The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 451: Counterattack begins, William loses his temper

Oneworld Group headquarters building, the 195th floor of the Atlantis building.

Fang Xiaoru sat in the office, constantly receiving information reported from all over the world.

In Y Continent, in M ​​Continent and even in Rezhou, the sales of Huanyu Automobile are showing a terrifying trend.

Especially in Brazil, which loves cars, many people sell their cars at low prices and then raise money to buy the car before the start of the sales of the world.

In the UAE, the Middle East, Dubai is the world's richest city.

Almost everyone here expressed a strong desire to buy Huanyu Automobile.

The sports car priced at 40 million yuan in the East has sold for 80 million yuan abroad.

But just like that, there are still many local tyrants in Dubai who are willing to buy and are sought after by many people.

In just one morning, 24 such supercars were sold.

As for the Dongfang priced at 120 million yuan, the Xiaoru supercar, which sold for 240 million yuan abroad, also shocked many super rich.

This Xiaoru supercar, which is more expensive than an airplane, actually sold 3 units in just one morning!


Citigroup, Youyong Group, President Thomson and Old Modis are in the mood at this moment, both gloating and uneasy.

They are uneasy because the performance of World Auto in Y, M and Rezhou is too strong.

Countless car fans, like crazy, scrambled to buy a Huanyu car.

However, they were greatly relieved by the hindrance of Huanyu Automobile in the O State market.At least Huanyu Automobile has not completely occupied the global market, and they still have the opportunity to turn over.

Old Mortis' eyes kept flickering, he lowered his head and thought for a long time, and finally said to Thomson:

"The blockage of Huanyu Automobile in the O State market must be due to the Bartley family. We must seize this opportunity and urge the technology research and development department to crack Huanyu Automobile's technology as soon as possible, and then make a counterfeit car."

With an embarrassed expression on Thomson's face, he said: "The technology and principles used by Huanyu Automotive are far ahead of the current automotive technology on the market.

Our team does not have original data. It is absolutely impossible to thoroughly research the technology and principles in it in a short time.

It is better to send someone to the east to go to the R&D center of Huanyu Automobile to steal relevant information.Or hire one of them at a high price and let him do the guidance work?"

Old Modis shook his head and said, "You have been tried by many automobile companies for a long time, and I have sent someone there.

However, Fang Xiaoru did a great job protecting the R&D personnel and related materials of Huanyu Automobile.

Near their R&D center, there are a group of world-class security guards.No one can embed it.

Moreover, the R&D personnel of Huanyu Automobile, our people, can't meet at all, let alone hire them with high salaries.

Now we are only fortunate that the Bartley family has taken a shot against the Universe Group.With it, it would be difficult for Huanyu Automobile to enter the Ozhou market.

As long as the Ozhou market does not fall, Youyong Group will not fall into the abyss, and can still survive until we completely crack the technology and principles of Huanyu Automobile."

Old Modis, as the helm of the second-ranked Modis consortium among the top ten Citigroup consortiums, at this moment, in the automotive field, he has lost his confidence in confronting Fang Xiaoru.

He now hopes that he and the Bartley family can prevent Huanyu Automobile from dominating the global automobile market and buy them enough time.

As long as they crack the technology and principles of Huanyu Automobile, and then create a fake car, they will not be afraid of Huanyu Group.


Willing country, the headquarters of Dajia Group.

William has been in the president's office all morning. When lunch was approaching, he sat up from the sofa, stretched his waist lazily, then looked at the watch on his wrist and said to the president:

"In a short period of time, Huanyu Motors cannot sell on O Continent. You must seize this rare opportunity to study the technical principles of Huanyu Motors, just like Dongfang split and researched Citi's fighter jets, and finally made imitations ."

Everyone’s president quickly said: “Don’t worry, Mr. William, we will seize this opportunity to find out the relevant technologies and principles of Huanyu Automobile as soon as possible.”

William nodded slightly and walked to the office door.

The fate of Huanyu Automobile in the O State market is doomed, and there is no need for him to stay here anymore.

"Tingling bell~"

Suddenly, just as the president personally opened the office door and William had already stepped out with one foot, his cell phone rang.

The mobile phone is a world mobile phone.

He picked up the phone and looked at it, seeing the remarks on it, his brows frowned.

"Hey, what happened?"

"It's not good, the big thing is not good." A middle-aged man's voice came over the phone.His voice sounded very anxious.

"Prince William, the chat records between me and the leaders of foreign automobile management departments in various countries in O state have been posted on the Internet."

"What!" When William heard the words, his pupils shrank, and his always arrogant and confident expression changed abruptly."What on earth happened?"

The middle-aged man opposite said: "You said that Huanyu's mobile phone is not safe and may be monitored. Tell me not to contact them with my mobile phone.

So I used WhatsApp to communicate with them, but I didn't expect that just ten minutes ago, all the chat records between me and them were uploaded online."

William cursed in his heart and hung up the phone.

He quickly opened a social media, and, in a very eye-catching top position, he saw the chat history that the middle-aged man said.


Seeing this news, William was always noble and elegant, never swearing, and at this time he couldn't help being somber and even swearing.

Although netizens have long guessed that forty-one countries united to prevent Huanyu Automobile from entering the O State market, which has a lot to do with the Bartley family.

But after all, they have no conclusive evidence, just speculation.

But now, with such a conclusive evidence.The impact is different.

Among other things, at least the reputation of the Bartley family will drop completely.

It is even very likely to cause an unknown impact on the Bartlett family.

After all, although a financial family with a role of 50 trillion Citi currency is big, it will be a disaster if it is resisted by everyone.,, ..