The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 447: Institutional Requests

Fang Xiaoru's expression stagnated, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

He kept this matter secret, and he didn't expect director Liu Shimao to know about it.

It seems that an institution is an institution, and it cannot be underestimated at all.Especially a superpower like the East, the energy possessed is completely unimaginable.

He chuckled twice and laughed at himself: "Unexpectedly, I thought I was hiding well, but I still didn't escape the organization's eyes."

Fang Xiaoru only started construction on the Rezhou Islands with an area of ​​more than 150,000 square kilometers, and most of them are engaged in the construction of hotels and resorts.

As for the weapon base, it was just a little prototype, and even a single weapon was not produced.

Unexpectedly, even this is the case, the agency will know.

Liu Shimao smiled and said: "Xiaoru, since you bought an island specifically overseas, you even spent a lot of money to reclaim the sea to build the island, and build hotels and resorts along the coastline of the island.

I believe that since you have the intention of building weapons, you must have absolute certainty in this regard."

Fang Xiaoru asked: "Director, if you don't speak secretly, tell your purpose."

Liu Shimao laughed, took a deep look at Fang Xiaoru, and said, "Then I will tell you the truth. On behalf of the Eastern Organization, I formally propose to cooperate with you in weapon development.

If you want to make weapons, it won't work without manpower.The weapon is nothing better than others.Once someone divulges the secrets, let alone the endless troubles, at least Citigroup and Goose Feather will definitely catch your attention.

And our eastern organization can provide you with the highest quality weapons experts and the most loyal weapons production personnel.They will never reveal a little secret.

All you need to pay is to sell to the Eastern Organization first after producing world-leading weapons and equipment.Moreover, after the second-generation weapons are produced, the first-generation weapons can be sold to other institutions.Ensure that Eastern weapons and equipment are ahead of other institutions."

Fang Xiaoru was silent for a long time before quietly asking: "Director, why do you have so much confidence in me? Is it so clear that I can make weapons and equipment that leads the world?"

Liu Shimao smiled and said: "The ancients said that one step is to look at one hundred steps. I have studied your family history, and the initial funding does not know where it came from, but it is not important.

After you established the first Universe Media, your business has continued to grow and the company has continued to expand.Later, Ruihua Technology Co., Ltd. was acquired and renamed Huanyu Technology Company.

After that, Huanyu Technology Co., Ltd. produced the world's first 3D holographic screen, and the company's stock price soared instantly.Later, he acquired Six Star Group from the famous international venture capitalists Roster and Antonio for RMB 5.2 billion and a leverage of 100 times.

Since you acquired Six Star Group, the world mobile phone turned out.After that, you quickly established your position as the world's business empire, standing outright on the top of the world.

And now, thanks to Huanyu Motors, your business empire has expanded again, reaching an unprecedented level.

There may be many people like you who have great courage and such precise vision.But no one, like you, can advance all the way, almost without any bumps.

From the 3D holographic screen to the Huanyu mobile phone, to the Huanyu Automobile, every step that the Huanyu Group takes is in your plan and is implemented in strict accordance with your expected goals.

And now, you set your sights on the weapon.Even if you haven't touched weapons before, I still choose to believe that your achievements in weapons will not be weaker than mobile phones and cars.

Because you have never been aimless, the industries you are involved in are all top in the world!"

"Flap! Pop! Pop!"

Fang Xiaoru patted both palms lightly, and couldn't help but exclaimed: "If you take one step and see a hundred steps, the director is indeed a director."

He picked up the teapot and filled the teacups on both sides with tea, and said: "The director, indeed, as you said, the only headache I have now is the manpower problem. Weapons are not as much as mobile phones and cars, which involve too much and are dangerous. It's too high.

I have no problem with the cooperation you just mentioned.As long as the organization provides me with experts in team divisions and equipment manufacturing and production personnel, our weapons will be produced in the future and will definitely be the first to sell to the organization."

If you expose the weapons you produced before your own strength has grown.The Citigroup and Goose feather country will definitely keep an eye on Fang Xiaoru's every move.

With the backing and cover of the Eastern Organization, at least there will be no leaks, and everything will be much easier.

As soon as Fang Xiaoru's words fell, Liu Shimao's eyes couldn't help being excited, he laughed twice, and said: "Xiaoru, your weapon research and development base is set up in Rezhou, although you can use resort attractions to cover people's eyes.

However, it is better to be safe at home.If you are willing, I can immediately grant you a piece of land, so that you can develop weapons with peace of mind, and there will never be people screaming."

Fang Xiaoru shook his head and refused directly, "Thank you for the kindness of the director, this is not needed."

Liu Shimao's mind, how he didn't know.

Once he sets up the weapons research and development base in the country, the base is not his, but the institution.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's unambiguous rejection, Liu Shimao knew that he could not force it, otherwise it would be counterproductive.

A pity flashed across his face, then stood up and took the initiative to give Fang Xiaoru's right hand deep.

After the two shook hands, they looked at each other and smiled.

The organization provides reliable manpower, and Fang Xiaoru provides technology beyond the times.

This kind of cooperation has great benefits for both parties.,, ..