The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 429 The wolf is coming!

Almost after the narrator stated the records created by Jie Karina one by one, the reporters on the scene frantically surrounded Jie Karina.

All the reporters focused on Jie Karina, and there was not even a reporter to interview the other racers.

A racer from Ukraine looked at the Huanyu car next to Jie Karina with regret.

This player was ranked fourth in the F1 World Championship last year and was also the first partner of the Universe Group.

Although Huanyu Racing is powerful, it needs to be in the hands of highly skilled people to give full play to its best performance.

The top three are not considered because they have won medals themselves.

Starting from the fourth place, the strength of the players is not very different from the top three. If you drive a world car, you will definitely get the best results.

Therefore, the partners of Fang Xiaoru's subordinates are all top-ranked racers.

It's just that the Ukrainian racer, when he heard that it was a car from China, he felt disdainful and refused without thinking about it.

He slapped the wall fiercely, his face was gloomy, and his regretful bowels were blue.

Next to Jie Karina, the reporters arranged for the team's staff to speak and interview in turn.

"Hello, I'm a reporter from Phoenix News. May I ask Miss Jie Karina, why was it possible to set such a record that shocked the world today? How do you feel about this?

In addition, your maximum speed has reached 967km/h. Why doesn't the car float at this speed?"

After the on-site interpreter translated these words, Jie Karina smiled and said: "Today may be due to the preliminary round, but did not perform very well. When I was training, the maximum speed was 980km/h. I hope to be in the final. Can show the level of training.

Of course, the biggest contributor to my achievement is the car provided by Mr. Fang.As you said, if it is an ordinary racing car, not to mention that the speed cannot reach more than 900 yards at all, and no one has reached more than 500 yards.

Because the speed is exceeded, the car will lose stability and easily float, which will eventually lead to an accident.So I am very grateful to Mr. Fang for achieving such results today."

With that, Jie Karina turned around and bowed to Fang Xiaoru, who was sitting in the team lounge, to express her gratitude.

"Fang Xiaoru!"

The reporters had seen Jie Karina and Fang Xiaoru hugging on the big screen before, but they were not very sure, after all, they had never heard of when Fang Xiaoru started playing racing.

Now that I took a closer look, plus what Jie Karina said just now, there was a sudden uproar at the scene.

The reporters even passed directly over Jie Karina and gathered in front of Fang Xiaoru.

"Mr. Fang, what is your relationship with Jie Karina? Why are you here?"

"Mr. Fang, Miss Jie Karina just said that you provided her car. I don't know how exactly it is?"

"President Fang, is this racing car full of futuristic technology the latest product of your Universe Group?"

"Zong Fang Fang, as far as I know, you registered a oneworld automobile company not long ago. Do you want to enter the automobile industry?"

Faced with a series of questions from reporters, Fang Xiaoru looked calm and said: "As you can see from reporters, the car Jie Karina drove just now is a product of Universe Automobile, a subsidiary of Universe Group.

As a car lover, I am not satisfied with the existing cars on the market.Neither the appearance nor the performance can satisfy my fantasy of the perfect car in my mind.

So, I registered a car company.This racing car is the first car produced by the Universe Group, and it is also a car that has officially become famous all over the world.

Through the preliminary races just now, everyone must be able to see that this one-world car, both in appearance and performance, far surpasses all cars on the market.

For car lovers, to bring the most extreme enjoyment, this is our purpose of producing cars.Building a unique car is our goal."

When the surrounding reporters heard the words, their faces were full of excitement.

The world's No. 1 company, Huanyu Group, actually wants to enter the automotive industry, and its first product has already demonstrated its far-leading performance at the F1 World Championship.

A reporter from Netease News shouted: "Mr. Fang, when will your company's car be put into the market?"

Fang Xiaoru said lightly: "A month ago, I started to acquire well-known domestic and foreign automobile companies as a processing plant for Huanyu Automobile.

The domestic acquisition of Blood Iron Dragon has come to an end. The Hyundai and Ford of Citi are also progressing relatively smoothly. Within the last week, they should be able to merge them into the Universe Group.

And the only thing that is a bit difficult is the closure of Fusang.However, I believe that within one month, Fengtian will also be successfully acquired by us.

Currently, Huanyu Automobile is also producing the first batch of cars, but the output is relatively small.Once we acquire these companies, we will produce a large number of Huanyu cars, and then enter the global market."


The reporters present couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief, and they were shocked by Fang Xiaoru again.

Excluding the domestic blood iron dragon, Ford, Hyundai, and Fengtian, each of these three companies are world-renowned and have large markets all over the world.

Now, Fang Xiaoru wants to acquire all these companies in one go. What kind of courage and arrogance is this!

The reporters were excited and excited just by listening.

Oneworld Group, whose market value has surpassed 1.4 trillion yesterday, is like a giant hovering over the world, and other companies in the same industry cannot breathe.

Now it has reached the point where there is a disagreement and the acquisition of several Fortune 500 companies in one go!

They just want to shout to the auto industry: the wolf is here!,, ..