The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 393: Zi Kite's Kiss

The man with squinted eyes swallowed heavily and looked at Fang Xiaoru on the stage with an incredible face.

He muttered to himself: "This... how is this possible?"

He was so close, he could clearly see Fang Xiaoru's appearance, exactly the same as the person he had seen at the door before!

At this time, the squinted man only felt his head dizzy, and he felt unreal.

The person who was stopped by the security guard and refused to let in turned out to be Fang Xiaoru, the world's richest man!

His mood is very complicated now, with anxiety, disappointment and regret.

But more of it was annoyance, annoyed that I didn't pay attention to the news often, and that Xiaoru's appearance was unfamiliar, so that something like this happened today.

When he thinks about his previous counterpart Xiaoru's expression of contempt and disdain, he feels that the sky is about to collapse.

He was very nervous and scared, afraid that Fang Xiaoru would hold grudges for it.

And Jessica beside her squinted eyes, besides horror, only regret was left.

Today, following the squinted man walking around at the banquet, hoping to strengthen one or two partners.

As a result, people here did not look down on her small business and refused to sponsor it.

She thought in her heart, if she recognized this person as Fang Xiaoru from the beginning, and said a few words to him when the security guard stopped him, there would be no need to ask for help so hard.

On the host stage, Fang Xiaoru took the microphone, smiled slightly, and said: "Friends of Xiangjiang, good evening everyone.

Today is Ziyuan’s birthday, and I came over from Beijing on purpose.This was a sudden speech, and I did not prepare any excuses.

In this case, let me briefly talk about the future layout of Universe Group in Hong Kong.Xiangjiang is an international city.In the time to come, I will..."

In this way, Fang Xiaoru walked off the stage amidst the cheers and applause of everyone after speaking for five minutes.

Not long after, after Zhou Ziyuan blew out the cake, the birthday party was nearing the end.

After the banquet, the guests left the table individually.

With regret, Jessica left with the squinted man.

When everyone was almost gone, Fang Xiaoru said to Zhou Ziyuan: "Ziyuan, I came by taxi, you can send it back."

Zhou Ziyuan’s first reaction was to refuse, but when she thought of the gift Fang Xiaoru gave her today, she nodded her head and agreed.


Behind, Mr. Zhou watched the two leave side by side with a smile on his face.

But Zhou Hao, who was standing behind him, didn't look pretty.

He is a person with a small belly, and a very vengeful person.

With full sincerity and kindness, he went to respect Fang Xiaoru's wine.

As a result, he drank a large glass of white wine and his voice was as uncomfortable as a hob, but Fang Xiaoru only took a sip.

This incident greatly hit his self-esteem and made him very uncomfortable.

But he felt uncomfortable, unhappy, unhappy, but there was nothing he could do with Fang Xiaoru.

On the contrary, when facing Fang Xiaoru in the future, he will still greet him with a smile.

After all, the idea in his mind is that Zhou Ziyuan should marry Fang Xiaoru.

In that case, no one would rob him of the inheritance of Sir Xiangjiang Tea.

Under the lights of night, a red Porsche sports car speeds along the Victoria Harbour.

In the car, Fang Xiaoru ridiculed again: "Zi Yuan, your age is not too young, don't you feel empty, lonely and cold every night?

Hey, you don't need to quibble, it's human nature.Women, only after having a man can they feel fulfilled.

Otherwise, if things go on like this, it will have a bad effect on the body and mind.As your first man, I have an obligation and responsibility to keep your body and mind healthy.

Now that the night is just right and it is your birthday, why don't we go to the hotel to discuss the ideals of life?"


There was a harsh brake sound, Zhou Ziyuanfeng's eyes were full of anger, and Fang Xiaoru glared fiercely.

Since childhood, where did she hear such blatant words, and who would dare to say such words to her?

Seeing this, Fang Xiaoru knew that he had spoken too much, touched his head awkwardly, and laughed: "Ahaha, just kidding."

"Humph! If you say this to me again, I will ignore you!"

Zhou Ziyuan, like an angry little wife, restarted the car and continued to drive forward.

It's just that she didn't even notice that the threat from her counterpart Xiaoru was just'I will ignore you'.

If this were placed in the past, it would be unimaginable.

Before, a man touched her in words and was slapped in the face in public.

I have to say that in front of Fang Xiaoru, Zhou Ziyuan's personality has changed.

Perhaps she didn't even know this change.

Twenty minutes later, the red Porsche sports car drove to the villa of Grandpa Fang Xiaoru.

When Fang Xiaoru got out of the car, Zhou Ziyuan said, "This Phoenix necklace is the favorite gift I have ever received. Thank you."

Fang Xiaoru Weiwei smiled and said: "Whether you admit it or not, you are my woman and I am your man. So, don't say thank you to me in the future. Every time you say it, I will punish you."

Just as Zhou Ziyuan thought about the punishment, Fang Xiaoru suddenly leaned over, pressed her on the back of the chair, and kissed her red lips domineeringly.

Zhou Ziyuan's eyes widened sharply, her mind buzzed, and she had lost the ability to think.

Her first kiss was actually taken away by Fang Xiaoru under such circumstances!

The kiss continued, and Zhou Ziyuan's eyes slowly closed.

For some reason, she smelled the man's breath on Fang Xiaoru's body. After the initial resistance, she unknowingly wrapped her arms around Fang Xiaoru's neck.

A kiss that lasted for more than two minutes finally ended when Zhou Ziyuan could not breathe.

Afterwards, Fang Xiaoru laughed and said, "Looking at your reaction and unfamiliar movements, this should be your first kiss.

The first kiss and midnight are given to me, so you are destined to be Fang Xiaoru's woman in your life, and you can't run away."

Having said that, Fang Xiaoru opened the car door and walked to the villa happily.

Zhou Ziyuan was left in place, touching her elastic red lips with her hands, and she started to daze there.,, ..