The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 383 Capture Fang Xiaoru

Under the influence of the financial crisis, due to institutional regulation and courage, the storm did not affect too many Chinese companies.

Everyone still goes to work and leaves work normally.

On Monday, the employees of Universe Group did not leave the company and go home as usual after they got off work.

Employees at No. 2300 of the Atlantis Headquarters Building either took a car arranged by the company, or took a taxi or drove by themselves, and went to Bihailantianju.

Bihailantianju is a well-known five-star hotel in Beijing.

Today, this hotel was contracted by the World Group to hold the first annual meeting of the World Group.

No. 2300 employees, all with expressions of excitement, sat in their seats, anxiously awaiting the lucky draw for the annual meeting.

According to the company's publicity department, the company will give out a full RMB 1 billion in cash at this annual meeting as a benefit to employees.

The employees whispered to each other and exchanged excitedly.

"One billion yuan, our company headquarters has only 2,300 people. On average, each person can receive more than 400,000 yuan."

"This is just average data. I heard that the biggest prize is 10 million!"

"President Fang is really lavish, with 1 billion yuan in welfare. I have never heard of this."

"Yes, it's no wonder that Mr. Fang can do so much in his career."

"Following Mr. Fang, the future is boundless."

Finally, in the expectant eyes of all the employees, Fang Xiaoru stepped onto the presiding stage.

"Dear colleagues, the reason why Huanyu Group has achieved such achievements is inseparable from your hard work. On the occasion of this annual meeting, on behalf of the company, I thank you for your dedication to the company."


The leader spoke, and immediately applauded.

Everyone stared at the transparent glass box next to Fang Xiaoru, their eyes were extremely eager.

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and pointed to the glass box and said, "As you can see, everyone's thoughts are placed in the prizes of the annual meeting. There are 2,300 bank cards in the glass box next to me.

The money stored in these bank cards is different, the largest of which is 10 million yuan, but there is only one.There are five tickets for RMB 5 million.There are 30 tickets for 1 million RMB.

As for the remaining bank cards, the amount ranges from 10,000 to 990,000.What kind of awards everyone can get depends on their luck."

The employees present were all breathing heavily, all staring fiercely at the bank card in the glass box.

No matter how bad luck, there can be 10,000.If you are lucky enough to draw 10 million, then you will be at the peak of your life.

Among the fiery eyes of everyone, Fang Xiaoru finally announced: "Now, everyone will draw a lottery one by one according to the job number, from front to back. Each person can only draw one bank card, and the password is 6 8."

At Fang Xiaoru's order, employee No. 2300, in order of job number, went forward to draw a lottery one by one.

After the draw, immediately check the balance on the hotel's ATM machine.

As the lottery went on, people burst into cheers from time to time.

As soon as he heard such cheers, the rest of them looked at him with envy, and at the same time felt nervous, for fear that the 10 million prize would be taken away by him.

When they heard that they did not draw 10 million, their heart fell.

Employees lined up to draw the lottery and check the balance, while Fang Xiaoru talked with Zhao Kaiyang, Minister of Public Security, and Tian Weiguo from Beijing City.

These two are the guests invited by Fang Xiaoru.

Tian Weiguo smiled and said, "President Fang, the tax paid by the Universe Group this month far exceeds that of China Petroleum. It has officially become China's largest taxpayer."

Zhao Kaiyang joked: "Secretary Tian, ​​looking at your proud look, it seems that you have been praised by the Premier."

Tian Weiguo laughed and admitted readily."During this period, Premier Liu Shimao has repeatedly asked me to give more support to the Universe Group. Some policies can be loose as long as they are loose. This is to give President Fang the green light all the way."

Zhao Kaiyang smiled and said: "You can be proud of it, but I got the news that the city committee of the magic city recently tempted President Fang to move the Universe Group to the magic city with various preferential policies.

If Fang always does this one day, I don't think you can smile."

By his words, Tian Weiguo's face was panicked, and he quickly asked Fang Xiaoru: "Mr. Fang, really has this time?"

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and said, "Don't worry, Secretary Tian, ​​I bought the 196-storey building of Outlantis, how could I put it down and move to the magic city?"

The expression on Tian Weiguo's face was a little slow, and he smiled and cursed: "This Zhang Xu, dare to call attention like this, I have to scold him when I turn around."

The employees are drawing a lottery, and the three of them are drinking tea and talking.

While talking to Zhenghuan, suddenly Liu Hong, the seat of the Beijing City Bureau, came over and said to several people:

"Minister Zhao, Secretary Tian, ​​President Fang, and Fang Yaohua, director of the Jiangnan Provincial Public Security Department, came here from across the province with a team of police officers, saying they wanted to arrest the prisoner. I now believe that I have stopped them downstairs."

"Catch the prisoner?" Zhao Kaiyang frowned and asked, "Which prisoner was captured?"

Liu Hong glanced at Fang Xiaoru and said, "The prisoner in Fang Yaohua's mouth is Mr. Fang."

"President Fang?" Tian Weiguo asked with concern: "What did President Fang commit to make them come across provinces to arrest people?"

Liu Hong hesitated and said, "Fang Yaohua said that my level is too low and he refused to tell me."

Zhao Kaiyang's eyes widened and he shouted: "Then let him come up and see if I, the Minister of Public Security, is qualified to listen."

Tian Weiguo glanced at the employees of the surrounding Universe Group, and said: "Let's go to the front box first, Liu Hong, bring them here."

Liu Hong looked at Zhao Kaiyang, saw him nodding, and went downstairs.

Tian Weiguo, Zhao Kaiyang and Fang Xiaoru walked into the large box in front.

On the way, Tian Weiguo asked worriedly: "President Fang, do you have any handle on Fang Yaohua's hand?"

He knew that with Fang Xiaoru's status as the world's richest man, Fang Yaohua would never rush to arrest people across provinces if he had no conclusive evidence.

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