The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 421: Grilling fish on board, intrigue

In the swimming pool, Oona and Liu Mengya reached an agreement.

However, both of them had hidden thoughts, and both wanted to perform better in front of Fang Xiaoru and make themselves the last and only winner.

Liu Mengya holds that she is Fang Xiaoru's nominal girlfriend. As long as she doesn't cry or make trouble, and try to be considerate, Fang Xiaoru will be moved by her in the end.

On the other hand, Oona planned the conspiracy step by step according to the experience taught by her mother Qi Hong.

She is a chicken thief, first draw Liu Mengya, and then unite against the other three.Not to fight alone.

And beside the swimming pool, on the deck, Sister Yun was lying on a beach chair, looking at the blue white clouds, watching the thousands of miles of sea, enjoying a rare leisure.

On both sides of her, Zhou Ziyuan and Gu Nianwei, one by one, were arrogant and arrogant masters.

Every time they face each other, they seem to be able to spark.

On the other side, Fang Xiaoru wore these pants and was fishing leisurely there.

Just listen to "Wow!" Fang Xiaoru pulled the fishing rod fiercely, and the next moment, a grouper weighing more than ten catties was caught by him.

"The third one, I will eat you at noon."

Fang Xiaoru quickly took the grouper off the hook and put it in the bucket beside him.

He carried the bucket and walked to the barbecue grill that had been prepared on the deck.

Yes, he plans to cook a grilled fish himself, as lunch for everyone today.

Taking out a large sea fish from the bucket, Fang Xiaoru shouted to the swimming pool, "Who can cook, come and help me."

Of the five women, three are spoiled and seldom cook, or even know how to cook.

Only Liu Mengya and Sister Yun are more proficient in cooking. The two of them, in the scorching eyes of the other three girls, approached Fang Xiaoru and helped him make charcoal grilled sea fish.

Seeing this Fang Xiaoru working with Liu Mengya and Sister Yun, he was very busy, and the three women felt uncomfortable.

Oona narrowed her mouth, a little envious that they would cook, but her own cooking skills were not available.

Zhou Ziyuan snorted coldly and glanced aside, not seeing and not bothering.

As for Gu Nianwei, she forcibly suppressed her anger.

She originally thought that the only rivals were Queen Catherine and Liu Mengya, but she saw that there were so many.

The first time she saw these people, she almost left angrily, wishing to slap Fang Xiaoru.

But then I thought about it, I had Fang Xiaoru as early as a year ago. The other women are all interveners, and they are all third parties, so why should I let myself quit?

So she resisted the anger in her heart and looked at Fang Xiaoru coldly.

On the surface, Fang Xiaoru was devoting himself to preparing lunch, but his thoughts were also on these five women, for fear that they would make trouble.

Fortunately, although they are still hostile to each other, at least there is no contradiction.

It's just that Gu Nianwei's cold eyes made him feel uncomfortable, like a man on his back.There is always a feeling of cheating outside and being caught by his wife.

However, for the sake of a happy life in the future, for the blessing of the people who hug each other, I will bear it for the time being.

When I got to the bed, I would teach her a profound lesson. Will she dare to look at herself with such a look in the future.

With the help of Liu Mengya and Sister Yun, the three sea fishes were quickly cooked, and bursts of sound radiated to the surroundings.

Food is an irresistible temptation for almost every girl.

A total of six people gathered around a table and began to enjoy today's lunch.

Although there are only three grilled fish, each one is very big, and the fish is enough to eat for six of them.

During the meal, Gu Nianwei seemed to say casually: "Your technique seems to have regressed. This grouper is far less delicious than it was three years ago."

Fang Xiaoru felt bad as soon as she said this.

Gu Nianwei's remarks seemed to be casual, but in fact they were very meaningful.

Her remarks revealed two pieces of information. First, Fang Xiaoru met her three years ago.And her three daughters, who have known Fang Xiaoru the longest, have only been two years.

Second, it also revealed that Fang Xiaoru cooked fish for her three years ago.And this is the treatment that other women have not enjoyed.

Before today, they didn't even know that Fang Xiaoru had such a skill.

Gu Nianwei's words really aroused the jealousy of her three daughters.

Except for Sister Yun who was not participating in the competition, the other three women all turned their eyes on Fang Xiaoru, making him feel his scalp numb.

He smiled and said: "Haha, don't look at me, everyone, hurry up and eat."

The opposite Gu Nianwei felt relieved to see Fang Xiaoru's embarrassment.She glanced at Fang Xiaoru provocatively, as if she was saying that it made you so bothered, now that she knows it's uncomfortable.

The women seemed to maintain their image in Fang Xiaoru's mind. Everyone knew the truth. There were always many women around good men.

At this time, you must always show a good image, but you must not be the first to be thrown off by Fang Xiaoru.

In fact, Fang Xiaoru felt uneasy, for fear that these women would fight, and eventually all broke up with him.

These women were also worried in their hearts that they would become the ones eliminated by Fang Xiaoru.

They all believed that Fang Xiaoru had so many women around him right now, it was only temporary.They all hope that the person who finally walks with Fang Xiaoru to the end is himself.

Of course, this has something to do with Fang Xiaoru's current status and status.

If he was just a poor dick, these beautiful and beautiful women would have slapped them and broke up with him.

I have to say that a man's status, power, and money can greatly add points to him and greatly enhance his charm and attraction.

Every woman, subconsciously, expects to marry a strong and powerful man.This is not about being superficial or not, but about human nature.

Forgive me for not being able to do 7 more, I admit my mistake, I beg for mercy.,, ..