The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 478 Panic at Citigroup Base

On the former Warship Far East of the Northern Battleship Fleet of the Goose Feather Kingdom, now named Huanyu Z1 (Z stands for Temporary), all the mercenaries looked at Fang Xiaoru with horror.

Although they have received some news before, it is said that the leader of the blood kill list is not Sophia, but the famous world's richest man Fang Xiaoru.

Moreover, from the various data, it also shows everywhere that Fang Xiaoru has super personal strength, and he can do incredible things like receiving bullets with his bare hands.

They didn't believe it at first, but now after seeing Fang Xiaoru's surreal ability, they discovered that the other party's evaluation in the original intelligence had not improved, but was too low.

On the deck, the Heavenly List Killers of the Blood Kill List all looked at Fang Xiaoru with admiration.

In their eyes, it was hot.

I am proud of doing things under Fang Xiaoru's.

One warship, two guided missile cruise ships, two warships, one escort warship, two attack submarines, and three supply warships.

In addition to the warships, there are ten warships.

Fifty sky list killers, fifty place list killers, a total of 100 fearsome elite killers, did not go out to perform tasks, but obeyed Fang Xiaoru's orders and rushed here from the blood kill list headquarters.

It is totally unrealistic to give this battleship battle group to the 1,000 international mercenaries.There is no guarantee that they will have other careful thoughts in their minds during the execution of their tasks.

As a result, the battleship is equipped with a full forty killers from the top ranks!

On the other ten warships, there was a sky list killer and five land list killers.

They each guarded the safety of the warship to prevent accidents.Perhaps when an accident occurs, it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Although all international mercenaries are well-trained predators, they are still far from the killers on the blood list.

Even the killers who guard the base can easily crush these international mercenaries with one out of ten.

"The leader!"

When Fang Xiaoru stepped on the deck of the battleship, the forty killers from the top ranks immediately knelt down on one knee and bowed to him a great gift from the Middle Ages in O Continent.

The eyes they looked at Fang Xiaoru were extremely fiery.

The other international mercenaries also greeted Fang Xiaoru immediately after a brief period of absence, "BOSS!"

Fang Xiaoru nodded slightly, and said to the group of international mercenaries: "Set sail immediately and head straight to the Gulf of Aden!"

"Yes! BOSS!"

The international mercenaries quickly returned to their posts. After a few hours of proficiency, and among these people, some of them have served on the warships, so there is no need to worry that they will not open.

Ten minutes later, with a huge whining sound, a warship like a giant deep-sea beast sailed from the far east port of Goose Feather Country to the ocean.

On both sides of this warship, guided missile cruisers and warships are on standby.

In the depths of the sea, two attack submarines lurked, like killers in the night, able to give the enemy a fatal blow at any time.

In the rear, three supply warships followed.

Ahead, an escort warship is clearing the way.

A huge battle group of warships left the Far East port of Goose Feather Country in such a mighty way, entered the ocean, and went straight to the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp in the Gulf of Aden.

Fang Xiaoru's sword pointing at the pirate base camp this time was not only for the purpose of retaking the two cargo ships and the materials on it, and for regaining the cognition of being imprisoned, but also for two more important purposes.

He wants to follow this action to send a signal to the world that the Universe Group must not be provoked!

The pirate base camp pirates provoke the World Group, Fang Xiaoru immediately went to Goose Feather Country to purchase a battleship battle group.

He wants to frighten people or organizations around the world who have unrealistic ideas about the blessing of the Universe Group.

As for his second purpose, it is to use this huge battleship group as a cover to protect him from developing and manufacturing his own advanced weapons and equipment on the island.

At least until his team's strike force is fully formed, no organization should be allowed to know his research and development capabilities.


Looking from a high altitude, on the ocean, there are eleven white water marks like dragons escaping from the water.

A large battleship battle group is sailing from east to west on the ocean.

The impact of this picture is too great, it is countless times stronger than the picture of ten thousand horses on the grassland!

The major satellite-owned organizations were shocked to see this scene through surveillance.

Citi, go to the Weiyi Sea Team Base.

A Marine Corps soldier on duty saw such a battle group of warships suddenly appear on the surveillance screen. His brain, which was originally drowsy because of boredom, suddenly woke up.

"Oumaika! The warship battle group of Goose Feather Kingdom! Is this going to fight?"

Without thinking about it, he immediately picked up the phone on the side and reported to his superiors with a face of panic: "A warship from Goose Feather Nation, with two guided missile cruise ships, two warships, and an escort warship, Two attack submarines and three supply warships sailed formidable into the depths of the ocean."

After receiving the report, the headquarters of the Xiaweiyihai team base immediately put down the work at hand and rushed to the monitoring room.

When they saw this picture, they also took a breath.

Da Si Ming's eyes flickered, and he said, "Is there going to be a big move in the Goose Feather Kingdom? A whole battleship battle group has been dispatched."

An adjutant next to him asked: "Da Si Ming, do you want to send troops to intercept?"

The chief executive thought for a moment, and said: "Don't stop rashly, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes. I first contact WHITEHOUSE and ask what the goose feather country wants to do."

With that said, he ordered the adjutant to be on standby at any time in the monitoring room, and went out to call WHITEHOUSE to ask about specific matters.

Ten minutes later, Da Si Ming returned to the monitoring room, and the original solemnity on his face disappeared.

The adjutant asked immediately: "Da Si Ming, what is the situation?"