The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 443: William's Strategy

Bai Lun and a kind of Mafia senior, their faces were full of horror, they asked with lingering fear: "You...what did you do to us?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said: "This is the first time you can't stand it anymore. Let me tell you. The itch just now was only the mildest. Maybe you will miss this level of itch in the future.

The broken ice cubes that I penetrated into your bodies were processed in a special way and turned into a deadly thing called the Talisman of Life and Death.

This life and death talisman broke out and became worse day by day. The itchiness and pain increased gradually for ninety-nine-eighty-one days, and then gradually subsided. After eighty-one days, it increased again, and it continued endlessly."

Upon hearing this, the expressions of a group of senior officials changed drastically.

They were full of horror and fear, and one by one, they kowtowed on the ground.

"Let me go, let me go."

"I am willing to submit to you, please let me go.

They only tried this level of itching, and they really felt that life was worse than death.

If it will happen once a day in the future, and it will be more severe than once, it will be sour and refreshing, and they will not shudder if they think about it.

Mafia’s party leader and seven high-level officials kowtow to a young Oriental.

If such a scene is seen by other people in Italy, the eyes will fall out in surprise.

Mafia, who is afraid of three-pointers even in institutions, has ever been so embarrassed.

But the blame is that they met Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru's strength completely surpassed them.Coupled with the overbearing and incomprehensible life and death talisman, they can't help but kowtow for mercy.

When their kowtows and scalps were broken, Fang Xiaoru said indifferently: "Since you are willing to surrender, that would be great.

As long as you surrender to me and do things for me obediently, this antidote to life and death can be given to you.Of course, this antidote only has a one-year period.

One year later, if you don't have an antidote, the itching sensation will recur."

After hearing the words, everyone kowtows again and again, asking Fang Xiaoru to give the antidote.

Fang Xiaoru looked at these Mafia giants condescendingly, and said, "My luck is good today, you guys from Mafia are actually there.

The itching sensation just now will gradually increase.But I won't give you the antidote for the time being, but you can rest assured that you are obedient, let me see your loyalty, and make me satisfied, the antidote will naturally be given to you at that time."

Mafia party leader Bai Lun said quickly: "You can tell me what you want, we will do it for you."

Fang Xiaoru's mouth curled up and said, "William of the Bartley family, wants to prevent my Huanyu Automobile from entering the O State market. And you, Mafia, is still his second insurance for the country.

I will now arrange to give you a person, those institutional officials, who plan to do everything possible to target my World Group, delay or hinder my World Automobile’s entry into the O State market.

I want you to control their family members in the name of William on the day of the launch of Huanyu Motors, and on the day of their operation, until I say to release them.Can it be done?"

Bai Lun nodded hurriedly, "Yes, we can. We can do it."

If in peacetime, gave him 10,000 courage, he would not dare to betray William or the Bartley family.

But it's different now. I have experienced the feeling that life is better than death. As long as you can get the antidote, nothing matters.

"it is good."

Fang Xiaoru snapped his fingers, and Sophia on the side also took off the sunglasses from her face.

She walked in front of Bai Lun and the others, and said in a cold tone: "I am Sophia from the Blood Kill List. I must have heard of my name."

When Mafia's party leader and a group of high-level officials heard the words, their eyes suddenly widened, and their faces were full of fear.

Bai Lun swallowed, and said shiveringly: "So...Sophia, the bloody queen Sophia!"

After hearing Sophia's introduction, they couldn't help taking a breath while they were terrified of Sophia.

When Fang Xiaoru showed up with Sophia in his arms before, they thought this woman who also wore sunglasses was just an ordinary woman.

How do you know that her origin is so great, it is actually the blood killer Sophia who overwhelms the entire O Continent and has the name of the blood killer queen!

In the panic and fear of everyone, Sophia continued: "From today, you Mafia is officially included in the blood kill list. And I am your direct leader.

From now on, you Mafia will be a branch of the blood kill list in Yi Country, and everything in the future will be reported directly to me.

Of course, all this is only secret.In the bright place, you continue to make false claims with the Bartley family and must not be exposed.Do you understand it?"

Bai Lun and the seven Mafia seniors did not dare to hurriedly responded loudly: "Understood!"

Seeing this, Fang Xiaoru nodded in satisfaction, and said, "Very good, it depends on your performance during this period. If you perform well, you can get the antidote earlier. If your performance disappoints me, then Live in the pain that is worse than death all day."

After that, he put his hand on Sophia's waist, and then his figure flashed before disappearing into the villa in an instant.

William, the heir of the Bartley family, wants to hinder and disrupt the entry of Huanyu Automobile into the O continent through the management departments of imported vehicles in various countries and the underground forces of various countries.

This is bright and dark, one is right and the other is evil.

The relevant departments of the organization and the dark hall forces have joined forces, and there is really no foreign company that can stand up in the country.

I have to say that William's methods are indeed brilliant.

He only needs to move his lips and pay a high remuneration that is not worth mentioning in his eyes, and he can block most of the foreign companies from his country.

Even if it is not possible to thoroughly organize Huanyu Automobile to enter the O Continent market, it can greatly delay its launch time.

Even if the sale goes on smoothly in the end, there will still be hidden forces going to make trouble.But the Bartlett family can use this time to study the structure of Huanyu Automobile, and finally make a fake car.

William's tactics can be described as one link after another.,, ..