The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 376: Consortium rescues the market

Not to mention that Fang Wenhua contacted his cousin who was the director of the Jiangnan Provincial Public Security Department, nor did he mention the three CEOs of Gugu, Twitter, and Big Face. He decided to come to China together and visit Fang Xiaoru in person.

But said that this day, Citi Time is evening.

After all the employees were off work, Kuke sat in the office alone.

He looked at the photo of Gangmaster Qiao hanging on the wall of the office. He burst into tears and cried out in mournfulness: "The age of Gangmaster Qiao, which belongs to us, has passed."

"In just a few months, the company's finances have been unable to make ends meet, and the stock market has fallen again and again. Now Apple is on the verge of bankruptcy."

"But I am not reconciled, I am not reconciled to the company's financial resources, relying only on tablets and notebooks. I am not reconciled to becoming the second Nokia!"

"Commercial espionage has already set off. As long as the company persists until the spy steals the core technology of Huanyu mobile phone, it will definitely be able to make a comeback!"

At the same time, the WHITEHOUSE was brightly lit.

Today, WHITEHOUSE officials once again invited the heads of the top ten consortia to come to the meeting.

At the meeting, the Secretary of State said with a stern face: "Gentlemen, a financial turmoil is about to begin on Financial Street and sweep across Citigroup.

We can't just wait and die. Citi has just recovered from the 2008 financial crisis and can no longer withstand such a blow.

The problems before us are extremely serious. If they are not handled properly, the entire Citigroup's economy will fall into depression or even go backwards.

Gentlemen, you are all backed by a huge consortium, and even the Federal Reserve is under your control.Now, it's time for you to contribute to Citi."

At the conference table, the big bosses of the consortium did not have the calmness of the past.

As the Secretary of State said, Citigroup can no longer withstand a financial turmoil, at least not in the past few years.

And Citi's interests are closely related to their own interests, so they can't help but take it seriously.

Flag Flower Bank, as the fourth-ranked consortium, its head was the first to speak: "We, Flag Flower Bank, have decided to use 100 billion Citicoin to rescue the market."

These consortia, the most wealthy, have more than 2 trillion Citi currency assets.

And the least is 1 trillion.

Cihua Bank, only ranked fourth among all consortia, can put 100 billion Citicoins in the stock market to save the collapsed market. It is already very conscientious.

After the head of Cihua Bank expressed his opinion, other heads of the consortium also stepped forward.

Among them, the Phoenix Consortium, as the largest consortium, put out 200 billion Citicoins, and the rest of the consortiums all put out 100 billion Citicoins.

Ten consortiums collected 1.1 trillion Citicoins in total.

Finally, Citi’s Secretary of State said: “Thank you, the agency decided to invest 2 trillion Citicoins from the Federal Reserve, plus your 1.1 trillion yuan, and then raise some funds from the market. It can be considered as a solution to the urgent need and to slow down this deteriorating situation. Market economy."

Europe, Germany, in a medieval castle.

The Barrett family, the heir William and the contemporary Patriarch Harry are talking.

Harry carefully sipped the red wine from the 1960s, and said to his heir William: "Citi's stock market crash will surely trigger a financial crisis.

This crisis will have a certain impact on the world. What do you think at this stage, what should we do to maximize the benefits from it?"

William pondered for a long time before answering: "Father, I think we should watch the changes at this stage. Citigroup's consortium will definitely save the market.

If they succeed in the rescue, we will assume that nothing happened.If they fail to rescue the market, then we will invade when Citigroup’s economy is in depression.Put the Federal Reserve in the hands of the Barrett family again!"

The Barrett family is the most terrifying financial family in the world, with total assets of 50 trillion Citicoins.

What kind of concept is 50 trillion Citicoin?

Citi’s total GDP last year was 18 trillion, accounting for 24% of global GDP.

China has only 11 trillion yuan, accounting for 15% of global GDP.

In other words, Citi and China, the top two global GDP rankings, add up to the total assets of the Barrett family.

The assets of the Barrett family have exceeded 80% of the global annual GDP!

This is a horrible data!

Since the sixteenth century, arms sales began to influence the war in Europe at that time.

The reason why Napoleon defeated Waterloo was said to be against the Barrett family at that time, and did not sell the arms to Napoleon at the appointed time and place.

Centuries of development have laid an unparalleled emergency foundation for Barrett.

Although the Barrett family has gradually retreated behind the scenes over the years, it still has an unimaginable influence on the entire European economy.

And, as early as a century ago, the Federal Reserve was controlled by the Barrett family.

Only later did it gradually fall into the hands of the Citigroup Ten Consortium.

In response to William's answer, Harry shook his head, "William, I am very dissatisfied with your answer. It is correct to watch the changes, but we can't just sit there and waste time.

The Universe Group turned out to have a market value of 900 billion Citi currency. This is because its mobile phones are only sold in 14 countries and regions outside of China.

Once it liberalizes the global market and expands its products to the world, the market value of the Universe Group will have huge room for growth.

This is a company that has the potential to surpass the Citigroup, and it is also an object worthy of us.

During this period of time, you go to Huaxia to see if you can get a cooperative relationship with the Universe Group. It is best to get the technology in their hands.

With this technology, our Barrett family will once again usher in take-off!"

William nodded heavily and said, "Yes, father."

On January 12, the official website of the Universe Group once again broke a piece of breaking news.

That is the Universe Group, which will start selling mobile phones around the world on January 15th, three days later.

And, in addition to mobile phones, there is another new product-Huanyu Tablet PC.

This news, in addition to cheering fans around the world, also made the cool guest faint.

During this period of time, Apple relied on tablets and notebooks to support its finances, and now the emergence of Universal Tablet PCs undoubtedly accelerated the pace of Apple's demise.,, ..