The richest man in the magic city

The 407th chapter kills you with one punch

On the boat, Fang Xiaoru raised his eyes, his eyes flickered, his tone was cold and merciless, "One move to kill you!"

As soon as the last word of "you" came out, a huge sound resounded across the Thames River, and the sound swept across all directions like waves.

The terrifying sound waves shocked everyone on the shore covering their ears.

Some frail women began to falter.

After all, Fang Xiaoru hugged Catherine when the small wooden boat was still ten meters away from the shore, stepped out and stepped on the water.

Under his feet, the Thames water swelled and surged, and the waves surged onto the shore.

But seeing him shoot out like a sharp arrow from the string, behind him, a three-foot-long white water mark was formed.

Like a horse training, splitting the river, setting off a mighty wave.

This training has spread from his feet to the river bank.

Fang Xiaoru walked on the waves with Catherine in his arms and appeared in the audience in an instant.

The eyes of the people around were dull, and they were all startled by the scene in front of them.

Riding the waves, this is even more shocking than Fang Xiaoru's racing sports car just now.

They looked at Fang Xiaoru dumbfounded one by one, completely speechless.

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would definitely not believe that such terrible powers exist in reality.

One can overcome nature and run on the water.

This is too dreamy, too incredible!

"Huh!" After Fang Xiaoru put down Catherine, he jumped into the air and appeared on the ring.

His eyes are like electricity, and there is a bright light flashing in it, staring at Prince Arthur, and said: "Today, I will be the guardian knight of Princess Catherine to meet your challenge."

When Prince Arthur came into contact with Fang Xiaoru's gaze, his body moved backwards involuntarily.

Even with the high-ranking aura cultivated by him as the prince for more than 50 years, he couldn't resist Fang Xiaoru's eyes at all.

His face was blue and his eyes were gloomy.

A minute ago, he was confident and determined to win the throne.

A minute later, seeing Fang Xiaoru's horror, his heart was panic and uncomfortable.

Even though he had known the terrible Saul for a long time, even the wolves and brown bears were not his opponents.

But Fang Xiaoru's strength has completely surpassed the scope of normal people.

Not to mention the speeding sports car with a punch, it can still walk on the water with a person.

Such behavior is no longer explained by science.

"Watch me crush your head!"

When Arthur was in a panic, Saul yelled and ran to the edge of the ring. When he was three meters away from the ring, he leaped in place and jumped onto the high ring.


When he landed, there was a dull voice.

He was burly, and his muscles reached a terrible level.

Although it is not as tall as King Kong, it looks stronger than King Kong.

If King Kong is described as a brown bear, then Thor is a stronger existence than a brown bear!

He just stood there, there was a strong fierce aura oncoming him.

In addition, countless blood was stained on his hands, and his whole body was murderous.

Ordinary people just stand by his side, they will be afraid to stand unstable.

He looked at Fang Xiaoru with a smirk and said: "I once killed an adult lion with my bare hands in Africa, and I killed 30 snow wolves in Siberia, and killed them one by one under the siege of three brown bears.

The lives on hand are countless. Some people were crushed by my eyeballs, some were kicked and exploded by me, and some were beaten by my heart.But my favorite is to smash someone's head like a watermelon."

He suddenly put away the grin on his face, his eyes were cold and murderous, and he said: "You make me make a fool of myself in public, I will blow your head to wash away my shame!"

After that, Saul was like a fierce beast, like Fang Xiaoru culled.

He used a killer move when he shot, opening the bow left and right, taking only Fang Xiaoru's neck and head.

Saul is not the strongest enemy Fang Xiaoru has ever met, but he is indeed the fiercest enemy.

When he shot, even with gusts of fist wind, the air groaned.

On his arms that were thicker than normal adult thighs, blue veins were highlighted, like a horned dragon hovering.

The power of this punch, even a giant bear, has to be fucked down!

Thor is very strong, both in strength and physical fitness, have broken through the limits of ordinary people.

Even if it is placed in the blood kill list, it can properly rank in the top three.

But it was a pity that he met Fang Xiaoru, who had achieved great internal strength, reached the ultimate strength, and was able to consolidate alchemy in just one step!

With Fang Xiaoru's current strength, even if placed in the ancient arena, it is hard to meet opponents.

"One punch to kill you!"

When everyone thought that Fang Xiaoru would choose to avoid Thor's fierce punch, Fang Xiaoru shook his hand into a fist and stamped his left foot heavily on the ring.

Step on the thunder, wave Pipa Yue, left and right Qinglong fist.


Like thunder, the two hundred square meters arena shook violently.

As if being hit hard by a Thor's hammer, a three-meter-long pit appeared under Fang Xiaoru's feet.

At the bottom of the deep pit, there was the shape of a person's sole.

A three-meter-high ring made of granite, he stepped on a huge footprint!


Among everyone's horrified eyes, Fang Xiaoru's slightly smaller fist collided with Thor's big fist.

Suddenly, the sound of clicking was endless.

The bones of Thor's right arm were broken inch by inch, and internal force entered his body through his arm, destroying the vitality in his body.


Under the strong internal force, Thor's vest also broke into pieces.


In the end, he raised his head and spouted a dance of blood all over the sky, and crashed down.

His body, which is stronger than a brown bear and can fight a lion, has no effect in front of Fang Xiaoru.

The bones of his body were all shattered, and all his organs were turned into pieces of meat.

The mercenary who crossed Africa and the Middle East, the only terrible figure who survived the death contest in Siberia, Russia, was beaten to death by Fang Xiaoru!

The scene was deadly silent, and everyone was stunned to watch all this.My throat seemed to be blocked by something, and I couldn't say a word.,, ..