The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 384: Three Major Accusations

Facing Tian Weiguo's inquiry, Fang Xiaoru was expressionless and did not speak.

He kept sneering in his heart, but he did not expect Fang Wenhua's revenge to come so quickly.

But the final result is particularly clear.

Tian Weiguo and Zhao Kaiyang glanced at each other, and both saw worry from each other's faces.

If something happens to Fang Xiaoru, the huge business empire of the Universe Group will collapse in an instant, which will be a fatal blow to China's economy.

About five minutes later, Liu Hong, the seat of the Beijing Municipal Bureau, walked into the box with a group of uniformed security officers.

The security leader is a man who is about fifty-five years old.

The man's national character face, with sharp eyes, looks very majestic.

He walked steadily, exuding a ferocious breath, like a tiger.

This is the reason why the tiger boxing in Xingyiquan got home.

This man is Fang Yaohua, director of the Jiangnan Public Security Department, and also Fang Wenhua's cousin and Fang Xiaoru's cousin.

Next to Fang Yaohua, there were Fang Wenhua and Fang Yu, father and son, and a lean middle-aged man.

Four elite police officers followed them.

As soon as he entered the door, Fang Yu saw Fang Xiaoru, and immediately pointed at him with a grim face, and said, "Second Uncle, he abolished my left leg!"

Fang Yaohua was different. As soon as he entered the box, he observed the three people inside.

When I saw Tian Weiguo and Zhao Kaiyang sitting there, my heart immediately thumped.

Tian Weiguo is okay, just Tian Weiguo.Although it is Tian Weiguo in Beijing, his level is not higher than him.

But Zhao Kaiyang is not ordinary. He is the minister of the Ministry of Public Security, which is the direct leader of the director of the National Public Security Department.

Fang Yaohua immediately saluted and shouted: "Hello, Minister Zhao!"

Zhao Kaiyang nodded slightly, looked at Fang Yaohua with a bad face, and said: "Fang Yaohua, what crime did President Fang commit that caused you to run from Jiangnan Province to the capital to arrest someone."

What a character Fang Yaohua is, he immediately heard the unusual meaning from Zhao Kaiyang's tone.

At the same time, he secretly scolded Fang Wenhua in his heart, why not tell him such important news that Fang Xiaoru knew Zhao Kaiyang.

He glared at Fang Wenhua without a trace, and replied: "Minister Zhao, Fang Xiaoru is suspected of innocent maiming, murder, and money laundering."


"Money laundering!"

Zhao Kaiyang and Tian Weiguo's expressions changed suddenly, and they couldn't help exclaiming.

They all looked at Fang Xiaoru with horror, feeling very worried and worried, for fear that these three things were true.

Fang Xiaoru only smiled, without blinking his eyes, and said faintly: "Since the police officer said that I had committed these three serious crimes, let's say them one by one."

On his face, there was no trace of panic or fear, but a confident confidence in his grasp.

This made Zhao Kaiyang and Tian Weiguo relieved.

Fang Yaohua said righteously: "Originally, I wanted to bring you back to the Jiangnan Provincial Public Security Bureau for trial, but since Minister Zhao is here today, then I will list your crimes one by one."

Fang Xiaoru stretched his hands, tilted Erlang's legs, leaned on the back of the chair, nodded lightly, and signaled Fang Yaohua to continue.

His attitude made Fang Yaohua annoyed, and he sneered: "The first one, innocent crippling people."

He pointed to Fang Yu's right leg and Fang Wenhua's left palm, and said: "One of my nephew's leg was scrapped by you, and my cousin's palm was pierced with a pencil by you. Can you admit this?"

Fang Xiaoru snorted and said: "I am not innocent and crippled. China law stipulates that when someone humiliates their parents, hurting or killing someone in a hurry does not constitute a crime.

Your nephew, in front of me, said that I was uneducated and insulted my parents. I abolished his leg. It was already considered as a disadvantage to him.

As for your cousin, he ran to my office and yelled and threatened me to return the Tianhuang Theater to him.Unexpectedly, I did not agree, and he committed this self-harm."

As soon as the voice fell, Fang Yu immediately cursed angrily: "Fart! Are you in a hurry? You clearly intend to beat me to death!"

Fang Xiaoru said: "Do you have evidence, I intentionally beat you to a disability?"

"My grandfather and my dad have seen it, is this still wrong?"

Fang Xiaoru sneered and stopped talking.

Grandpa and Dad are witnesses. Isn’t that funny?

Fang Yaohua didn't expect Fang Xiaoru to be so difficult. He calmed his face and said, "Then my cousin was indeed pierced through your palm with a pencil. The evidence is in our hands."

He pointed to the blood-stained pencil on the police officer's hand and said, "It's useless for you to quibble, this pencil has your fingerprint!"

Fang Xiaoru sneered: "A pencil with my fingerprint can be used as evidence of the assault? Could you please use your brain, can a pencil penetrate the palm of an adult?"

"You are arrogant! You obviously used this pencil to pierce my palm. The scar is still here."

Fang Wenhua raised the palm of his hand and killed the gauze on it, exposing a wound that had not fully recovered.

The size of the wound is indeed about the same as the diameter of a pencil.

Fang Xiaoru looked at Fang Wenhua and Fang Yaohua contemptuously, and said: "If the pencil can penetrate through the palm of your hand, please demonstrate."

As he said, he stood up and spread out his left palm, "Let's use my palm to experiment. If you use a pencil to penetrate my palm, then I will admit the sin."


Fang Wenhua gritted his teeth and looked at Fang Xiaoru, being burned in anger.

Neither his strength nor Fang Yaohua's strength can penetrate a person's palm with a pencil.

Fang Xiaoru showed a bright smile and said, "Can't you do it? If you can't, you can't frame me like this."

Fang Yaohua looked at Zhao Kaiyang's increasingly unfriendly eyes, and his heart sank, and said, "Even if the first crime is not convicted, it is true that you committed the murder!"