The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 465: Diana

After a brief discussion and explanation, it was finally decided that Diana would go to the east to meet Fang Xiaoru in person.

William's father believed that if Diana could use her charm to conquer Fang Xiaoru, the effect of the marriage would be doubled.

He told Diana, "Fang Xiaoru has a lot of beauties around him, and the Geely Queen Catherine is just one of them. If you can't conquer him, then just tell me your idea of ​​marriage."

Diana showed a confident smile at the corner of her mouth and said, "Uncle rest assured, Fang Xiaoru is outstanding, but in the final analysis he is also a man. As long as he is a man, I am sure to let him surrender under my pomegranate skirt."

William's father nodded slightly, approving Diana's confidence.

In terms of identity, she is the daughter of the Batley family.

In terms of beauty, even Catherine, the goddess of dreams in the hearts of Western men, cannot compare to her.

Apart from her identity and appearance, she is still a wise woman.

When Diana was in university, she majored in economics. When she was in school, she published an article that drew the thinking of global economists.

And, while she majored in economics, she also minored in psychology, and has a very deep research on social psychology.

At the same time, she also taught herself weapon science and technology.

After graduating, she devoted herself to the development and research of the Batley family's weapons, and achieved great results.

There is no doubt that this is a woman who combines beauty and wisdom.

All the young men of the Bartlett family coveted Diana, but when faced with her, they felt inferior.

In addition to mutual benefit and mutual assistance, there is one of the most important reasons why William's father wants the Bartlett family and Fang Xiaoru to marry.

That is, he is very relieved and confident about Diana.

He believed that once Diana and Fang Xiaoru were combined, with Diana's intelligence, he would surely be able to control Fang Xiaoru.

At that time, the huge Universe Group may have become a vassal of the Bartley family.

And this is the ultimate reason he didn't say.

In fact, even if William is not willing to give up Diana, he wants to marry her.He would not agree.

He took a fancy to the potential of the Universe Group. If he could trade a niece or a daughter-in-law for the Universe Group, he would definitely not hesitate.

After the two talked for a while, Diana got up, "Uncle, if that's the case, then I will go back and make preparations, and I will leave for the East tomorrow."

Having said that, he walked straight to the door without looking at William the whole time, as if he was something dispensable.

Looking at Diana's graceful back, William clenched his fists, almost crushing his steel teeth.

Being ignored by his beloved woman made him feel extremely angry and uncomfortable.

William's father glanced at William and said faintly: "A woman is just a tool for reproducing offspring. Your vision should not be limited by a woman."

He paused, and then said: "Besides, a man is the most attractive only if he has authority in his hand. The reason why Diana looks down on you everywhere lies in you."

William clenched his hands tightly and slowly loosened his eyes, his eyes became firm, and his face was solemn: "Father, I understand."

At this moment, William already had a goal in his mind.

His goal is to surpass Fang Xiaoru.He wants everyone to prove and prove to Diana that he is better than Fang Xiaoru.


East, Xiangjiang.

When Fang Xiaoru walked into his grandfather Gao Bo's villa, he was taken aback by the scene inside.

In the living room, Zhou Ziyuan was chatting with his mother Gao Huijun with laughter.

It seems that Zhou Ziyuan is teaching Gao Huijun how to make tea.

The sound of Fang Xiaoru entering the door attracted the attention of these two people.

Zhou Ziyuan gave Fang Xiaoru a proud look, then turned his head away.

Gao Huijun, on the other hand, got up from the sofa happily, walked to Fang Xiaoru excitedly, and said, "Xiaoru, since my mother woke up last time, you haven't seen your mother for more than two months."

Fang Xiaoru apologized, and said, "Mom, it's mine. I will come to see you often in the future."

Gao Huijun took the bag that Fang Xiaoru was carrying with him and put it on the coffee table beside him, saying: "Your company is doing such a big job. It's definitely unavoidable to be busy. But you should always call me frequently."

It has always been only parents who think of their children, and children always ignore their parents. Fang Xiaoru touched his head awkwardly and said:

"Or mom, you'd better meet with me in the capital, so that you can see me every day."

Gao Huijun shook his head and said, "Your grandfather is so old, I have to stay with him to take care of him."

As she said, she took Fang Xiaoru to Zhou Ziyuan's side, and introduced with a smile on her face: "Xiaoru, this is Miss Zhou Ziyuan, you are all young people. Get to know each other. "

"Why are you here?"

Fang Xiaoru was a little puzzled. He remembered that he had never brought Zhou Ziyuan here. How did she know her mother?

"Why can't I be here?"

Zhou Ziyuan tilted her slender neck back, with a cold and proud look.

As long as she thought that Fang Xiaoru had several confidantes, she wouldn't be angry.

In a recent reception, I accidentally learned that Fang Xiaoru turned out to be Gao Bo's grandson of Xia Run Group.

So, she changed her mind and went to Gao Bo's house to get close to him.

In this way, I met Gao Huijun.

Under Zhou Ziyuan's initiative, the relationship between the two quickly rose.

Gao Huijun became more and more satisfied with Zhou Ziyuan and regarded her as the best candidate for a daughter-in-law.

Gao Huijun looked at the situation in front of him, was stunned for a moment, and said with surprise on his face: "Do you know each other?"

Fang Xiaoru nodded, and said grinning: "It's not just a acquaintance, Mom, she's still my girlfriend."


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