The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 455: The whole people boycott O goods

William, who has always been calm and calm, thought he could control everything, this time he couldn't calm down.

He never expected that the blockade of Huanyu Automobile by the O continents only lasted for 20 days, and it would collapse under the pressure of the East and the pressure of public opinion.

After hanging up the phone, William's heart was slightly settled.

In the face of the blockade of the 41 countries in O Continent, Huanyu Automobile was able to sustain it.

But the underground dark hall forces are different from institutions.

Organizations can only target you in the open, and the underground forces will do whatever they can to achieve their goals.

William put his phone on the table, with a sneer on his face, "Break through the first level, and there is a second level waiting for you."

He picked up a glass of red wine on the table, took a sip, then cast his gaze outside the villa.

Initially the heir of the Bartlett family, he had to show his abilities to the people in the family.

And the World Group is his first touchstone!


Five days later, something panic happened in the 41 countries of O Continent.

It has been five days since the agencies of various countries lifted the blockade of Huanyu Motors, and sales of Huanyu Motors in O Continent have also been rising day by day.

And it completely crushed any brand of cars in the same period. In these five days, if only 10,000 cars were sold in the entire O Continent, there would be 9,999 cars, which are Huanyu cars.

No matter what kind of attitude you have towards the East, no matter what kind of attitude you have towards the Universe Group.

But almost everyone was conquered by Huanyu Automobile.

The shape full of futuristic technology, the excellent performance, and the extremely intelligent function make car lovers obsessed with it.

Then something panicked happened in the 41 countries of O Continent. Although they had already sold Universal Auto in their home country, the people in the East seemed unwilling to let them go.

Ozhou’s products, from life foods such as beef and vegetables to luxury goods such as Chanel, Gucci and Louisden, have all met with resistance from the East.

Take Chanel as an example. The Oriental Mainland, as the largest customer of Chanel in the world, accounts for more than 60% of Chanel's turnover.

However, since this time, Chanel's sales in the East have fallen sharply.

In the first-tier cities in the East, such as Imperial Capital, Demon Capital, Yuezhou, and Window of the World, almost no one walked in to buy.

The performance of Ozhou's products in the East has plummeted like a cliff.

It seems that the performance of the O Continent brand is declining, and the enthusiasm of the people in the East to boycott O Continent products is becoming more and more vigorous.

Everyone remembers the words of the high position of the O League: "The East only knows about protests, but what is the use of protests coming and going?"

Whether it's for your own face, fighting for your own breath, or to fight O League's face, or to avenge the World Group.

In short, at this moment, the unprecedented unity of the people in the East started a nationwide boycott of O Continent products.

Suddenly, major manufacturers in O Continent complained.

They couldn't vent their anger to the people in the East, and they could only vent their anger to the institutions of O continent.

If they hadn't listened to the Bartley family and made such a stupid decision, how could they hurt themselves?

On the O continent, it has also negotiated with the East many times and proposed how to resolve the current crisis.

But the East has only one sentence: "What people want to buy is their freedom, and institutions cannot intervene. Just like your people want to buy a world car, you can't force them to buy your brand."

This sentence not only blocked the back road, but also despised O League once with a mockery.

Gradually, continue to recommend over time.

In a blink of an eye, it has been a month since Huanyu Motors went on sale globally.

Over the past month, the stock of Universe Group has skyrocketed almost every day.

Its market value has reached a jaw-dropping level. The 2.3 trillion Citi currency market value of the Universe Group has made Fang Xiaoru a truly wealthy figure.

No, it should be said that his personal wealth surpassed the GDP of most institutions in the world.

There is an old saying that goes well, one will succeed in everything.

The World Group has achieved such an amazing achievement, and countless bones are also stepped under his feet.

He stepped on the blood and bones of countless car companies, led by Youyong and everyone, to reach the top of the world.

Some small car companies all went bankrupt.

And the world-renowned large international companies can only survive.


Citi, the old Mordis home.

Thomson, the president of Friendly Car, sat tremblingly on the side.

He looked at Old Mortis's gloomy face, fidgeting, and said with a panic:

"Youyong Auto's stock, like everyone else, has dropped its limit. In the past month, global car sales have only been 320. The company is not far from... from bankruptcy.

Moreover, our R&D team is still at a loss as to the technology and principles used by Huanyu Automobile.The R&D team leader said, that is not the technology on earth at all.

At least it is not the technology that can appear on the earth, because it is at least 30 years ahead of the technology we have.If there is no original data, everyone is like reading a book. Even if you study hard, you can't find any breakthrough points."

Old Mortis heard this, his eyes flickering, he sat there silent for a long time, and finally sighed heavily and said:

"Sell it. Huanyu Auto has formed its global market. It will monopolize the entire industry like Huanyu Mobile. Sell all the assets of Youyong Auto around the world."

When he finished saying this, the old Mortis seemed to be ten years old.

He dealt with various characters throughout his life, when did he suffer from such a loss, when was he crushed by his opponents helplessly, and finally forced to withdraw from the auto industry.

As one of the three pillars of the Modis consortium, Friendship Cars, once collapsed, will have a very significant negative impact on the Modis consortium.

At the beginning, Modis, with a high-minded attitude, said to the other party Xiaoru like a charity that he wanted to become a shareholder of the World Group.

After being rejected, he returned Xiaoru to retaliate and forced Huanyu to withdraw from the Citi market.

The reason why the old Modis faced the current situation is because of the various things that made Fang Xiaoru finally develop a beast that swept the global automobile industry like Huanyu Automobile.

If he knew the origin of all these causes and effects, what would he think in his mind?,, ..