The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 449: William's revenge is coming

As Huanyu Motors is on sale globally, there are naturally many small notes taken in major Huanyu 4S stores in various countries.

Countless cars like cars, one by one, buy cars in the store.

They almost only test drive once and make a decision to buy a car.

The hot scene made nearly 50 sales staff in every 4S store overwhelmed.

On the other hand, in the O Continent area, except for Geely and Goose Feather Country, all the other Universe 4S stores of the O Continent organization encountered inspections from local institutions when they opened for sale.

The relevant departments of foreign automobile safety management, energy management, and waste management in various countries have stopped car fans who are interested and waiting to buy cars.

In Italy, the leaders of several inspection departments blocked the door and said to Manager Li, the person in charge of the 4S shop:

"We need to conduct a careful and comprehensive inspection of the safety, energy consumption and waste pollution aspects of Huanyu Automobile.

So before that, you cannot sell to the outside world.Until our inspection is over, it can be sold normally."

Manager Li, the person in charge of the 4S shop, his face changed at the time. He said solemnly: "Didn’t these have been inspected a long time ago? The data of the cars you spot-checked is perfect, far beyond any car on the market. . Why do you choose to have a home inspection at this time today?"

The leader said again: "As you said, what we did before was spot checks. The spot checks are only one-sided and cannot ensure that all products are qualified.

Our relevant regulations have changed. Foreign cars must be thoroughly and carefully inspected to ensure the country’s environmental safety and the personal safety of citizens.Therefore, please cooperate with your work and accept the inspection."

In this case, everyone's face changed.

If Huanyu Automobile cares about 100,000 vehicles in the country, then these people will have to conduct a comprehensive inspection of these 100,000 vehicles.

If all the safety inspections, energy inspections, and waste pollution inspections of 100,000 vehicles are completed, I don’t know it will be the year of the monkey.

You don't need to think about it, you know they are targeting Huanyu Automobile on purpose.

The voice of the leader of the inspection team fell, not only the staff in the Huanyu 4S store, but also the citizens who were waiting to buy a car in the back.

"Sampling inspections are enough to ensure the accuracy of the inspection. You asked for a comprehensive inspection of Huanyu Automobile, didn't you deliberately target Huanyu Group!"

"It's ridiculous, it's ridiculous. Even drug imports are just random inspections. You actually conduct a comprehensive inspection of the cars. Isn't this a horrible embarrassment for Huanyu Automobile?"

"Oh Maga! A comprehensive inspection is actually going to be carried out. After you finish the inspection, wouldn't it be the year of the monkey?"

"This decision is too stupid. I have never heard of inspecting all foreign cars. Your behavior is extremely inefficient and stupid!"

The fans of Italy told the truth in one go.

Those members of the inspection team couldn't help but jump in their hearts.

As the car fans said, the reason why they have such behavior is that they have been instructed by their superiors.

William had already greeted the leaders of these relevant departments. On the day that the sales of Huanyu Motors started, he went to stop the sales of Huanyu Motors in the name of inspection.

If the inspection team carried out one-by-one inspection of Huanyu Automobile, it would take several months.

If they slow down the progress of the inspection, they can even delay him for a year or two.

At that time, a huge number of Huanyu cars will be piled up in the warehouse and cannot be sold, which will cause huge losses to the Huanyu Group.

And, during this time, everyone can study and imitate Huanyu Automobile.

Manager Li, the person in charge of the 4S shop, heard such an explanation from the inspection team leader, and exclaimed with a full face: "You are making trouble, how can there be such an inspection in the world?"

The leader of the inspection team shrugged disapprovingly, and said, "The current situation in the O continent is like this. If you refuse the inspection, you can't sell it."

" are so deceiving!"

Manager Li was furious. He searched all over the world and never heard of an example of a comprehensive inspection.

Even for imported drugs that are life-threatening, inspectors only conduct sampling inspections instead of inspecting them all one by one.

Because such work efficiency is too low, and sampling inspection itself is a scientific method that is extremely probabilistic.

At the entrance of the 4S store, the fans waiting in line to buy a car were annoyed.

They were irritated by the inspection team's obvious and stupid comprehensive inspection, and they yelled one by one:

"What~the~fuck! What are you doing? We really want to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all Huanyu cars, so how do we buy cars?"

"Are all of you staff in the organization filled with shit? After you have all checked, when will we wait before we can buy a car?"

"Comprehensively inspect one by one. Is your work very idle? Otherwise, why do you have so much time to inspect Huanyu Automobile one by one?"

"A group of blood-sucking worms, the blood-sucking worms that rely on our tax revenue! Good business, they are doing these useless things."

The anger of the masses made the members of the inspection team feel extremely embarrassed.

They were also surprised by the decision made by their superiors, but since the superiors gave it to them, they had no choice but to follow them.

Suddenly, they were in a dilemma and fell into a dilemma.

They did not go in, nor did they withdraw.

Going in for inspection will undoubtedly arouse the anger of many car fans.

If you withdrew, it would violate the task assigned by the superior.

Such a scene was staged in the O continent other than Russia and Geely.

Fans of Huanyu Motors all over the world are dissatisfied with the stupid decision of the car inspection team.

They stood on the opposite side of the inspection team in order to buy the long-awaited Huanyu car.,, ..