The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 417 Women chasing men, interlayer yarn

Fang Xiaoru drove a supercar and drove all the way to Ou Zhengfei's home.

At this time, Qi Hong broke into Oona's room and said excitedly: "Nana, Xiaoru will be here in fifteen minutes. Please prepare quickly."

On hearing this, Oona's eyes lit up, but immediately dimmed.

"He comes here as soon as he comes, what does it have to do with me."

When Qi Hong saw Oona like this, he was immediately anxious, "Nana, are you stupid? You have also seen Xiaoru the women he is in contact with now, and what level they are.

If you don't seize this opportunity and let him know what you want, then you will have no chance at all in the future.I can only watch Xiaoru being taken away by other women."

"But...but..." Oona hesitated and hesitated.

"What else is it?" Qi Hong walked to the closet and personally selected clothes for Oona. "If you live with him under the same roof for a year, he can't help but have no idea about you. As long as you show a little courage , I don’t believe it, he will refuse you.”

Oona's eyes flickered, and scenes of scenes with Fang Xiaoru passed through her mind.

Every morning, he rides her bicycle to class.

Wangjiang Pavilion, he showed great power, turned the tide, and saved everyone from Zhou Tianqiang.

In the racecourse, he smiled and said, "Nana, maybe I can help you tame it, maybe?"

The half year spent with Fang Xiaoru turned into a picture scroll, flashing through her mind.

But the most memorable thing was that she fell ill that day and Fang Xiaoru went to the hospital with her on his back.

Under the dim street lamp, the shadows of the two were completely overlapped.

Despite her unreasonable troubles, Fang Xiaoru persisted and stayed with her patiently in the hospital.

Thinking about it, Oona's mouth slowly showed a smile.

Feel the sweetness in my heart.

However, the scene changed again, and it turned to the scene of Fang Xiaoru and Liu Mengya kissing in the mall.

Two days ago, I saw news about Fang Xiaoru and Catherine on the news.

The smile at the corner of her mouth couldn't help but fade away slowly.

"Mom, there are already two women beside Xiaoru. Besides Queen Catherine, Liu Mengya is also his girlfriend."

While choosing matching clothes for Oona, Qi Hong said: "Successful men are always easy to attract bees and butterflies, and they will always attract all kinds of women. This is normal.

You can't give up just because there are other women around him. Once you give up, you have no chance at all.You have to use your advantage to snatch Xiaoru from them.

Isn't there such a saying, women chase men, interlayer yarn.Your looks and body are not inferior to them, and you spend a year with Xiaoru day and night.This is your advantage."

Oona thought about it carefully, and thought that what Qi Hong said was reasonable.

When the mother and daughter were talking in the room, Fang Xiaoru finally came to Ou Zhengfei's home.

As soon as he walked in, Ou Zhengfei gave him a big hug.

Over the past period of time, Ou Zhengfei's complexion has improved.

Since Fang Xiaoru pulled him last time, let him become a shareholder of Six Star Group, which caused his personal wealth to skyrocket.

Many problems that needed to be troubled in the past are no longer a problem.

Ou Zhengfei patted Fang Xiaoru's shoulder with a smile, and said, "Xiaoru, I thought you were not coming."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Whatever Uncle said, this is also my home, so why wouldn't I come."

Ou Zhengfei laughed loudly and made a cup of tea for Fang Xiaoru, and the two of them sat down and talked.

After talking for a while, Fang Xiaoru asked, "By the way, aren't Auntie and Nana at home?"

Ou Zhengfei patted his head, and said: "Look at me, patronizing and talking to you, I forgot to inform them."

He walked to the top of the stairs and yelled at the third floor: "Ahong, Nana, Xiaoru is back, come down quickly."

In Ou Na's room, hearing Ou Zhengfei's call, Ou Na felt nervous for no reason. She grabbed Qi Hong's hand and said nervously: "Mom, are you really sure, Xiao Ru will not reject me?"

Qi Hong sighed angrily: "I said, you stupid boy, do you know your charm? With your look and body like this, that young guy is not tempted by you?

Don't worry that Xiaoru will reject you after having a girlfriend.If so, how could he get together with Queen Catherine?

Men are essentially bothersome.Don't say that he has a good impression of you, even if he does not have a good impression of you, he will not reject you.

As long as he does not reject you, you have a chance.At that time, Liu Mengya and Queen Catherine will be squeezed away, and you will eventually be with Xiaoru."

Oona took a deep breath, and after finishing her clothes in the mirror, she nodded heavily to herself in the mirror, and then went downstairs with Qi Hong.

Wearing Qi Hong's carefully matched clothes, Ou Na walked downstairs and came to the living room, amazed Fang Xiaoru.

She wore a white knitted sweater on the upper part of her body, setting off a pair of plump breasts, and her lower body was a tight-fitting casual pants, showing straight and slender legs.

Her appearance is also beautiful, with her hair draped over her shoulders naturally, she is undoubtedly a beauty who can attract a wide range of eyes from her back.

It's just that her face is a bit weak.

However, after seeing Fang Xiaoru's gaze attracted by her, this weakness disappeared immediately, and a bright smile appeared on his face.

"Xiaoru, you are here."

She greeted Fang Xiaoru as before.

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "Good aunt, good Nana."

Qi Hong also greeted enthusiastically: "Xiao Ru, I haven't seen you for a while, you have grown taller again."

Due to the continuous improvement of his skills, Fang Xiaoru has grown a lot taller in the past year, and is now 183 cm tall.

A few people were sitting in the living room and chatting about the daily routine. Finally, Qi Hong winked at Ou Zhengfei and said, "Xiaoru, your uncle and I have some work matters to deal with, so we went upstairs first."

Ou Zhengfei and Qi Hong’s wife worked very well together for many years. They immediately agreed and went upstairs with Qi Hong, leaving Fang Xiaoru and Oona alone.,, ..