The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 474: Diana's Mind

"Different from William's purpose?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled softly and said, "Other than that, I really can't think of what the Bartley family has to do with me."

Diana also raised a smile at the corner of her mouth and said, "Mr. Fang, then I will tell you the truth. I came to you this time with a certain purpose.

But so far, I cannot tell you this purpose.But you can rest assured that, unlike William, I did not come with the attitude of becoming a shareholder of the Universe Group."

Fang Xiaoru frowned and said, "Miss Diana, after all, you still haven't stated your purpose this time."

Diana lowered her right foot from her left foot and leaned forward slightly, adding another step to Fang Xiaoru's distance.

The faint fragrance on her body became more obvious, causing Fang Xiaoru to take a deep breath involuntarily.

Diana smiled upon seeing this, and said, "Mr. Fang, if I say that I admire your talents, do I want to get to know you?"

Fang Xiaoru laughed, and said: "Miss Diana laughed, where is my charm so much that I drive you from the country of will to the east, and then chase Brother Si from the east."

Diana smiled slightly, shrank back, leaned back on the sofa, and said, "It seems that Mr. Fang still doesn't know his charm."

"I don't deny my charm."

I went to the branch of Universe Group in Sigel this afternoon, and through the female employees in the company, I was able to fully demonstrate Fang Xiaoru's super charm.

It's just that the beautiful and elf-like girl in front of her will fly to the east from the kingdom of will for this reason. After seeing Fang Xiaoru's face in the east, she will chase Brother Si from the east.

This is too unrealistic. After all, the two had no friendship at all before, and they had not even seen each other once.

Therefore, Fang Xiaoru would not believe Diana's nonsense.

Seeing that Fang Xiaoru obviously didn't believe it, Diana didn't take it seriously. She just took out her mobile phone from her bag.

It is a premium version of the Red Universe mobile phone.

She turned on the phone, called up the dial panel, and then handed it to Fang Xiaoru, and said, "Mr. Fang, can I exchange contact information with you?"

"of course."

Fang Xiaoru smiled and took Diana's mobile phone. No matter what purpose the other party came with, Fang Xiaoru was confident that he could handle it.

What's more, it's just an exchange of contact information. Fang is a woman, and she is still such an overwhelming Western woman, so she won't suffer.

He quickly entered his contact information, and then returned the phone to Diana.

When Diana received the phone, little finger didn't know whether it was intentional or not, and she scratched Fang Xiaoru's palm lightly.

Fang Xiaoru's expression stagnated, and then looked at Diana with a smile.

Through such a small action as Diana, he has already determined Diana's general purpose.

And this is exactly what Diana wants Fang Xiaoru to know.

She glanced at the number on the phone, after saving it, clicked to call.

When Fang Xiaoru's cell phone rang, she stood up, and at the same time a bright smile appeared on her face, and said with a smile: "Then, I will leave first. I hope I can communicate with Mr. Fang more in the future."

After that, he turned around, stepped on high heels, and walked towards the door of the chief suite, leaving Fang Xiaoru with a graceful back.

Fang Xiaoru looked at Diana's twisting posture, looked at her peachy buttocks, and a mysterious smile was raised at the corner of her mouth.

He murmured: "The Bartlett family, Diana, although I don't know what your real purpose is, but things seem to be getting more and more interesting."

When Fang Xiaoru muttered to herself, he was also surprised by Diana's psychological endurance.

Because he didn't know the real purpose of Diana's coming here, Fang Xiaoru deliberately revealed a little bit of his own coercion in the process of talking with her, trying to suppress her.

What he didn't expect was that Diana actually carried it all the way down.

It was said that Diana left Fang Xiaoru's room and stepped onto the hotel elevator before exhaling heavily and leaning against the elevator behind her.

I spent a few minutes with Fang Xiaoru just now, although on the surface it seemed that she was testing Fang Xiaoru, but in fact the dominance was completely in Fang Xiaoru's hands.

When facing Fang Xiaoru, she felt a great pressure.

Regardless of her decent performance at the time, her own charm even made Fang Xiaoru absent.

But since she approached the chief suite, there seemed to be an invisible mountain covering her head, making her feel very depressed.

This kind of depression is even stronger than the depression she felt when facing the chief Citigroup.

Since she grew up, she has only felt it in her uncle, the contemporary Patriarch of the Bartlett family.

But her uncle can only exude that coercion if it is intentional.

But Fang Xiaoru is different. He only needs a movement, or even a look, and the air is filled with disturbing pressure.

Diana was leaning against the elevator behind her, and Fang Xiaoru's images kept flashing in her mind, and finally she opened her eyes slowly, with a smile on her face.

"As expected of Fang Xiaoru, all aspects of performance are better than I expected. Whether it is for the Bartley family, if you marry with you, it would be a very good choice. Next, you will look forward to us. 'Encounter' in time."


The next day, at nine o'clock in the morning, Fang Xiaoru was woken up by a melodious cell phone ringing.

He took his cell phone and saw that it was the phone number of Brother Andre.

"Hey, Mr. Fang, I have already contacted the Chief Commander of the Team Reserve Department for you. I don't know if you are free today. Let's talk to the Chief Commander about specific cooperation matters?

Fang Xiaoru lifted the quilt, sat up, and said, "Okay, no problem."

"Okay, please wait a while, Mr. Fang, I'll send someone to the hotel to pick you up."