The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 361 Sanctions on World Group

But it was said that the old Modis was rejected by Fang Xiaoru, and it quickly spread to the other nine consortia of Citigroup.

The heads of those consortiums laughed at Old Modis.

He also joked that a company with a market value of 920 billion Citicoins, let alone the Modus consortium, even the world's number one Phoenix family, could not get in so easily.

That night, as a shareholder of the Federal Reserve, the old Modis had a phone call with WHITEHOUSE.

No one knows what he said on the phone, but when he hung up, the old Mortis's face was cold.

"The authority of the Mordis consortium can't be provoked by anyone. If you don't know how to promote it, then you can only get out of Citigroup."

The next day, WHITEHOUSE held an emergency meeting.

The theme of the conference is related to economy.

James, Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Governor of the City Bank of New York, took the lead in speaking.

James is a 62-year-old man who will retire after a few years of work.His vision and judgment in the economic field are among the best in the world.

He pointed his finger at the chart on the projector, and said with a heavy face: "Everyone, the situation is very serious now. When we walked to the streets of Citi, at least nine out of ten people are using Huanyu phones.

And the other one who didn't use the Huanyu mobile phone was either because he had no money to buy it, or the agency strictly prohibited the use of the Huanyu mobile phone.

This situation is not only happening in Citi, but on a global scale.

This shows what?This shows that Huanyu Group will gradually grow into an enterprise that is vital to the global economy.

Moreover, under the suppression of Huanyu Mobile, our local mobile phone industry has died out, and the only thing lingering is Apple.

But in less than a month, Apple will face the possibility of bankruptcy. By then, Apple's nearly 100,000 employees will become vagrant.

Moreover, in addition to the mobile phone industry represented by Apple, all Citigroup cinemas will also close down due to the emergence of Huanyu mobile phones.

With 3D holographic movie watching, you can enjoy the viewing effect 100 times better than the movie theater at home, and no one will go to the movie theater.

The mobile phone industry and movie theaters have gone bankrupt, which will be a major blow to Citi's economy.

In such a severe situation, I propose to sanction the Universe Group, impose a huge fine on him by issuing a monopoly law, and call on the public to stop using the Universe mobile phone."

As soon as James said this, all officials at the scene turned pale.

A politician frowned and said: "If we make this kind of action, we will definitely attract a lot of international scolding."

James snorted coldly: "Compared with the huge unemployed crowd, the international curse is nothing."

The rest of the officials, their heads are moving fast, considering the pros and cons of this matter.

If we do not deal with the Universe Group, as James said, all the employees of the mobile phone company will lose their jobs, and the staff of the movie theater will become vagrant.

Not only will Citi’s economy suffer a major blow, the resettlement of these unemployed homeless people will also become a huge problem.

A group of people discussed for nearly half an hour, and finally passed James' proposal to sanction the World Group by a 10:3 vote.

At night, the Mangrove Seven-Star Hotel, the chief suite.

Fang Xiaoru analyzed the information that Nicole had brought to his economic team. Finally, the brokerage team stated that it would be beneficial for the other party to buy 5 billion Citi currency into the Venus Hotel and hold a 25% stake.

When Fang Xiaoru agreed to invest 5 billion Citicoins, Nicole couldn't help herself with excitement. She said with excitement: "With your 5 billion Citicoins, Venus Hotel has been able to survive. I really don't know. How can I thank you."

Today, Nicole wears a red suspender skirt, which gives her enchanting figure enough to see her. There is a unique sexy beauty that belongs to Europe and the United States.

The pair of plump, snow-white breasts always loomed before Fang Xiaoru's eyes, making his eyes attracted uncontrollably.

Nicole also felt Fang Xiaoru's hot gaze, and her face flushed slightly.

But she did not evade, her good figure was appreciated by men, especially a man like Fang Xiaoru, which made her feel particularly proud.

She smiled charmingly, cast a wink at Fang Xiaoru, and said, "Fang, what's my figure?"


Fang Xiaoru realized that he had been discovered, and coughed awkwardly, and said, "Naturally it is excellent. It is more than enough to be on the stage of Victoria's Secret."

Nicole bit her vermilion lip, a hesitation flashed in her eyes, and finally sat up from the chair, walked to Fang Xiaoru's side, put her hand on his body, and whispered, "Fang, do you have a girlfriend?"

The world's richest man, young and rich, helped her grandfather tide over difficulties at critical times.

Undoubtedly, Fang Xiaoru has left a very good impression in Nicole's heart.

As the saying goes, that girl doesn't cherish spring.

Although Nicole was not captured by Fang Xiaoru, she had a good impression of him.

Fang Xiaoru smelled the perfume of Chanel No. 18 on Nicole, and looked at her extremely sexy and graceful figure, couldn't help but think.

He didn't answer Nicole's question, but rushed Nicole into his arms, let her sit on his lap, and smiled evilly: "What if I have a girlfriend? What if I don't have a girlfriend?

Nicole's face was stagnant, but soon a beautiful smile bloomed.

She leaned down on her own initiative and brought her lips to Fang Xiaoru's.

Her kissing skills were very rusty, just pressed Fang Xiaoru's lips, there was no other movement.

Fang Xiaoru smiled in his heart and immediately judged that this was a young child.

He turned around and hugged Nicole to the sofa aside.

Early the next morning, Fang Xiaoru was woken up by the constant ringing of cell phone bells.

He answered the phone in a daze, and Lin Caizhe's panicked voice immediately came from inside.

"Fang Shao, big things are not good. Citigroup must impose huge fines on our Universe Group under the antitrust law!"