The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 440: Control the Forty Countries of O Continent

Sophia said: "At present, forty-three countries in O Continent, there are underground forces in 40 countries, which are firmly controlled by us.

Among them, the Maoqiu countries in Eastern Europe, their black and powerful strength, are controlled by a retired Maoqiu general, and we cannot penetrate in, let alone subdue them.

The Italian country in southern Europe has a very powerful black society force called the Black Ice Party.The Black Ice Party is backed by the Bartlett family. It is a dog raised by the Bartlett family. We also cannot penetrate the power into Italy.

In addition, there is a Vatican in Southern Europe.The Vatican is the territory of the Holy See, and there is no black society power there.

All the forty-three countries of O Continent, a total of forty countries' underground dark society forces, surrendered to the blood kill list.In addition, I planted life and death symbols for their gang leaders one by one."

Sophia said it lightly, but Fang Xiaoru knew that in order to find out the underground forces of the O Continent countries and to subdue the underground forces of these countries one by one, she must have worked extremely hard.

He walked to Sophia’s side, embraced her in his arms, and said softly, "Sophia, thank you. Maoqiu is a military power, and the black society of Maoqiu is still in the hands of the retired generals. , Then we don’t need to take this risk.

The Vatican is the holy place of the Holy See, there is no underground power there, and we cannot penetrate.Then there is only one Italian country."

Sophia leaned her small head in front of Fang Xiaoru's fierceness and said: "The Black Ice Party in Italy is famous all over the world and has branches in all countries. Now its branches have been cut off by me, and only the headquarters of Italy is left.

However, we had better not attack the Italian Black Ice Party lightly.The Bartley family is the world's largest arms dealer.The Mafia cares about the headquarters of the country and absolutely has all kinds of heavy weapons.

Even if we break it forcibly, it will attract the attention of local agencies, and the gains may outweigh the losses."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said: "Because of the particularity of the leader of the Maoqiu country and the fact that the Maoqiu country spans Europe and Asia, it has a huge land area. We can give up the Maoqiu country.

But the Black Ice Party in Italy can never forget it.Although they have heavy weapons, as long as they can't use them, it's fine."

The Black Ice Party, as the fangs of the Batley family, how can Fang Xiaoru let it go?It must be removed!

Seeing Fang Xiaoru made up her mind, Sophia nodded slightly and said nothing.

After the two talked about it, they chatted for a while.

As we chatted, Fang Xiaoru's hands were not honest.

Two days later, a pair of men and women wearing sunglasses walked out of the airport.

These two people are Fang Xiaoru and Sophia.

They came to Italy this time to bring the Black Ice Party of Italy into their sphere of influence.

The two were like ordinary lovers, talking and laughing at the airport, walking arm in arm.

No one would have thought that among them, one was Fang Xiaoru, the helm of the Universe Group, and the other was Sophia, the Queen of Blood Fiend who frightened the underground forces of O Continent.

On the way to the Mafia headquarters in front, Sophia asked: "Fang, how are you going to deal with the Mafia?"

"The best way to deal with them is to go straight to Huanglong." Fang Xiaoru's face was full of confident smiles, "I want to do it before the Bartlett family reacts, no, it should be said that the Bartlett family did not know it. To subdue the Black Ice Party."

Sophia frowned when she heard the words, and said anxiously: "I have explored their headquarters, and the defensive force is very strong. The whistle and the whistle are mixed. If you don't want to be discovered, it is difficult to break in.

They also have many heavy weapons. If they fight, they will definitely attract outside attention.If you want to subdue the Black Ice Party without the Bartley family's knowledge, it may be difficult to do so."

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said: "As long as you find the leader of the Black Ice Party, and then subdue him with thunder, everything will be a matter of course. All this will happen without knowing it."

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's self-confidence, Sophia no longer worried.

Anyway, even if it fails, with their strength, no one can stop if they want to go.

She smiled at the other party Xiaoru and said: "Everything is up to you, but you have promised me that you will play with me in the country for two days."

Fang Xiaoru bowed his head, kissed Sophia’s red lips, and then pinched a handful of her blushing pretty face, and said, “Of course, these two days, let’s just buy, buy and buy, no matter what you’re fancy. , I will buy it for you."

Sophia gave Fang Xiaoru a charming look, and said jokingly: "Then I am in love with Gucci, will you buy it for me too?"

Gucci, the largest fashion group in Italy, is also one of the internationally renowned luxury goods.

This brand's fashion has always been famous for its high-end, luxurious and sexy. It has become the darling of the upper class with its brand image of "a symbol of identity and wealth". Many women cannot resist the temptation of Gucci.

"Buy, of course." Fang Xiaoru looked at Sophia and said with a serious face, "As long as it is what you want, I will buy it for you."

Sophia looked at Fang Xiaoru's eyes, knowing that he was sincere, and she couldn't help but feel moved.

She stood on tiptoe, kissed Fang Xiaoru's cheek, then giggled, and said, "I'm kidding." ...