The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 355: Mordis's Banquet

The next morning, when Fang Xiaoru and Lisa went to the restaurant downstairs for breakfast, a man who claimed to be the Modis family approached him.

This is a middle-aged man in his forties. He walked to Fang Xiaoru's dining table and said with a smile:

"Hello, Mr. Fang, I am the butler of the Mordis family, and my master would like to invite you to a banquet tonight."

"The Mortis family?" Fang Xiaoru's mouth showed a smile. Rost mentioned the family to him on the phone yesterday, but he didn't expect the other party to come to the door so soon.

He put down the knife and fork in his hand and said faintly: "I accept your invitation."

The middle-aged man handed the invitation letter in his hand to Fang Xiaoru very decently, and said immediately: "I look forward to your visit, then I will leave first."

It wasn't until the middle-aged man left that the smile on Fang Xiaoru's mouth slowly faded.

A mere butler, who behaved so decently, was able to be neither humble nor overbearing when facing Fang Xiaoru, so that people could not find a trace of fault.

I saw it in a small way, from this steward, you can see the terrible thing about the Modis consortium.

"Does the family that control 20% of Citigroup's wealth?" Fang Xiaoru looked at the bronzing invitation letter in his hand, and his eyes flashed a little sharply. Can be my stepping stone!"

Although the Modis consortium controls 20% of Citi's wealth, its wealth is all fixed funds, and liquidity is not as scary as imagined.

With Fang Xiaoru's current wealth, there is no need to fear this appalling consortium.

New York time, 12 o'clock noon.

The Forbes rich list, which is updated once a year, has been updated in advance for an unprecedented time.

Although it is an update, it's just that everyone's ranking has moved one place backward.

At the top of the rich list, Asian names appeared for the first time, and Chinese names appeared for the first time.

Name: Fang Xiaoru.

Nationality: Chinese.

Assets: 782 billion Citicoins

Gates, who was squeezed from the top of the list and ranked second, has a roommate of 75 billion assets.

The gap between the first and the second has been stretched to more than ten times unprecedented.

People all over the world who saw this list couldn't help but exclaim.

782 billion Citicoin, what kind of concept is this?No one can tell.

But at least in this world, no one can surpass him in personal wealth.

Perhaps some super-large consortia can surpass him in total assets, such as the world's No. 1 consortium Osgoodin with 50 trillion Citicoins, and the Modus consortium that invited Fang Xiaoru to the banquet.

But when it comes to personal assets alone, no one can compare to Fang Xiaoru.

Although those consortia are huge, the funds in their hands are scary.

But after all, every consortium is undoubtedly a super large family with a large population.

Even if Osgoodin, the first consortium with 5 billion Citicoins, the personal assets held by its heads are not as good as those of the top.

The update of the Forbes rich list has finally given people all over the world a clear understanding of the huge business empire created by Xiaoru.

With a net worth of 782 billion Citi dollars, it is more than ten times the assets of Gates, who has been the world's richest man for more than two decades!

This sharp contrast made everyone dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

782 billion Citicoins are enough to buy many small countries on the planet.

Fang Xiaoru, who was young and gold, instantly became the object of fantasy in the hearts of girls around the world.

Citigroup alone has many celebrities who express their affection for Xiaoru on social software.

There are even some courageous Hollywood actresses who directly asked Fang Xiaoru how to have sex with him.

As time goes by, Fang Xiaoru's international reputation and influence will surely grow.

New York time, seven o'clock in the evening, Willis Winery.

Villis Winery is an industry under the Mordis consortium, and some of the internationally renowned rare wines are produced here.

Tonight, all kinds of luxury cars parked in front of the Villis Winery.

Tens of millions of luxury cars can be seen everywhere here.

At a glance, they are all high-end business cars like Rolls-Royce and Lincoln or super sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Here, you can hardly see a car worth ten million.

Today, the head of the Modis consortium, the old Modis, is going to hold a reception here to entertain the big businessmen of Citigroup.

Fang Xiaoru parked the Lamborghini he had just bought at noon today and walked to the winery.

"Hello sir, please show your invitation letter."

At the door of the winery, a waiter with him stopped Fang Xiaoru.

A yellow man, if it weren’t for Fang Xiaoru’s getting off the Lamborghini egoista, he would have been blasting people.

However, when he saw Fang Xiaoru's name on the invitation letter, his face changed drastically.

On the gilded invitation letter, Fang Xiaoru was written in English.

Who is Fang Xiaoru?The man at the helm of the oneworld group, the number one super rich on the Forbes rich list!

The waiter hurriedly saluted Fang Xiaoru respectfully, bent down and said, "Mr. Fang, please come in!"

Fang Xiaoru retracted the invitation letter, nodded faintly, lifted up his steps, and walked towards the Villis Winery.

After seeing Fang Xiaoru entering, the waiter immediately used the intercom and said: "Report, Mr. Fang from the Universe Group has entered."

At this time, in the lobby of the Willis Winery, many upper-class people in Citigroup were chatting and laughing with their glasses.

In the morning, the butler who sent the invitation letter to Fang Xiaoru walked to the old Modis who was sitting on the sofa tasting wine alone, and said softly: "Fang Xiaoru has entered the winery."

Old Modis heard this, put down the wine glass in his hand, and said to a young man sitting next to him: "You go outside to welcome him in."

The young man was the grandson of the old Modis, the little Modis.,, ..