The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 398 Stewardess Selection

In just three days of registration, more than 2,000 people came to sign up, vying for the position of flight attendant.

After several rounds of strict screening, only 100 people remained.

Today, the 100th person lined up at the door of Fang Xiaoru's office, ten of them entered, waiting for Fang Xiaoru's final confirmation.

These No. 100 people are all beautiful and beautiful, with enchanting figures.Yingying Yanyan stood there, making people seem to have come to heaven on earth.

These people are either actresses or models.

There are even some first-line stars and supermodels.

All of them held their breath, adjusted their minds one by one, and put on the final makeup to the small mirror, with the best posture to welcome Fang Xiaoru's choice.

Suddenly, the door of the office opened, and all the ten people who entered at first came out.Their faces are full of disappointment.

This caused the 90 people behind to breathe a sigh of relief, and at the same time felt tremendous pressure.

A sigh of relief is because these ten people have all come out, and none of them are selected, their odds are a little higher.

But at the same time, I also felt Alexander for Fang Xiaoru's harsh selection. After all, of the ten people, three of them are first-line stars, and there is a well-known young model in China.

Lin Caizhe walked to the door and shouted: "No. 11-20, please go inside."

Applicants from the 11th to the 20th, each wearing a uniform flight attendant uniform, stepped in with high heels.

As soon as they entered Fang Xiaoru's office, these people were shocked by the grand decorations in front of them.

Especially the huge French windows behind Fang Xiaoru.

Looking through the floor-to-ceiling windows, I can see patches of white clouds floating, which is refreshing, as if I am in the clouds.

The 995-meter office is unique in the world!

After a brief shock, these candidates, under the command of Lin Caizhe, lined up in an orderly manner to welcome Fang Xiaoru's selection.

Although they have always been very confident about their looks and figure, at this moment, facing Fang Xiaoru, facing 5 million Citi currency for a year, their heartbeats accelerated and they became nervous!

Ten long, beautiful women with explosive builds, standing tall and showing their best side to Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the ten women in front of him, and finally paused for a while on the woman to the left of the center.

He shook his head and said, "The ones with a history of love stand on the left, and those who haven't stand on the right."

When the ten women heard this, they didn't know what Fang Xiaoru's plan was, but they were still obedient and stood right and left according to what he said.

Eight stood on the left and two stood on the right.

These celebrities and supermodels have no history of love.

Ten of them were wiped out before, but now there are only two of these ten.No, there should be only one left.

Fang Xiaoru looked at one of the two women on the right and asked, "Miss Zhao Wantong, why are you here?"

It turned out that the woman Fang Xiaoru noticed before was Zhao Wantong!

Zhao Wantong glanced at her mouth and said: "If there is a salary of 5 million Citi currency for a year, who will be a star? I also want to be a flight attendant."

Fang Xiaoru said: "I am not asking this. I said that those with a history of love stand on the left and those without a history of love stand on the right. You should appear on the left, not on the right."

Zhao Wantong blinked her eyes and said, "I really have no history of love."

"you have not?"

Fang Xiaoru was about to say that you have been rolling the sheets with me several times, why there is no history of love.

But it suddenly occurred to me that I just treated her as a woman who gave her unspoken rules to her door, and did not treat her like a lover.

Through Zhao Wantong's big bright eyes, Fang Xiaoru seemed to see the grudge behind her eyes, and his heart softened.

He said to the people below: "The two on the left stay and the eight on the left are eliminated."

"Ah? Why are we weeding out if we have a history of love?"

"This is too unfair. When will there be such a rule for the selection of flight attendants."

"That's right, our looks and figure are more than enough to be a stewardess. Why should we be eliminated because of a history of love."

The eight stars and models complained one by one.

If they are eliminated because their body or appearance is not as good as others, they may still be able to accept it.

But Fang Xiaoru eliminated them with such a reason, it was unacceptable.

One of the first-line actresses said angrily: "President Fang, in your recruitment notice, you did not declare that people with a history of love will not be hired.

Now that you have eliminated us for this reason, it is really unfair.You must give us an explanation, otherwise we will never give up."


Fang Xiaoru smiled contemptuously, supported his hands, stood up from the chair, he looked down at the first-line actress condescendingly, and said proudly, "We Fang Xiaoru works all his life, why should I explain to you?"

When he stood up, a monstrous coercion, like a turbulent ocean wave, swept towards the first-line actress.

That first-line actress is a weak woman, how can she withstand this kind of breath.

Her small face turned pale, and then her body involuntarily moved back, followed by a staggering, butt fell to the ground, very embarrassed.

She looked at Fang Xiaoru's eyes, no longer angrily and aggressive, instead of endless fear and fear.

Fang Xiaoru turned around, with his hands on his back, looked at the clouds of kilometers outside the window, and said faintly: "Cai Zhe, call the next group of people in."

Lin Caizhe didn't dare to disobey, and quickly let the eight eliminated women go out.

They felt the terrifying coercion on Fang Xiaoru's body just now, and they are still anxious in their hearts, where they dare to argue and stay forcibly.

Fang Xiaoru's initial request was not to be in love and have a boyfriend.

But there were too many people who signed up later, and this type of people has already been brushed.

When he selects, he can only remove those who have a history of love.,, ..