The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 422: 50 meters under the sea

A barbecue lunch was spent in the intrigue of several women.

Gu Nianwei became the focus of Liu Mengya, Oona and Zhou Ziyi.

Such a strong, confident, and full-fledged woman who had met Fang Xiaoru three years ago has become the number two enemy in everyone's mind.

As for the No. 1 enemy, of course Zhou Ziyuan is not allowed.

Zhou Ziyuan's appearance is indeed not to be chosen.Although they are both women, they still have to admit that Zhou Ziyi is more beautiful than others.

Fang Xiaoru has travelled north and south over the years, and has never seen any kind of woman at home or abroad.

But Zhou Ziyuan was the most beautiful woman she had ever met.

It's just that her character is too arrogant, and it is really hard for ordinary men to subdue.

After eating the grilled fish, everyone lay on the beach chairs on the deck beautifully, enjoying the slowly blowing sea breeze and watching the beautiful scenery of the sea and sky, which was extremely pleasant.

It is said that in life, you must either study or travel.Soul and body, there is always one thing to be on the road.

Under the beauty of nature, several women gradually relaxed and plunged into the beauty in front of them.

The yacht continues to advance in the East China Sea, and in a blink of an eye, it is thousands of nautical miles.

On this day, a sea breeze with a slight smell of sea blew.Several women were resting in the bedroom and gradually woke up from their sleep.

After having breakfast in the restaurant on the yacht, Fang Xiaoru took the five women to the viewing cabin under the yacht.

This viewing cabin is the reason why this yacht is a lot more expensive than the same type of yacht.

The viewing cabin is made of special materials at the bottom of the yacht.The viewing cabin is connected to the yacht with eight chains, which can reach a depth of up to 50 meters under the sea.

If you go deeper than 50 meters, the huge water pressure will make people in the viewing cabin feel uncomfortable.

A group of six people sat in the seats of the viewing cabin.After everyone sat down firmly, Fang Xiaoru gave a gesture to the crew on the yacht.Immediately after the circular viewing cabin, it slowly descended to the bottom of the sea.

As the viewing cabin gradually descended downward, the expressions on the faces of several girls became more and more excited.

"Can you descend 50 meters at most? I haven't seen the scenery of 50 meters under the sea."

"Me too. I only dived 20 meters before, and I couldn't stand the huge water pressure."

When the viewing cabin descended 50 meters from the bottom of the sea, the beauty of the bottom of the sea caught everyone's eyes.

The nature of all kinds of creatures on the bottom of the sea attracts people at once.

"Wow! Is that a piece of coral? It's so beautiful."

"Jellyfish, so many jellyfish."

Everyone enthusiastically picked up their phones to take pictures, and took pictures of a rare scene before them.

After a while, Oona pointed to her left front and said excitedly: "Starfish, such a cute starfish."

The others also looked in the direction of Oona's fingers.

Not far away, there are many colorful starfish.

A starfish is enough to attract girls' eyes.

And so many colorful starfish gathered together, immediately let their eyes shine.

"So many cute and beautiful starfish, I really want to bring them home to raise."

"That starfish is red, it's the first time I have seen a red starfish."

Don't talk about little girls like Oona and Liu Mengya.

Even a mature young woman like Sister Yun's eyes flashed, looking at the colorful starfish with excitement.

"If you want, I can bring you back."

Suddenly, Fang Xiaoru spoke.

"Really?" Ona turned her head excitedly, "but it is very difficult to catch starfish from such a deep sea."

Gu Nianwei also nodded and said: "Operating on the seabed of 50 meters, without specific equipment and professional staff, it is difficult to catch these starfish."

On hearing this, Oona showed disappointment on her face, "We went to sea to play, and did not prepare fishing tools, nor did we have professionals."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "Just tell me if you want these starfish."


"I have never seen such a brightly colored starfish on the market. Of course I want it."

Women like cute and beautiful gadgets, even sister Yun, who has always been mature, is inevitable.

She also looked at Fang Xiaoru expectantly.

"Since everyone wants it, let it go. But before I do it again, I will send you back to the yacht.

Fang Xiaoru contacted the staff on the yacht through the intercom in the viewing cabin.

"Pull us up."

The staff on the sea got Fang Xiaoru's order and immediately pushed the button to upgrade the viewing cabin.

Back on the yacht, the women asked Fang Xiaoru curiously about how to catch the sea stars.

"You'll find out later." Fang Xiaoru found a big sturdy bag, and asked the staff for a diving suit and oxygen tank, and then walked to the deck.

"Xiaoru, you don't want to dive down to the bottom of the sea and catch starfish, do you?" Sister Yun saw Fang Xiaoru's plan, her face full of anxiety, "This is too dangerous, we don't want it."

The rest of the people looked at Fang Xiaoru's frame and heard what Sister Yun said, their expressions suddenly changed.

They all refused, "It's too dangerous, you can't go down."

"The water pressure of 50 meters is very dangerous if you are not a professional diver."

Although those colorful starfishes are indeed very beautiful and cute, they captured their girls' hearts at once.

But if Fang Xiaoru personally dived into the bottom of the sea 50 meters, they said they didn't want to.

Fang Xiaoru put on the diving suit, put on the helmet, and said confidently: "Don't worry, the water pressure of 50 meters is not a problem for me.

Even if it is dangerous, if you like it, I will get it for you.You are here waiting for my good news."

After all, Fang Xiaoru jumped into the bottom of the sea amid the screams of the women.,, ..