The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 468 Recruitment of International Mercenaries

Most of the pirates in the pirate base camp are made up of local fishermen.

The reason why there is a pirate base camp is not unrelated to Citigroup.

After the September 11th incident, the United States, in order to carry out counter-terrorism activities around the world, suspected that the pirate base organization at that time provided support and shelter for international thieves, so it tried every means to prevent sect armed organizations from controlling the pirate base camp regime.

In October 2006, Citigroup supported Ethiopia to send troops to invade the pirate base camp and overthrew the then pirate base camp regime.

With the help of the Ethiopian team, a pirate base transition organization supported by the United States was established in the pirate base camp.

However, due to the limited capacity of this institution, it cannot effectively control the national situation in the pirate base camp. It can only control the imperial capital Mogadishu, while most parts of the country have fallen into a state of disorganization, formed an armed separation, and dozens of armed forces have emerged.

Some pirate organizations even got the support of team leaders who had close ties to the Provisional Agency, so they were able to obtain weapons.

As a result, the pirates in the heavily armed pirate base camp became more rampant and lawless.The 2,880 kilometers of coastline of the pirate base camp became a good place for them to hijack and make money.

In the pirate base camp, most of the pirates are people who are not living or having enough food due to institutional reasons.

They take the guns and board the ship to be pirates.Put down the gun and come home is the fisherman.

This makes it difficult for international organizations to completely eliminate pirates in the pirate base camp.

After all, the temporary organization of the pirate base camp is supported by Citigroup.

International organizations have concluded that the only way to effectively eradicate pirates in the pirate base camp is to stabilize the situation in the pirate base camp, restore law and order, and allow ordinary people to have a legitimate and stable job and hope in life. Only in this way will they not Want to be a pirate and rob money.

However, all this depends on the face of Citigroup.

However, Citi clearly does not intend to control the pirates that are flooding the pirate base camp, and the teams of other organizations cannot hold these pirates unless they send a large number of warships to sea.

Because they saw the warship they couldn't handle, they immediately retracted and became ordinary fishermen.

Without a net of heaven and earth, it would be difficult to defeat this group of extremely cunning pirate base camp.

As a result, the power of pirates in the base camp of pirates has grown stronger and more rampant.

Fang Xiaoru was silent for a while, and said, "Don't worry, I will return to the imperial capital early tomorrow morning."

After that, he hung up the phone.

The pirate base camp pirate is a pirate with advanced weapons and equipment. Although its combat effectiveness is not as good as that of an ordinary sea team, a merchant ship without an escort warship meets them, and there is no room for escape.

"what happened?"

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's face heavy, Gao Huijun couldn't help asking worriedly.

Fang Xiaoru smiled at her and said, "Mom, it's nothing big, it's just that some clowns provoke me."

Gao Huijun nodded and said: "Mom doesn't know what's going on with you, but you must be cautious in case of trouble."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and replied: "Mom, my son has achieved such a big career. I haven't met any storms. It's just that I will return to the Imperial Capital tomorrow, so I can't accompany you more."

Gao Huijun held Fang Xiaoru's hands and said jokingly: "It's not uncommon for you to accompany me or not. As long as you let those girlfriends come over, I will be satisfied."


The next day, at 8 o'clock in the morning, an extremely luxurious private business jet departed from Xiangjiang International Airport to the Imperial Capital.

Four hours later, at exactly 12 o'clock in the morning, Fang Xiaoru appeared at the headquarters of the Universe Group, the Atlantis Building.

In the office, Lisa had been waiting for Fang Xiaoru for a long time.

Fang Xiaoru took off his jacket and asked, "Lisa, what's the situation, tell me."

Lisa picked up a document in her hand and handed it to Fang Xiaoru, saying, "We were a total of two cargo ships transporting supplies. They were hijacked by pirates who suddenly appeared while passing through the Gulf of Aden and passing the waters of the pirate base camp.

They have already released the words, they need 100 million Citi dollars before they are willing to return the cargo ship and the materials on the ship to us.And, it only gives us a month of consideration.

If the ransom is not received after a month, they will tear the ticket.All the people on the ship will also throw them into the sea to feed the fish."

"It threatened my head."

Fang Xiaoru's eyes flashed a heart-shattering light, and said: "At this time, I already understand that the pirates in the pirate base camp in the small area provoke me, and it will not be a few days.

Huanyu Island is not far from the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp. If this thorn is not solved, there will be many unnecessary troubles in the future.

However, it also happens to use the pirate base camp pirates to demonstrate the strength of the Universe Group and deter the little ones.

"Oh, yes." Lisa seemed to think of something suddenly, "Xiaoru, an hour ago, a Western woman named Diana came to you. She claims to be a lady of the Bartlett family. Would you like to see her? ?"

"The Bartlett family?"

Fang Xiaoru frowned and said, "If it's gone, just say I'm not here."

Lisa nodded, holding a stack of papers, and exited Fang Xiaoru's office.

After Lisa left, Fang Xiaoru sat in the boss chair and started thinking.

It is absolutely impossible for him to pay a ransom of 100 million Citi coins to the pirate base camp.

How can he be threatened by mere pirates as the helm of the dignified Universal Group?

But if you want to rescue the two cargo ships and the people wearing them, you must attack the heavily armed pirate base camp.

To do this, you must have weapons and personnel.

After Fang Xiaoru thought about it for about fifteen minutes, his frown stretched out.

He took out his cell phone and called Sophia.

"Sophia, you are recruiting 1,000 international mercenaries from all over the world in the name of the Blood Killing List. The price is a little bit higher, but it's okay, but the personnel must be in place quickly."

Sophia replied: "We usually cooperate with international mercenaries. Although 1,000 mercenaries are a bit too many, give me half a month and I can find them for you."