The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 459: Excited Students of Imperial Capital University

The next day, the campus of Imperial Capital University.

The principal Zhu Guangwei and Fang Xiaoru were walking on a secluded campus road.

Zhu Guangwei asked curiously: "Xiaoru, what are you going to talk about later?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled slightly and said, "Let’s act by chance, I haven’t written a manuscript yet."

"I haven't written a manuscript yet?" Zhu Guangwei was taken aback. He gave a speech on the 120th anniversary of the Imperial Capital University, but he didn't write a manuscript. What a big heart.

But when he thought of the achievements of the young student in front of him, the surprise on his face slowly dissipated, saying: "If you don't have a manuscript, you have no manuscript. With your ability, I believe it will be a wonderful speech. ."

Fang Xiaoru smiled, "Principal Zhu, you have such confidence in me, are you afraid that I will mess up later?"

Zhu Guangwei laughed and led the way, leading Fang Xiaoru to the venue of the school celebration.


At ten o'clock in the morning, the place of the Imperial Capital University's celebration.

At this time, the leaders of the Tai God Metropolitan University have changed several times one after another, and their speech on the top made the students below drowsy.

Many people either lower their heads to play with their phones, or put on headphones to listen to music, or doze off by leaning on their chairs.

Very few people are able to listen to those boring speeches of leaders seriously.

In the audience, a couple whispered to each other.

"Hey, isn't it about the 120th anniversary of the school, will you invite a big coffee to come over, why haven't you played yet?"

"Yeah, who are all on this stage, it makes me drowsy."

"By the way, the school invited Director Liu Shimao for the 110th anniversary last time. I don't know what kind of celebrities will be invited this time."

"According to the inertia of the past, every time such a ten-year anniversary is encountered, the tasks invited by the school are of heavy weight. This time it is impossible to invite the theme to speak."

"The theme? Impossible. The theme has come to our Imperial Capital University to give a speech five years ago."

This couple, you and I guessed each and every one of the guests who invited this time.

After a while, a leader stepped down.A female student majoring in media who served as the host of this anniversary walked onto the stage with a smile on her face.

She said with excitement and excitement: "Dear teachers, classmates, and guests, the next guest speaker is a world-renowned entrepreneur. Moreover, his age is not much different from all of us."

A world-renowned entrepreneur?Not too old?

The host's words made the students in the audience look forward to it.

In the end, what kind of a globally-renowned entrepreneur who is not much different from everyone's age was actually invited by the Imperial Capital University.

In the eyes of everyone's expectations and speculation, the answer was revealed.

The host walked aside and made a please gesture.I saw a young man slowly walking out from behind.

The young man was tall and handsome, with a faint smile on his mouth.

From his walking posture and the smile on his face, it can be judged that this is an extremely confident person.

The host took the microphone and said loudly, "Now, let us welcome Mr. Fang Xiaoru Fang with warm applause!"

Fang Xiaoru walked to the center of the stage, waved to everyone in the audience, and said, "Hello everyone."

In an instant, the whole school celebration stage went silent, and needles dropped on the spot.

Then the next moment, an incredible shout resounded across the audience.

The students in the audience were shocked!



"I am not wrong, right!"

"It's Fang Xiaoru!"

"It's Fang Xiaoru!"

"How is this possible! Is it my dazzling?"

"Fang Xiaoru is still just a student, why is he standing on this stage?"





The students of Imperial Capital University were all excited.

Even the school leaders and guests at the scene were full of astonishment and sat upright.

The scene is boiling!Everyone did not expect that for the 120th anniversary of the Imperial Capital University, the heavyweight guest invited was actually Fang Xiaoru!

You know Fang Xiaoru is just a student now!He is also a freshman at Imperial University!

But as long as they think about Fang Xiaoru's current achievements, they will be relieved.

This business giant, who has created the world's largest economic empire and almost monopolized the global mobile phone and automobile market, is indeed qualified as a guest speaker at the 120th anniversary celebration of Imperial Capital University.

A senior sister stared at Fang Xiaoru on the stage in amazement, her mouth opened wide, "My God! The school actually invited Fang Xiaoru here!"

An economics graduate student stared at Fang Xiaoru with scorching eyes, and said with excitement: "It's great, it's Fang Xiaoru, this is my idol."

Another student jumped up excitedly and yelled.

The students in the audience were both excited and excited.

Fang Xiaoru started from scratch, alone, in less than two years, let the Universe Group stand on top of the world.

His various legends and various investments are widely spread on the Internet, and he has become an idol in the hearts of the younger generation.

In the East, no, it should be on a global scale. Almost the vast majority of young people regard Fang Xiaoru as their idol and role model.

Those who had just finished speaking from the stage, sat back to the school leader in their respective positions, their mouths twitched.

When we went up to talk, all of you were drowsy.

Now Fang Xiaoru is here, all of them are full of energy, and they are shaking with excitement.

In fact, it is no wonder that the students of Imperial Capital University are so excited and excited.

In addition to Fang Xiaoru's personal achievements, it is also related to his age.

Everyone is young and there is no age gap.They have long been tired of a group of little old men chattering on stage, and now Fang Xiaoru will give a speech, which naturally makes them very excited.,, ..