known consortiums have all been established after hundreds of years of accumulation and precipitation. It is impossible to surpass them if you are alone.

Fang Xiaoru didn't take it seriously, and asked straightforwardly: "Let's say Roster, you call me so late, don't you just congratulate me?"

"There are indeed other things." Roster's tone changed, and the low voice said: "Fang, I have news that the Modis consortium is interested in your world group. I believe that soon, their people will Contact you."

Fang Xiaoru frowned upon hearing this. Just talking about surpassing the consortium, I was told that Citigroup’s second-ranked Modis consortium was eyeing him. ,, ..