The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 425: Teaching Martial Arts

The girls have panic acid in their hearts. How can we not ask this question clearly.

"Why do you know so much?"

Facing everyone's questioning, Liu Mengya stretched her small hand forward, and then lightly a paw, and saw five deep fingerprints on a stainless steel table next to the monitoring room.

She faintly said, "Because Xiaoru taught me martial arts, so I know."


The faces of the remaining four women changed again.

Fang Xiaoru has the ability to fight sharks in the deep sea alone.

Why does Liu Mengya, who looks very weak in front of him, have such a terrifying power.

Originally thought that Liu Mengya was best to bully, the women who were to take the lead in eliminating her, all felt shuddering.

If this claw was on them, wouldn't it mean that five blood holes appeared immediately?

As the women's minds were constantly changing, Fang Xiaoru finally emerged from the deep sea.

"Bang! Bang!"

After two loud noises, Fang Xiaoru threw two great white sharks up one by one.

The two great white sharks are both about five meters in length.

Each weighs about two tons, if it is an ordinary small yacht, it is really unbearable.

But Fang Xiaoru's yacht, let alone two, can carry even twenty.


Following the great white shark, Fang Xiaoru tapped his toes lightly on the sea surface, and his body floated up and jumped onto the deck seven or eight meters above sea level.

"Xiaoru, are you not hurt?"

"I was so worried about you just now."

"So many sharks almost scared me to death."

"Never go to the bottom of the sea again, it is too dangerous."

The moment Fang Xiaoru jumped onto the deck, the five women rushed up in swarms, and looked around him with fearful faces, for fear that he might be injured.

After careful inspection, everyone found that Fang Xiaoru didn't have any wounds on his body, and they were relieved.

Fang Xiaoru said to the staff standing aside: "Go and call the chef, eat shark today."

After the staff went down, Fang Xiaoru took off all his diving equipment, and then took out the bag tied to his body.

He fell the starfish that had hit it on the deck and said, "I have brought you the starfish. They are all about the same size. Let's divide it."

The girls looked at the colorful, very cute and beautiful starfish on the deck, and there was a tenderness on their faces.

Only because they wanted it, Fang Xiaoru dived into the bottom 50 meters alone and was attacked by great white sharks and schools of sharks before bringing the starfish back.

"Hey, these starfish are stained with shark blood, throw them away."

Fang Xiaoru picked out some blood-stained starfish and was about to throw them into the sea, but Gu Nianwei stopped them.

"Don't throw it away!" Gu Nianwei grabbed the starfish and said, "You brought it back at the risk of your life. How can you throw it away."

The other four women also nodded heavily.

How could they let Fang Xiaoru throw such a precious gift.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "If you don’t throw it, you don’t throw it. The same is true if you wash it. In fact, your worries are unnecessary. It's just a piece of cake."

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's words so relaxed, the five girls couldn't help but glared at him in anger, and said in unison: "You are not allowed to take such risks in the future."

Fang Xiaoru was taken aback for a moment. He didn't expect that the five women who had disliked each other before would still have the same attitude.

He shook his head and said perfunctorily: "Alright, let's divide the starfish by one point. After the division, we are ready to eat the shark."

Three hours later, a pot of fragrant shark meat and six bowls of shark fin were placed on the dining table on the deck.

Several looked at the sea, blowing the sea breeze, shark meat and shark fins.

The taste of shark fin is quite delicious, but shark meat is not very delicious.

However, under the superb cooking skills of the chef on the yacht, he can barely reach the level of deliciousness.

When everyone was eating almost the same, Gu Nianwei suddenly said, "Xiaoru, I have known you for three years. Why didn't I know that you still know martial arts?"

Fang Xiaoru slapped haha ​​and smiled: "I know too many things, but you don't know it."

Gu Nianwei's voice became excited, "Then why does Liu Mengya know? Why does Oona know? Why does Sister Yun know?"

Opposite, Zhou Ziyuan, who had been with Gu Nianweimao from the beginning, did not refute her this time, but looked at Fang Xiaoru with an aggrieved expression.

Because she, like Gu Nianwei, didn't know that Fang Xiaoru had this ability.

Fang Xiaoru twitched the corners of his mouth and said, "Isn't this too low-key in my daily life? You know, I don't like to show off."

Gu Nianwei said again: "Then why only teach Liu Mengya martial arts alone?"

There was obviously a jealous feeling in her tone.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "I said that there is such a sour smell. It turns out that I am jealous. Well, today I will teach you all the martial arts that teach Mengya."

Upon hearing this, Sister Yun's eyes lit up.

Fang Xiaoru's demonstrated ability made her envious, but she regarded herself as Fang Xiaoru's underground lover, so she never took the initiative to ask for it.

Now Fang Xiaoru wants to take the initiative to teach, how can she not make her happy.

Therefore, during the day everyone played in the sea, and at night they practiced with Fang Xiaoru.

In this way, time passed quickly, and a week passed in a blink of an eye.

On this day, the yacht came to Bali near the boundary between the ocean and the Ganges.

Under Fang Xiaoru's instructions, the yacht slowly approached the pier in Bali.

When the five women packed their luggage, Fang Xiaoru said, “I heard people say that Bali is the best vacation place. Now that we are all here, let’s go up and play.”

Although the scenery on the sea is good, but after more than ten days, I can't help but feel a little tired.

It's a good choice to go to Bali now. ,, ..