The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 475: A powerful aircraft carrier configuration

As soon as Fang Xiaoru got out of the car, another person was waiting there for a long time.

One of them is Si Ge's Chang Andre, and the other is a big bearded man.

This brawny man looks only forty years old, but his actual age has reached sixty-one years old.

The explosive muscles on his body make people scared when they look at it.

Even though he was over 60, no one would doubt that he could reach two or three young men with bare hands.

Seeing Fang Xiaoru getting out of the car, Andrei quickly walked up with a smile on his face, and pointed to the brawny man beside him and said:

"Mr. Fang, let me introduce to you. This is the chief commander of our national goose feather team, Alexander."

It turns out that this bearded and brawny man named Alexander is the commander of the team, in charge of the weapons and equipment of the Goose Feather Kingdom, and has great power.

"Hello, Mr. Fang, nice to meet you."

Alexander also had a smile on his face, and he reached out to shake hands with Fang Xiaoru.

If an ordinary gold master came to buy weapons and equipment, he would never meet him personally, let alone shake hands with him.

But Fang Xiaoru is different, he is not an ordinary gold master.

Yesterday Andre made it clear to him on the phone that the gold master in front of him was interested in buying a battleship battle group.

Such a large order did not ruin Alexander.

The warship retired from the Northern Warship fleet three years ago was already looking for a buyer.

I contacted India and the East one after another before, but they all fell apart because of the price.

If it could be sold to Fang Xiaoru, that would be great.

Although Fang Xiaoru does not represent an organization, no one will question his ability to purchase warships.

After all, organizations with more than 95% of the world’s annual GDP do not have as much wealth as Fang Xiaoru.

"I am also very happy to meet you, Mr. Alexander. I hope we can have a very pleasant conversation."

Fang Xiaoru met Alexander's hand and shook it up.

As soon as he shook hands, he felt a huge force coming from Alexander's palm.

Fang Xiaoru didn't change his face, and his eyes were also calm.

His palm pressed hard, and in an instant, Alexander's face twitched.

After another second, big beads of sweat dripped from his forehead.

He wanted to withdraw his palm, but found that Fang Xiaoru's palm was like iron tongs, which clamped him tightly, making him completely immobile.

After three seconds passed, Alexander finally couldn't stand it, and exclaimed, "Please let Mr. Fang let go."

Seeing him begging for mercy, Fang Xiaoru slowly let go of his palm, and then looked at Alexander with a smile.

Alexander retracted his right hand, which seemed to have been crushed, his face was full of pain and embarrassment.

He forced a smile on his face and said: "Mr. Fang is not only a business genius, he is also quite accomplished in fighting, and even the blood-killing top-ranking master can't fight back in front of you.

I didn't believe it before, but now I know how terrible Mr. Fang is.There was a lot of offense just now, so please don't take it to your heart."

Alexander felt aggrieved. He originally wanted to test the strength of Xiaoru.

In the end, I didn't expect that this temptation would actually take myself in and lose such a big face.

Fang Xiaoru smiled and said, "Mr. Alexander, I'm short of time. Why don't you go in and discuss the procurement of weapons and equipment?"

Alexander nodded repeatedly and said, "Mr. Fang, please."

His attitude towards Fang Xiaoru has obviously changed. Before, Fang Xiaoru was only slaughtered as a fat sheep.

But now it's different. The tentative fight just now made his opponent Xiaoru full of jealousy.

While talking, a group of several people walked to Alexander's office.

In the office, Alexander said to Xiaoru, "Mr. Fang, your request, Mr. Andrei already told me yesterday. I can meet your needs.

Now, allow me to introduce to you what I have equipped for your warship battle group."

Fang Xiaoru nodded and smiled: "Please tell me."

Alexander walked to the center of his office, where there was a large table with many models of warships and submarines.

He pointed to the model on the table and said: "You warship battle group, I will equip you with a retired warship from the Northern War Fleet. This warship can carry 60 fighters.

It is also equipped with two guided missile cruise ships, two warships, one escort warship, one attack submarine, and three supply warships.

Mr. Fang, I want you to assure you that with such a battleship group, not to mention pirates in the pirate camp.You just drive to the Mediterranean, that is also a fighting force that cannot be underestimated.

Such combat effectiveness can even crush the team's ordinary institutions.

With this kind of team power, you can definitely walk sideways on the vast ocean in the future.Above the sea, no one dares to provoke you, let alone hijack your cargo ship and put your employees under house arrest."

Alexander, the same, carefully introduced the model on the desktop to Fang Xiaoru.

After listening to Fang Xiaoru for a while, he said, "Just look at the model and you can't see anything. Take me to see the real thing. If it feels okay, I will buy it."

Alexander was all smiles and promised: "Okay, no problem, I will arrange it for you."