The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 402 The Queen's Death

Throughout the ages, whether it is China or Western countries, in the struggle for the throne, there will always be fratricide.

Prince Arthur is now fifty-six years old. He has been a prince since he was five, and it has been fifty-one years now.

Originally, he had no idea about the supreme throne, but since his elder brother, Catherine's father, died more than ten years ago, he has gradually begun to think about this throne.

As long as this idea is born, it will be out of control.

As the queen got older, he yearned for the throne in his heart.

He was not reconciled to being a prince all his life, he was not reconciled to a little girl, Catherine, to inherit the throne.

So the queen became seriously ill, and when he entered the intensive care unit, it was when he officially attacked Catherine.

If Catherine stays in China, it's okay not to return to Geely.

Once Catherine returns to Geely, he will do everything possible to remove it.

But Prince Arthur didn't expect that a thirteen-member elite team, armed with a rocket launcher, a large-caliber sniper rifle, and ten submachine guns, would be wiped out so quickly.

Catherine directly ignored Prince Arthur and asked the doctor in the white coat who was also guarding the door: "Doctor, how is my grandmother now?"

The doctor shook his head, his face was heavy, and said, "The queen is very old, and now she has a myocardial infarction. If she does not wake up after 24 hours, she will... just..."

When Catherine heard the words, her body swayed for a while. Fortunately, Fang Xiaoru had a quick eye technique. Even if she held her, she would fall.

With tears in her beautiful eyes, she looked at the queen in the intensive care unit with a worried face.

Time passed by, and in a blink of an eye, 23 hours had passed since the queen was in a coma.

The ministers, princes, and princesses of the Egili country guarding the door could not help but began to cry.

In the last hour, everyone was in awe.

Fang Xiaoru shook his head when looking at the unconscious queen.

The queen's breath has become weaker and weaker, and after an hour, she should be unable to wake up.

This is no longer something that can be saved by medicine. The queen is very old and has reached the deadline.

Even without this sudden myocardial infarction, her time is running out.

Tick, tick.

The pointer kept turning, and the remaining hour also passed slowly.

When the last half an hour was left, in the intensive care unit, the queen's electrocardiogram suddenly alarmed, gradually tending to a straight line.

The people guarding outside suddenly raised their hearts, their faces full of anxiety and fear.

There was a waiting inside, and he moved quickly.

An old professor constantly used electric shocks to stimulate the queen's heartbeat.

But after five or six consecutive times, the queen's heartbeat still didn't pick up.

The ECG alarm is getting louder and sharper.

Finally, it calmed down completely.The queen's heartbeat stopped completely.

The old professor put down the electric shock device, took off the mask, and announced with a heavy and sad tone: "The queen... passed away..."

Outside, the four cabinet ministers, Prince Arthur and Princess Catherine, suddenly burst into tears.

The queen who has ruled Geely for more than half a century has been separated from heaven and human.

The tears in Catherine's eyes continued to fall like pearls.

She was so choked that she was speechless.

The grandmother, who was dependent on each other, just took care of her and left.

Fang Xiaoru gently patted her back, this kind of sadness of losing a loved one is beyond help, and she can only let her vent.

After the doctors walked out, everyone led by Catherine and Prince Arthur poured into the intensive care unit.

Catherine lay on the queen's body and wept bitterly.

And Arthur, who was coveting the throne, was in pain while his brain was spinning rapidly.

When the queen dies, the new king usually registers within three days.

In other words, there are only three days left for him.

He lowered his head and secretly said: "I don't know which family is supporting Catherine behind. I can't send someone to kill her rashly. Then I can only use my hole card. Although this will insult the royal family's reputation, I still care about it now. Not that much."

In the morning, the news of the queen's death spread all over the auspicious country in an instant.

When the time came to noon, the news was known all over the world.

This news was published in major news media around the world, and major social platforms are also discussing the Queen’s death.

The people of Geely country also spontaneously came to the streets to see off the queen.

Countless people have lived under the reign of the queen all their lives.One by one, they wept bitterly and mourned.

Under the arrangement of the cabinet minister, the queen's coffin was transported from the Holy Land Anna Hospital to the Baijinhan Palace.At ten o'clock the next morning, he set off from Baijinhan Palace and was buried in the royal cemetery.

Leaders from various countries called to express their sorrow, and countless people from Geely rushed to the cemetery to attend the funeral of the queen.

A grand funeral lasted until five o'clock in the afternoon.

Until it got dark, there were still many people outside the cemetery, lingering on leaving.

At night, at Windsor Castle, Catherine was holding a picture of her and the queen and sitting there weeping.

"Your Royal Highness, tomorrow is the cabinet meeting. You will be announced as the queen in the meeting. You should go in and rest now."

The former queen’s personal butler, Ms. Pamela, comforted Catherine.

But Catherine just sat there motionless, without any reaction.

Pamela sighed and turned to look at Fang Xiaoru.Said:

"Mr. Fang, the princess hasn't slept for a long time. You are your boyfriend, please comfort her."

Fang Xiaoru nodded, walked to Catherine's side and tapped her acupuncture points directly, causing her to fall asleep.

He leaned over and picked up Catherine, who had lost much weight, went to her room, and put her on the bed.,, ..