The richest man in the magic city

The 430th chapter fangs appear, the industry shakes

On the same day, the Universe Group once again appeared on the front page of major media around the world, especially those that focus on automotive reports, and used a large article to introduce the Universe Group and the world’s outstanding performance in the F1 World Championship. Racing.

For a while, the Universe Group once again swept the world.

It’s just that this time it’s not because of the Huanyu mobile phone or the Huanyu tablet, but a car that no one thought of.

The global automotive industry is shaking.

Many large groups such as Volkswagen and General Motors have launched emergency meetings.

The theme of the meeting was to discuss the world racing car that was unveiled in F1 today.

As we all know, a car company that can produce high-quality cars or sports cars may not be able to produce top-notch racing cars.

Because every aspect of the design of the racing car, the technology contained in it is far more than ordinary cars and sports cars.

And to be able to manufacture the world's top racing cars, there is no doubt that this company can also manufacture the world's top cars and sports cars.

After seeing the video of Huanyu Motorsports in the F1 field, the world's major automotive industries are all overshadowed.

Everyone knows that a wolf, a bloodthirsty wolf, wants to enter the automobile industry.

And they may be the lamb to be slaughtered!

Citi General Group, CEO Thomson pointed to the projector, the world racing car with a sense of futuristic technology.

"Everyone, through the game video just now, everyone should have a preliminary understanding of this car.

It only takes 1.2 seconds to reach a speed of 100km/h from start-up.Such terrifying data shows that their engine performance has far ahead of us, even far ahead of the world.

The top speed of 967km/h on the field has exceeded the theoretical speed of F1 cars.

When driving at an ultra-high speed of 967km/h, not only did the tires of the racing car not be scrapped on the spot, nor did the car lift off due to its huge buoyancy.

This shows what?This shows that Huanyu Group has also developed materials that are not available on the market. Otherwise, the existing tires on the market cannot withstand the terrible speed of 967km/h.

The car did not lose its balance and floated, which shows that Huanyu Racing is not only cool in appearance, but also in line with the principles of aerodynamics.

The acquisition of Ford by Universe Group has come to an end. There is no doubt that once Universe Group enters the automotive industry in an all-round way, our GM Group's market in Citigroup and even the global market will be greatly impacted.

We must come up with a plan, come up with a plan that can deal with the Universe Group!If we sit and wait to die, we will become the Apple of the automotive industry and be completely defeated by the Universe Group!"

(General Motors has brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Baojun, Holden, Opel, Vauxhall and Wuling. It is a super-large automobile industry of Citi.)

After the meeting was over, President Thomson drove his car and rushed to the villa of the old Mordis, the head of the Mordis consortium.

Old Modis received Thomson in the living room.

Before sitting down, Thomson said hurriedly: "Boss, you know the current situation. The Universe Group is coming so fiercely. If we don't have a countermeasure, I'm afraid..."

Old Modis's expression was also gloomy. He frowned and sighed: "This Fang Xiaoru, I didn't expect that I was still a small man."

For the first time, there was a panic in the old Modis's heart.

If Universe Group enters the automotive industry, the global automotive market will undergo tremendous changes.

The financial crisis created by Fang Xiaoru, Roster, and Antonio has not yet ended, and Citi's economy has completely fallen into the Great Depression.

If it was before, even if Fang Xiaoru's car had the best performance, the old Modis would not be afraid.

But now the situation is different. The Universe Group has become a giant with a market value of 1.4 trillion Citicoins. Even in the top ten consortia of Citigroup, it belongs to the middle reaches.

But the most frightening thing is that the Universe Group is entirely controlled by Fang Xiaoru!And these consortia of Citigroup are controlled by a family!

Although the power is concentrated in the hands of the heads of the major families, the interests are scattered.

Moreover, the assets of these consortia are mostly fixed assets.

The liquidity in his hands is beyond comparison with Fang Xiaoru.

Old Modis and Thomson talked for nearly half an hour, but in the end they still didn't talk about anything.

They can't pose any threat to the World Group, the only way is to welcome Fang Xiaoru's attack.

Compared with the panic of major auto companies, car enthusiasts on the Internet are cheering.

On Twitter, on the big face, in the space, in the circle of friends, and on Weibo, 80% of the topics are related to the Universe Group.

People once again discussed the Huanyu Group and Fang Xiaoru.

And the video of Jie Karina on the F1 World Championship was reposted crazy.

"Jesus! This speed is crazy and exciting!"

"Oh Mika! Forty minutes of video, I actually saw it from the beginning to the end."

"This car is so dazzling. With its excellent performance and a strong sense of future technology, the Universe Group deserves to be a great company."

"Unimaginable, unimaginable! The speed of 967km/h, oh god, this is so shocking."

"I look forward to the launch of the general models of the Universe Group, I will definitely buy them at that time!

Foreign netizens are just shocked and excited.

And the domestic car lovers, all cried with joy.

"For many years, there has been a domestically produced car on the F1 field. And it is still a car with world-leading performance!"

"It's not black, it's the coolest and best-performing car I have ever seen. Oneworld Group, it's so six."

"The Universe Group acquired Ford, Hyundai, Fengtian, and Blood Iron Dragon at the same time. It can be seen that the richest man has great ambitions."

"The auto industry is about to usher in a bloody storm!"

"Universe Group, the pride of the nation! Fang Xiaoru, the pride of China!"

While the world was talking about the cars of the Universe Group, Fang Xiaoru hosted the sales director of one of the world's largest island sales companies at the company.,, ..