The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 424: Shark Group

In the monitoring room, everyone took a breath.

The scene before me was really shocking.

A human who didn't seem to be very strong, actually crushed the great white shark.

The first palm blasted it flying 30 meters, and then three successive palms, the great white shark was covered with blood.

After a total of four palms, the great white shark actually had no strength to fight back, just like that.

"Eighteen Palms of the Dragon, is this what Xiaoru said? It's really amazing."

Aside, Liu Mengya had completely recovered from fear.At the same time, I remembered that Fang Xiaoru once told her that he had a martial art that was unrivaled and even an elephant could be killed with one palm.

She didn't believe it much before, but now she believes it completely.

With only four palms, it is still more than 40 meters under the sea and under the condition of huge water pressure, it can display such strength.

If it were on land, the power of the eighteen palms of the dragon would be unimaginable!

In less than ten minutes, the hearts of these girls have experienced several fluctuations.

It's like riding a roller coaster, heaven for a while, hell for a while.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's strong defeat of the great white shark and causing it to bleed the East China Sea, the tight nerves of the girls let go a little bit.

But they dare not relax completely, because the underwater world is full of dangers, and no one can guarantee what kind of danger they will encounter in the next moment.

Especially the great white shark that appeared just now, really shocked several people.

On the bottom of the sea, Fang Xiaoru grabbed the fins of the great white shark with both hands and pushed it towards the sea.

"You bastard, it's good to come out to find food. But bad luck, you dare to hit my idea. I want to often, the taste of your shark fin."

He pushed the great white shark, slowly rising all the way.

The great white shark was shattered by Fang Xiaoru's internal organs, causing great internal bleeding.

A lot of blood, along their trajectory, spilled into the deep sea.

This bloody smell drifted out with the sea, and soon attracted the attention of a group of sharks around this sea area.

In a short while, when Fang Xiaoru rose to the bottom of the sea 20 meters, a group of sharks surged towards Fang Xiaoru.

This group of sharks, roughly, there are about twelve.

They are all bloodthirsty, showing sword-like teeth, extremely hideous.

One wave has not settled, another wave has risen.

No one thought that Fang Xiaoru had just killed a great white shark, and unexpectedly attracted such a group of sharks to attack.

In such a scene, once again, the five daughters of Fang Xiaoru were closely watching Fang Xiaoru in the monitoring room, their faces turned pale and their lips were purple.

"Shark school! It's a school of sharks!"

"Damn! We shouldn't let Xiaoru go into the sea!"

"What to do, so many sharks, what to do."

The appearance of this scene immediately caused the five women to cry anxiously.

Even Gu Nianwei, who has not really loved Shang Xiaoru, but has a very possessive desire for him, is full of tears and worry on her face.

Alone in the deep sea, surrounded by a group of sharks.

This is almost a mortal situation!

Gu Nianwei shouted: "Throw away that great white shark!"

Her idea is to drop this great white shark to delay time.

When the sharks ate the carcass of great white sharks, Fang Xiaoru might be able to use this gap to escape.

However, they could only see the surveillance picture, but they had a conversation with Fang Xiaoru in the deep sea.

Fang Xiaoru looked at the twelve ferocious sharks around him, his face finally became serious.

Twelve sharks are extremely scary in the deep sea.

If you are not careful, there may be some accidents, and Fang Xiaoru has to be careful.

His eyes flashed, let go of the corpse of the great white shark in his hand, and then took the initiative to rush towards the school of sharks.

His first reaction was not to run away.But leave all the sharks!

In the surveillance picture, a man in a diving suit in the deep sea blatantly attacked the scalp sharks!

Under the blessing of the Sunflower Collection, Fang Xiaoru's figure is extremely agile.

He is like a phantom, shuttled among the twelve sharks.

Under the deep sea, a series of dragons resounded across the seabed.

In the middle of the shark school, a huge vortex appeared.

Fang Xiaoru's palm was like the wind, and the palm of the hand swept the sea.

Wave after wave, wave after wave, his palms hit the twelve sharks endlessly.

With the support of an unimaginable internal force in his body, Fang Xiaoru used one hand to drop the dragon eighteen palms, and the twelve sharks retreated steadily.

The sharks were in great pain, but they had no vocal cords and could not bark.But their breathing became louder and thicker, and water jets gushing from their gills.

In less than five minutes, the twelve sharks that had come so aggressively and suffocatingly suffocated all their bodies on the bottom of the sea, and the shark blood stained the East China Sea.

After these sharks died, they began to sink slowly.The huge body stunned a large number of sea creatures.

The surveillance room was silent.

Everyone grew their mouths and stared at the monitoring screen blankly.

Before Fang Xiaoru monopolized the great white shark and won, they were already shocked and speechless.

And now, it actually crushes twelve sharks!

Such a scene is too appalling, too dreamy, too incredible!

As Gu Nianwei stared at the surveillance screen blankly, she remembered what Liu Mengya had said before, and couldn't help asking: "Liu Mengya, you said earlier that Xiaoru used the Eighteen Palms of Jianglong. What is going on? What's going on?"

The other three women also listened.

They had never heard of the information Liu Mengya said before.

Liu Mengya whispered: "Jianglong Eighteen Palms. According to Xiaoru, it is an extremely sturdy martial arts. With one palm, even an elephant can be killed. I didn't believe it before. Even though my Jiuyin Scriptures have made some achievements, they are still frogs at the bottom of the well."

"Martial arts? Jiuyin Scripture?"

The girls frowned, and they found that it seemed that Liu Mengya knew many things they didn't know.This makes them feel pantothenic, which is very unpleasant.,, ..