The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 452: Netizens abuse

William was very angry, but there was no way to vent his anger.

The chat records between my own person and the leaders of the foreign automobile management departments of various countries in O Continent were uploaded on the Internet.

Although there is no direct evidence, William knew that Fang Xiaoru must have done this.


His face was as handsome as a sun god, his eyes were cold, and his fist hit the wall next to the door.

"Well...Sir William, what happened?"

The president, who didn't know the situation, asked timidly.

William did not answer, but said in a low voice: "Let the technical R&D personnel work overtime day and night to crack the technical principles of Huanyu Automobile as soon as possible.

This time I don’t want to hear any excuses. If it’s within a month, I won’t be able to crack them.Don't be the president."

After that, William lifted his steps and walked outside.As he walked, he sneered, his eyes cold.

"What about the exposure? The plan has been successful anyway. Time will always make people forget a lot. After a few months at most, the world will forget about it, and forget about the Bartley family's suppression of Huanyu Automobile.

By then, our imitations have been manufactured, and the auto market in O State, no, it should be said that the global auto market will return to everyone's hands again."

William walked to the elevator, leaving only the president, standing in place with a look of consternation.

He stared at William's back blankly and shouted: "With our current research and development progress, Ken could not crack the technical principles of Huanyu Automobile in one month."

However, William did not respond to him and went straight to the elevator.

When the elevator doors closed slowly, everyone's president couldn't help but cursed: "shit! He doesn't understand anything at all, he only knows to point fingers at me.

If it were not for his good background, how could he be so arrogant in front of me.I have been working diligently for 30 years before I became the president, so why did I get rid of it because of him.

Huanyu Automobile adopts the world's most advanced technology. Our team has never touched this kind of thing at all. It can be solved within a month. Isn't this what a strong person is difficult?"

After everyone complained unfairly, they still called the person in charge of the R&D center obediently and asked them to speed up the R&D.

After making the phone call, he opened the news client and wanted to see what the situation of Huanyu Automobile was after the whole morning.

However, when he saw the first top news on the news client, his pupils suddenly shrank!

The corners of his mouth kept twitching, and the hand holding the phone trembled slightly.

The president finally understood why William answered a call just now, and then looked at the phone, and immediately changed his color.

This kind of scandal broke out, not to mention how much influence it had on the Bartlett family.But everyone will inevitably be on the cusp of this, and become a target of abuse from car fans around the world.


In just one morning, the forty-one countries of O Continent against Huanyu Automobile had just begun, and such a major scandal broke out on the Internet.

According to online chat records, the reason why Huanyu Automobile faces such a situation in O Continent is entirely because of the secret collusion between the Bartley family and the 41 countries of O Continent.

They premeditated and systematically suppressed the Huanyu Group and prevented Huanyu Automobile from entering the O continent market.

This chat history went viral on the Internet instantly.

Whether it is O State, Y State, or M State, all car fans in all regions have left messages on the Internet to express their anger.

"It's shameful, how could it be so shameful!"

"The Bartley family is everyone's largest shareholder. Their behavior is nothing more than to suppress Huanyu Automobile and protect everyone's market in O State."

"The Bartley family is so powerful that it can secretly manipulate the 41 countries of O Continent, allowing these institutions to issue government orders at the same time, making things difficult and boycotting Huanyu Automobile."

"Hehe, such a method is really inferior and hateful."

"This is an era of innovation, and Oneworld Automobile is a completely innovative product. If it is suppressed, will our society be in the hands of certain interest groups in the future? How can we make progress?"

"We strongly urge all countries in O Continent to remove the decree that suppresses Huanyu Automobile.

"Huanyu Motors has been selling crazy in the Y and M states, but because of safety and waste disposal reasons, it was turned away from the O state gate, which is really ironic."

Compared with the complaints and ridicules of Western netizens, Eastern netizens saw the Bartley family colluding with the 41 countries of O State and jointly suppressing the scandal of Huanyu Automobile.

"It's so shameless, I actually used this method to prevent Huanyu Automobile from entering the O continent market."

"I used to like everyone's brand quite a bit, and now I am driving everyone. But now that I saw the Bartley family's sinister intentions, I decided to sell the car immediately and change to a Huanyu car.

"If you can't use the front bar, you just came to Yin? Isn't it said that Ozhou people pay attention to chivalry, why are so dark and shameless?"

"Needless to say, from then on, the Bartlett family has been black. Any product belonging to the Bartlett family company, I reject it all."

"Hehe, the purpose of the Bartley family is nothing more than to fear that everyone's market will be completely occupied by Huanyu Automobile.

You don't develop products well, develop better cars, but use such despicable methods.Said that he would never buy everyone again."

"Isn't it nonsense upstairs, with Huanyu Motors, whoever rides the horse will buy everyone."

"Don't they like to suppress boycotts? In the future, we will also boycott all products from these 41 O State institutions."

"Yes, use violence to control violence! Although we can't give the Universe Group any help, we can silently support him behind the scenes. From today onwards, resist anything from O Continent."

Countless oriental netizens even went out of the wall and left messages to protest under the official tweets and laughter of the 41 countries in O Continent.,, ..