The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 464: Marriage

William's father said lightly: "This first method is the method of assassination. Fang Xiaoru is the largest shareholder of the Universe Group and has absolute control over the Universe Group.

Once Fang Xiaoru dies, the Universe Group will instantly fall into huge trouble.But this method is only the most inferior method, and it is not a last resort and cannot be used lightly.

After all, the world's largest killer organization is in the hands of Fang Xiaoru. It is very difficult to send someone to kill him."

Assassinating Fang Xiaoru is indeed not a very good way.

Even after Fang Xiaoru's death, the Universe Group is in the stage of no leader.But the Eastern Organization will certainly not ignore it.

This method can only be used when the means are exhausted.

William couldn't wait to ask: "What about the second method?"

His father took a deep look at him and said, "It depends on your choice."

William was taken aback, wondering why his father asked.

Just as he frowned, William's father said again: "The second method is marriage."

He turned his head to look at Diana and said, "I was discussing this with Diana long before you came. Fang Xiaoru is a business prodigy. In less than two years, he built such a huge business. empire.

There is no doubt about his ability.In the foreseeable future, the Universe Group is bound to grow stronger and become a large consortium with tremendous influence on the entire world.

If our Batley family can marry Fang Xiaoru, both parties will benefit infinitely.By then, with the help of the influence of the Universe Group, the strength of the Bartley family can also take the opportunity to infiltrate the Y continent."

"Marriage, Diana and Fang Xiaoru are married!" William was shocked and said quickly: "No! Father, Diana is my fiancee, how can I marry Fang Xiaoru?"

In his excitement, William jumped directly from his chair.

Since he was sensible, he had regarded Diana as his own forbidden. Now that he heard this news, how could he not get excited.

"Have you forgotten the etiquette you taught you since you were young? Look at what you are like now! You don't look like a nobleman at all!" William's father gave William a fierce look and shouted.

When William heard the words, he sat back down in the chair sadly, sitting upright.

Aside, Diana looked at him with even more disdain.

How could such a man with his head and tail shrunk in her eyes?How can she be her future husband?

William's father continued: "If you are willing, I will send someone to contact Fang Xiaoru and betroth Diana to him. If you don't want to, then we will watch everyone embark on a friendly car.

You have been responsible for the past few years.If everyone goes bankrupt in your hands, the Bartley family’s inheritance rights may not fall into your hands."

William's face was blue and red, his eyes were full of struggle, and his mind was constantly weighing the pros and cons.

If you marry Fang Xiaoru, your beloved cousin will become Fang Xiaoru's woman.In this way, the World Group and the Bartley family become relatives, and everyone can survive.

If you refuse to marry, everyone will inevitably embark on the road of destruction under the terrifying market share of Huanyu Automobile.His poor performance will make him lose the right to inherit the Bartlett family.

The Bartley family, ability is the first, and status is second.

Even if you are the son of the Patriarch, if your ability is insufficient, you still cannot inherit the Patriarch's position.

William's eyes kept flickering. He pondered for a long time, and finally his eyes were fixed, gritted his teeth and said: "Father, let's get married!"

After saying this, he seemed to have exhausted all his strength.

And Diana on the side, the contempt on her face was even more revealing.

However, when William said these words, she was relieved for no reason.

If she wants to marry such a person in the future, it is definitely not what she wants.

And William's father, hearing William's answer, showed a satisfied smile on his face.Compared with women, power is the most important.

Beauty is easy to get, but power is hard to get!

He patted William hard on the shoulder and said, "Yes, I am indeed my heir."

After that, he turned his head and said to Diana: "Diana, do you agree with this matter?"

Although he was asking questions in a questioning tone, there was something indisputable in his voice that could not be denied by others.

Although she did not know Fang Xiaoru, Diana had never heard of Fang Xiaoru's rumors.

Starting from nothing, in less than two years, he created the world's largest business empire and created an unprecedented miracle.

Diana admired such a legendary figure.

But some time ago, she also knew about the scandal between Fang Xiaoru and Queen Catherine of Geely.

She pressed her red lips lightly, and said, "The relationship between Fang Xiaoru and Queen Gili is very close, I'm afraid he..."

"I'm not afraid." Diana was interrupted by William's father in the middle of speaking. He waved in the air and said with great certainty: "Fang Xiaoru's achievements today are enough to show that he is an amazing person.

And the more amazing the character, the more he knows how to choose.The help that Queen Gili can give him is far less than the benefits of marriage with the Bartlett family.

Fang Xiaoru is a smart man, he will definitely give up the Queen of Geely, and choose our Bartley family, choose you Diana!"

Diana nodded when he said this, and said, "If this is the case, then I will listen to Uncle."

In Diana's heart, William and Fang Xiaoru are nothing compared to each other.

Instead of marrying William, whom she despised in the future, it would be better to marry the legendary young man Fang Xiaoru, who is famous all over the world.

When William heard that Diana did not hesitate to agree to his father's proposal, his teeth tickled with hatred, and his eyes were full of anger and shame.

He roared in his heart: "Is it worthless if I am in your heart?"