The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 377 Market value of 1 trillion Citicoin

The Universe Group is about to open the global market (except Citi), and will also launch the latest product Universe Tablet PC.

This news instantly swept all major mainstream media around the world.

All news headlines and technology news are reporting what this mysterious universal tablet is like.

Suddenly, news about the Universe Group hit the sky again.

Netizens who are not the second batch of sales outlets in Ryukyu Bay, Xiangjiang, Fuso, Bangzi Country, A three countries, Africa, the Middle East and so on are all boiling.

In the past, they could only buy Huanyu mobile phones through various means, or online shopping, or from scalpers, or buying abroad.

Therefore, most of the netizens still use the previous Android and Mac computers.

They had been looking forward to countless days and nights in their hearts, and now Huanyu Mobile is finally about to land in their country and region, immediately detonating the enthusiasm of these people.

Especially when they saw the introduction of Huanyu Mobile and Huanyu Tablet PC on the official website, they couldn't wait for three days to pass by, and they could immediately buy a long-awaited mobile phone.

Many fans of Huanyu Mobile are eager to leave messages on the official website of Huanyu Group.

"Haha, I finally started selling in Fusang, I'm so looking forward to it."

"I stay with the people of Bay, and finally I can buy a Huanyu mobile phone in my country."

"The one upstairs, you have been ruled out. Huanyu phones are not sold to the island alone."

"I Xiangjiang said that it doesn't matter. If you wanted to buy it before, you only need to take the subway to Shenzhen. Now it's just a bit more convenient."

"My African brothers have been tired of using Weihua. After so long, I can finally buy a Huanyu mobile phone."

"Most of the world's mobile phones are manufactured by Six Star Group, and they can now be bought in Stick Country. It is not easy."

"Yes, if the mobile phones produced by Six Star Group are free of tariffs, can they be sold at the same price as China."

Every minute, thousands of messages from all over the world appear on the official website of Universe Group in various languages.

The people of Citigroup can only watch the news and scold the organization why the world group has withdrawn from the Citigroup market.

There are even many people walking to the streets, holding banners and parading the streets, calling for the world group to return to Citigroup.

The banner reads in Chinese and English: We need Huanyu mobile phones!

In response to this, Citigroup only dispatched anti-riot police to expel them.

Not to mention whether Fang Xiaoru will return to Citigroup, but WHITEHOUSE has already hated Fang Xiaoru and his Huanyu Group. Even if Huanyu Group returns to Citigroup, it will encounter various difficulties.

Time, January 15th.

On this day, the sales points of the Universe Group have finally spread all over the world.

As long as there are civilized places, there are branches of the Universe Group.

With the exception of Citi, there has been a buying boom all over the world.

All major sales points are crowded.

Dense crowds lined up in an orderly manner against the sun and rain.

Their faces are all filled with excitement and anticipation.

In Australia, a six-year-old Lori took her mother's hand and said gruffly: "Mom, can this phone be like Tommy's, watching that kind of good-looking cartoons?"

Tommy is the kid from the house next door to Lori.

When his father went abroad to Geely, he bought a Huanyu mobile phone.

Every night, 3D holographic cartoons are shown to Tommy.

Little Lori saw it once, and she was envious in her heart.

Little Lori's mother touched her head and smiled: "It's the same as Tommy's."

"Yeah! Great."

Little Lori jumped on the spot excitedly, and the people in the line around saw this scene with a knowing smile on her face.

With global sales, a large number of mobile phones continue to be shipped from China to all over the world.

The two processing plants of Fujikang and Six Star Group implement a three-shift mode, and the production workshops work 24 hours a day without interruption.

But even so, there is still a shortage of demand.

Within three days of the launch, the number of Huanyu mobile phones sold exceeded 50 million, and the number of Huanyu tablets sold reached 6 million.

And the positive rate on the Internet has reached 99%, almost a good comment.

While the Universe Group was full of profits, its stock price also soared rapidly.

The market value dropped by 900 billion Citicoins due to the original withdrawal from the Citi market. Now it has not only recovered, but it has broken the 1 trillion Citicoin mark for the first time.

Due to the stock market crash, most of the company's stock prices are falling.Under such circumstances, the share price of the Universe Group has been extremely high.

This situation once again shocked the global economic market.

All economists were stunned by the shock of the 1 trillion market value.

Immediately, a fierce discussion and research on the successful model of the Universe Group began.

Beijing, Atlantis Building, World Headquarters, 195th floor, Chairman's Office.

Today, the Universe Group welcomed three guests from afar.

These three guests are Citi's top entrepreneurs.

They are the CEO of Cuckoo, the CEO of Big Face and the CEO of Twitter.

After making the tea, Fang Xiaoru said as the master: "The three came together, I'm afraid they came with a certain purpose."

The three CEOs glanced at each other, and finally decided to let the big-faced CEO Zuckerberg say that after all, he can speak Chinese, which may increase his goodwill.

Zuckerberg said straightforwardly: "President Fang, Citi's global mobile phone users, cannot use our software, which has a huge impact on our company's profitability.

And you also accounted for three percentage points of our profit. Our loss is your loss, so you can always lift the software blockade on Citi users."

Fang Xiaoru's mouth raised a smile and looked at Zuckerberg and said jokingly: "I'm afraid it's more than that. As far as I know, Citigroup recently broke out a financial crisis that swept the country due to the stock market crash.

Your business is also in the scope.The only way to break through the current dilemma is to let me unblock the software from Citi users."

When the three CEOs heard this, their faces were stagnant.

The current situation of himself and others were all clearly understood by Fang Xiaoru, which was very detrimental to the subsequent negotiations.

They laughed and said: "You also ask Mr. Fang to take action and give us a hand. After all, you have a cooperative relationship with us. Everyone is prosperous, and everyone loses.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head, and said disdainfully: "I don't care about the mere three percent of profit. If I want to lift the software blockade from Citi users, I have one condition."

Zuckerberg said hurriedly: "What are the conditions? Just say it."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more brilliant, "I want to buy a stake in your company and hold 20%."


"Hold 20%!"

"It's impossible, even I only have 21 equity!"

The attitudes of the three CEOs were the same, and they all shook their heads and refused.

Fang Xiaoru put a smile on his face and put down his warm teacup, and said, "It's up to you to agree or not. Go back and discuss it, whether you are watching the stock price continue to fall. Or choose to accept my capital injection and remove the Citi users Software blocked." ,, ..