The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 409: Queen's Ascension Ceremony

The next day, Bai Jinhan Palace.

Today's Baijinhan Palace is very lively, auspicious national politicians and nobles gather here.

Journalists from all over the world are also stationed there.

For Geely, today is a special day.

The new queen will take the throne today.

Countless eyes from all over the world are focused on Baijinhan Palace.

A woman who is only 23 years old is about to become the youngest leader in the world.

Princess Catherine received global attention on this day.

Bai Jinhan Palace, the red carpet is everywhere.

Guests from various countries and the ruling class of Geely all came here to watch Catherine's ascension ceremony.

When the pointer points to ten o'clock in the morning, Catherine walks in style in her auspicious queen dress under the eyes of everyone.

And it was Fang Xiaoru who was ranked 100th most influential in the world who led her to the ceremony hall.

Catherine is as beautiful as a fairy, with a sense of nobility and elegance against the queen's dress.

Her every move affects the hearts of the young men present.

But when they saw Fang Xiaoru walking into the hall with Catherine, the illusion that had just risen in their hearts was instantly extinguished.

Representatives of Citi, China, Fusang, Bangziguo, France and other countries who came to the ceremony were shocked when they learned that Fang Xiaoru was actually Catherine's boyfriend.

The representative of Citigroup was very anxious: "Fang Xiaoru! The rumors are true. Fang Xiaoru really has a close relationship with the new queen Catherine of Geely.

If under the influence of Fang Xiaoru, Geely country changed its attitude towards Citigroup and moved closer to China, what should it do?"

On the other hand, the representative of Huaxia looked proud, and his eyes were about to smile.

A Chinese person has given the queen of the Geely country to his hands, what else is more exciting than this.

Especially when he looked at the Fusang representative who was on the opposite side, he was so happy that he couldn't wait to cheer loudly.

As for the representative of Bangziguo, there is no city government for other representatives.

He exclaimed on the spot, with a horrified expression on his face: "Isn't Fang Xiaoru my national son-in-law? Isn't he the boyfriend of Stephanie, a member of the girl era? How can he step on two boats!"

What he said in his exclaim was Korean, and none of the representatives of the countries present could understand it.

But he can see his envy and jealousy from his expression.

Fuso representatives even thought maliciously in their hearts that the Chinese people always hope that Fuso women will reflect to the emperor when they go back, and see if they can use a few Fuso women to seduce Fang Xiaoru to invest in Fuso, and promote the Fuso economy whose GDP growth is gradually declining.

Many aristocrats in Geely, especially men, stared at Fang Xiaoru with jealousy.In their eyes, there is still indignation.

You know, according to the royal regulations of Geely, the princess can only marry the nobles of the country.

If you marry the poor, you are deemed to have given up your princess status automatically.

And in history, there has never been a queen's boyfriend, a foreigner, or a Chinese from the East.

They were not reconciled to the dream lover of Western men, Catherine, who was about to become the queen, fell into the arms of a commoner.

And this civilian is still a foreigner!

Some people whispered uncomfortably, saying, "Damn! What kind of qualifications does this guy full of copper smell deserve to be our queen!"

"That is, apart from being rich, he has nothing to do with our noble aristocratic auspicious nation!"

"I really don't know what the queen has fancy to him. A commoner without any aristocratic heritage is not worthy of being the queen's boyfriend."

Fang Xiaoru felt proud of the unhappy glances cast by the young aristocratic men in the surrounding Gili country.

For the supreme goddess in your mind, you are destined to only watch from a distance in this life, but I can hold it in my arms.

The Prime Minister of the Cabinet stepped out when Catherine came to take the steps below the throne.

Holding a crown, he came to Catherine and said solemnly and solemnly: "Catherine, on behalf of the cabinet, on behalf of Gili, I will crown you."

Catherine lowered her head slightly, allowing the Prime Minister to wear the crown on her head.

The jewel in the crown shines brightly under the light.

When Catherine raised her head, all the people watching the ceremony were instantly amazed by her.

Under the blessing of the crown, Catherine was glamorous and indispensable, a noble temperament that could not be profaned, emanating from her body.

She is noble and sacred like the goddess of the moon above the nine heavens.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The moment Catherine put on the crown, the auspicious national anthem sounded in the hall.

Under the loud and passionate national anthem, the prime minister knelt on one knee and handed the scepter symbolizing the queen's authority to Catherine's hand.

At the same time shouted loudly: "Allegiance to the Queen!"

For half a century, the nobles of Geely have almost forgotten that when the new king came to the throne, they should kneel down to be loyal to him.

But after the Prime Minister took the lead, they quickly remembered, remembering the rituals they saw in the book.

As a result, all the nobles on the scene knelt down on one knee and shouted: "Allegiance to the Queen!"

As for other officials, they do not have this qualification.

Because officials are only those who work for institutions, and the nobles are the ruling class of the auspicious country.

Wearing a crown and holding a scepter, Catherine walked to the throne on the steps.

It wasn't until she reached the throne that she turned around abruptly, her eyes looked out of the Baijinhan Palace through the ceremony hall, and looked at the blue sky and white clouds of Geely.

From this moment on, she is the queen of Geely, and she is the supreme ruler of Geely.

She placed the scepter horizontally in her hand, and slowly sat on the queen's throne studded with diamonds, with a pair of cold eyes looking down at the Geely nobles who were kneeling down on one knee.

The fifth watch is sent, and there is another watch in the early morning.,, ..