The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 427: Racing Queen Katerina

After seeing the strongest power of the Eighteen Palms of Jianglong, the girls were all exuberant, and their eyes looked at Fang Xiaoru completely different.

Their faces are full of yearning and admiration.

"Wow! Xiaoru, too powerful, just like a Hollywood blockbuster."

"Is this the power of martial arts? I must do my exercises!"

In the hearts of the five women, the enthusiasm for practicing kung fu rose again.

Fang Xiaoru smiled, and said, "Then practice hard. Not only can you strengthen your body, but you can also protect yourself at critical times."

In the following days, during the days when Starlight Yacht returned to the Magic City Wharf, the five girls seemed to be immersed in cultivation, and for a while, there was no more intrigue.

This phenomenon gave Fang Xiaoru a glimmer of hope, and hope to enjoy the blessing of the people.

After another five days, the yacht finally returned to the magic city.

The five women also returned to their homes, and Fang Xiaoru came to Guangdong.

On the 12th of the first lunar month, the F1 World Championship was held in China Summer.

Top racers from all over the world gather here.

The stadium in Guangdong is crowded with people.There was almost no empty seat in the seat, and many racing fans screamed and cheered wildly.

Fang Xiaoru, the female racing driver of Maoqiu Country, was talking with her in the lounge of Jie Karina.

"Mr. Fang, thank you very much for the car you provided. This time the champion must be mine, and the car produced by your company will surely be famous all over the world."

Jie Karina is a standard Russian beauty, with long golden wavy hair, big blue eyes, tall and sexy figure, all attracting eyeballs.

Jie Karina, 23 years old this year, is already a veteran of the F1 Championship.

She has won many championships in Russia and became the racing queen by Russia.But at the World Championships, there is no championship trophy.The best result is only sixth.

Some time ago, when she was preparing for the F1 World Championship, someone approached her and said that she would provide her with a world-class car to help her win the championship.

After Jie Karina tried the car again, an ecstasy came to her heart.

Although for a racing driver, the individual's technical level is the most important, and racing is only second.

But if there is not much difference between the two sides' car skills, the performance of the car will play a vital role.

Jie Karina's ability to win the championship in Russia and the sixth place in the world race shows that her driving skills are beyond doubt.

Over the past ten days, Jie Karina has spent at least ten hours a day, staying with Huanyu Racing, familiar with and mastering its various functions.

Now that the preliminary round is approaching, she is full of confidence.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said: "Jie Karina, I believe in your car skills and my car. Prove yourself on the field and show the world's car lovers the advanced performance of Huanyu Racing!"

After about twenty minutes of opening, the preliminary round of the F1 World Championship finally began.

There are a total of sixty contestants, divided into three groups, each with 20 people.

The top ten are promoted and the latter are eliminated directly.

Under the urging of the team staff, Jie Karina gave Fang Xiaoru a thumbs-up, then walked out of the lounge and sat on the super cool and full of futuristic technology world racing car.

"The 24th F1 World Championships, the preliminary round begins. Please prepare for all contestants."

On the vast racing field, prompt tones in Chinese and English sounded one after another.

Jie Karina was divided into the first group, the third runway.

As soon as World Racing debuted, it immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

Such a sense of advanced design makes everyone shine.

On the commentary stage, China’s ace racing commentators, when they saw this car, not only exclaimed: "What a cool car!"

"This car is not only cool in appearance, but also very aerodynamic in design. You look at the arc between the rear and the front of the car, which can greatly reduce the air resistance."

"The driver in this car is Russia's racing empress Jie Karina. Jie Karina has won the Russian racing championship five times and participated in three F1 World Championships. Last year, she won sixth place. "

"From my professional point of view, maybe this year Jie Karina is very likely to become this year's dark horse. However, the specifics depend on her performance in the preliminary rounds. And whether this car full of futuristic technological sense will be a favorite useless?"

The voice of the narrator reached the ears of all the audience present through the speakers on the scene.

The picture on the big screen was also switched to the No. 3 track, allowing the audience to clearly see the Huanyu racing car that is so cool that it has no friends.

"Oh! My God, this car is really cool."

"Slowly a sense of future technology, I don't know which company produced it."

"The appearance is very good, but I don't know what the performance is. Does any old driver know what kind of car it is? I will search for it later."

Regarding the commentator regulating the atmosphere of the scene, the audience also watched the Huanyu racing car on the big screen and talked a lot.

In a short while, all the racers are ready.

With an order from the referee, twenty racing cars galloped forward with a loud roar.

A scene that shocked everyone happened, Jie Karina drove Huanyu Automobile and took the lead.

In just three seconds, she has led the car behind by at least five meters!

This terrible start, this terrible horsepower, made all the views scream crazy.

The commentators on the scene were also shocked.He speaks quickly and his voice is excited.

"The car on track 3 took the lead. Just as soon as they stepped together, they left the opponent far behind."

"Two laps! Jie Karina has run two laps! And her opponents, just one and a half laps."

"This car is terrible. After this preliminary race, Jie Karina will set an unprecedented world record!" ,,.