The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 367: Returning to China, the Light of China

January 1st, the beginning of the new year.

On this day, Fang Xiaoru, who was called the Light of China by China Media, returned to China.

He returned full of glory!

The world’s mobile phone was born, and it swept the global market in less than three months, setting off a wave of world mobile phones in 14 countries and regions around the world.

After that, the Universe Group was established and listed on Citi A shares.On the day of listing, the market value exceeded the 900 billion Citi currency mark, making it the world's number one super company.

Personal assets also topped the Forbes Rich List with 788 billion Citi currency, surpassing Gates by ten times!

When he was sued by Citigroup for monopoly crimes, the people in China were excited and angry.

What is exciting is that China finally has such a company that can form a monopoly, and is angry that Citigroup is targeting the World Group.

Just when they were worried about how Universe Group should face this crisis from Citigroup, Fang Xiaoru expressed in court in the Supreme Court that he chose to withdraw from the Citi market.

This attitude of unyielding made many netizens see it with enthusiasm.

Especially after Universal Collection withdrew from Citi Market, a large number of Citi users began to make crazy message requests online.

Many people even criticized the organization for not making such a stupid decision that it implicated the users of their global mobile phones.

Huanyu mobile phones in the Citi area are no longer enjoying system updates, the APP store is closed, and various APPs cannot be downloaded and upgraded.

Citigroup's inseparable software, such as Cuckoo, Big Face, and Twitter, cannot be used on mobile phones, causing them to complain.

Many people who have the conditions even bought a ticket and flew abroad in order to upgrade the software and download the APP.

Those who have no conditions can only sigh with excitement.

In China, no one could have imagined that Citigroup would rely so much on Huanyu mobile phones and on mobile phones developed by China Xia.

Many people happily look at the Internet every day, and there are news about how Citi netizens "smart" overseas to upgrade and download APP.

China, Beijing International Airport.

As soon as Fang Xiaoru walked out of the airport, he was surrounded by reporters and fans of Huanyu Mobile.

Many fans held up the placard of "China Light".

They all looked at Fang Xiaoru with fiery eyes, and shouted excitedly:

"The light of China! The light of China!"

The shouts resounded through the airport, endlessly.

Some unidentified domestic tourists or foreign tourists realized that the person surrounded in front was not a big star, but Fang Xiaoru, the founder of the Universe Group!

These domestic and foreign tourists also squeezed their luggage forward, wanting to witness the demeanor of Fang Xiaoru, the richest man in the world.

Ahead, twenty-five security personnel at the airport, with sweating foreheads, worked hard and laboriously to pull up the wall to block reporters and crazy fans two meters away from Fang Xiaoru.

With Fang Xiaoru's current status, nothing can happen at the airport.

In the event of an accident, from the person in charge of the airport to the security personnel like them, they all have to hit the end, and none of them can escape.

"Mr. Fang, what kind of impact did it have on your life after becoming the world's richest man?"

"Mr. Fang, what is the relationship between you and Princess Catherine?"

"Giliguo media once reported that you are Princess Catherine's gossip boyfriend, but as far as we know, you have a very close relationship with Liu Mengya, your third year classmate. Can you explain?"

"Mr. Fang, I'm a reporter from Xunteng Entertainment News. A woman who claimed to be Zhao Wantong's roommate broke the news to us, saying that you had unspoken rules about Zhao Wantong. I wonder if this is true?"

"According to the news from Bangziguo media, you bought MS brokerage company for a member of the girl era. Do you have anything to say about it?"

"Mr. Fang, when will the second batch of overseas sales points of Huanyu Mobile be opened?"

"Now that the Universe Group has reached its peak in the mobile phone industry, would you consider entering into other industries?"

The reporter friends at the scene, like cats smelling the fishy smell, held their microphones one by one and squeezed forward desperately.

Fang Xiaoru's face slowly sank. He didn't expect that his private affairs would be so clearly understood by these reporters.

Surrounded by many reporters, Fang Xiaoru just said nothing. Under the escort of security personnel, he boarded a Rolls-Royce Phantom sent by Universe Group.

Beijing Atlantis Building, 195th floor, Fang Xiaoru's office.

Fang Xiaoru's face was cold, and he said to the PR manager who stood respectfully below:

"Within one day, I want all the reports on the Internet about my personal affairs to disappear. If it can't be done, you won't use it for work tomorrow."

The public relations manager said profusely: "President Fang, this is indeed our negligence. You can rest assured that after today, all reports concerning your personal privacy will disappear."

Fang Xiaoru nodded gently, and said blankly: "You are a journalist. After this is done, I will look for a few news newspapers with a good reputation. Not only domestic ones, but also foreign ones."

The public relations manager took a small notebook and wrote down what Fang Xiaoru said.

Finally, after getting Fang Xiaoru's approval, he quit the office tremblingly.

The moment the office door was closed, the public relations manager seemed to be drained, leaning against the wall and letting out a big sigh of relief.

He looked at the height of more than 900 meters outside the window and muttered: "It's terrible. After Fang always went to Citigroup, his aura became even more terrifying."

However, after the public relations manager left, Lisa hurried to Fang Xiaoru's office.

"Young Shao Fang, a middle-aged man who claims to be your grandfather's butler, wants to see you."

"Grandpa?" Fang Xiaoru's pupils shrank, and his body leaning on the boss's chair sat up straight.

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