The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 363 An irreplaceable universe

"Herding effect!" Roster also looked at Fang Xiaoru in amazement, and said, "You have to copy the Black Monday that swept the global stock market in 1987!"

While shocked, Rost felt a burst of excitement and eagerness like Antonio.

Ten years ago, Roster attacked the euro and caused a substantial depreciation of the euro.

Seven years ago, Antonio personally created a financial street storm.

These two people are not the master of peace.

Now when I heard Fang Xiaoru's plan, while shocked, he was more excited.

"Not bad!" Fang Xiaoru's eyes were shining brightly, their eyes piercing, like a pair of small suns.

He confidently and arrogantly said: "If you don't teach Citi a lesson, it really thinks that it can control everything. The withdrawal of foreign investors will inevitably lead to the decline of Citi's stock market.

And we are the fuse that led them to divest.After the withdrawal of the Universe Group from the Citi market, foreign investors will have concerns about Citi’s policies towards foreign companies, and worry about whether they will become the next Universe Group.

And if you two global venture capital giants withdraw their capital, if you are guided, some people will definitely feel uneasy and choose to withdraw their capital.

But people have a herd mentality, and when more people are withdrawn, everyone will follow suit.It's like Black Monday at Citi stock market in 1987!"

Rost and Antonio met once, and both saw the excitement in the eyes of old friends.

They nodded and said loudly: "It's done! Even if we fail, we have nothing to lose. If we succeed, history will definitely record all this!"

For them, money is just a number, too much to spend.

Over 60 years old, the only thing I want is to be able to make a memorable stroke in history, let the world know their majesty in the economic world and in the stock market.

Fang Xiaoru laughed loudly: "Happy cooperation!"

However, it is said that three days have passed since the Universe Group withdrew from Citi Market.

In the past three days, people who use Huanyu's mobile phone at Citigroup have complained.

Many people even scolded Citigroup, saying that they forced the World Group away.

They complained because Fang Xiaoru not only withdrew from the mobile phone market, but also stopped using the Huanyu APP store.

Users can no longer download any apps from the APP mall, and the three softwares, Twitter, Gugu, and Big Face, which Westerners rely so much on, cannot be used because they cannot be upgraded.

To Westerners, Big Face and Twitter are like China’s button and circle of friends.

And Gu Gu is like Baidu.

The loss of these three functions on mobile phones makes them extremely uncomfortable.

Seeing this happen, Kuke was so happy that he launched the Apple 9 and took this opportunity to regain Citi's market.

However, on the first day of Apple 9's sale, the dismal sales made his heart fall to the bottom.

Even in Citigroup, Huanyu cannot download APP, nor can it use Twitter, Gugu, and Big Face.

But the world software that comes with this phone makes users reluctant to change their phones.

For example, viewing software, you can see 3D holographic movies at home, making people feel like it.

Another example is music software, which can achieve true 3D stereo surround, just like a singer singing in your ear.

The dismal sales, like a heavy hammer, smashed into the heart of cool customers.

He thought that Huanyu Mobile had withdrawn from Citi Market, and he would be able to take advantage of it.

How can I know that I have experienced technology products that have been leading the world for 30 years, and I have fallen in love with his Apple.

It's like a Chinese person who is used to smart phones. Suddenly one day, this smart phone cannot use buckle and WeChat, but other functions are not affected.

For this reason, would you be willing to give up such a smart phone and use the original Nokia phone?

At the beginning, Nokia failed to keep up and was eliminated and was replaced by smartphones, completely sinking from the global mobile phone hegemon.

And now Apple is so similar to Nokia back then.

In the stock market, due to the withdrawal of the Universe Group from the Citi market, the shares of Universe have begun to fall these days.

In three days, the market value fell from the original 920 billion Citi currency to 910 billion.

But all this was in Fang Xiaoru's expectation, and he could bear such a small price.

However, in addition to the decline in the shares of Universe Group.The three companies, Dalian, Gugu, and Twitter are no exception.

As the software of these three companies could not be used in Huanyu mobile phones in Citi, their respective stocks also plummeted.

Among them, Gu Gu was the worst. In just three days, the market value had evaporated by 5 billion.

It was not until this moment that they knew that the lifeblood of their company was in the hands of the World Group and Fang Xiaoru unknowingly.

It’s just that they can’t use the software of their respective companies in the Citi area. If Fang Xiaoru was heartbroken that day and removed Gugu, Twitter, and Big Face from the world’s APP store, it would be nothing for these three companies. A devastating blow.

In a private club, Cuckoo CEO, Twitter CEO, and Big Face CEO gathered together.

They looked at each other in a speechless manner. No one had thought or considered that the World Group would have such a significant influence on them.

At that time, they only regarded Huanyu Mobile as a platform, a platform for them to wander.

Just like the previous Android Market and Apple Store.

But they miscalculated that there are alternatives for both Android phones and Apple phones. If you don't like the six-star ones, I will use Apple. If Apple is not used to it, I will use Huawei.

However, there is no substitute for the Huanyu mobile phone, or no mobile phone of that brand can replace it.

As a result, once Huanyu Mobile wants to attack them, they can only wait to die, and there is no room for resistance.

This feeling of destiny in the hands of others, but powerlessness, made the three CEOs sip the wine one by one.,, ..