The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 479 The Security Bureau's Worries

Da Si Ming patted the adjutant on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, don’t worry. This warship battle group was sold to the World Group by the Goose Feather Nation. Look at the flanks of the warships, the World Group logo is printed. ."

When the adjutant heard this, he was taken aback and almost jumped up from where he was. He looked like he had seen a ghost and said in disbelief: "This huge battleship battle group actually belongs to the World Group? God, Fang Xiaoru, what is this going to do? Is he crazy?"

There are no more than two hands in an organization with a warship.

In history, there has never been a company or a consortium that privately purchases warships.

Fang Xiaoru's move shocked everyone's eyes.

Not to mention that Citigroup was stationed at the sea team base in Hawaii, and was shocked by Fang Xiaoru's huge battleship.

However, countries such as Neon, Dongfang, Geely, etc. all discovered this scene through satellite monitoring images.

Such a huge battle group of warships, with extremely strong combat effectiveness, will attract everyone's attention no matter where it is.

Especially when they learned that such a huge battle group of warships was actually privately owned, it suddenly made their hearts fluctuate and they couldn't say anything.

The general headquarters of the Neon Self-Defense Force, the command staff, looked at the huge battle fleet sailing on the ocean, and felt a burst of indignation.

A moustache team shouted: "Bahga! Every company in the East can have an aircraft carrier. As a defeated country, we can't develop our own team. It's really hateful!"

Next to him, a fat staff officer said: "General, the most important thing now is that I don't know what Fang Xiaoru wants to do after purchasing such a battleship group from Goose feather country."

The mustache team said fiercely: "Whatever he does, as long as he passes through my neon sea, we will intercept him."

The fat staff member shook his head when he heard the words.

How could it be so easy to intercept such a huge battle fleet?

Don't have friction between the two sides under the verbal conflict when the time comes.

After all, in the face of such a huge battle fleet, the fat staff had no idea at all.


East, Security Bureau.

At this time, the Security Bureau launched an emergency meeting.

The theme of the conference was centered on the battle fleet of the World Group on the ocean.

In front of the conference room, a 3D holographic projection fully presented the magnificent scene of the battleship group sailing in front of everyone.

The head of this meeting is the chief of security.

He pointed to the projection screen and said in a deep voice: "Everyone, do you see it? This is a huge battle fleet. It is the main battle group of the northern battle fleet of the original Goose feather country. This battle fleet possesses I don’t need to talk about combat effectiveness, you also know."

The high-ranking security bureaus sitting around the conference table all have heavy faces.

This battleship battle group completely copied the northern battle fleet of Goose Feather Nation.

It can be said that its combat effectiveness is exactly the same as the Northern Battle Fleet of Goose Feather Country three years ago!

A leader said with a solemn expression: "This incident can be big or small. If Fang Xiaoru really wants to use this battle fleet to do something, the consequences will be unimaginable."

Another official frowned and asked: "What exactly is Fang Xiaoru's idea? He is an entrepreneur, even if he has a lot of money, he can't spend ten of his life, and there is no need to build a warship with such a terrifying combat effectiveness. Group it."

Everyone began to discuss, guessing what Fang Xiaoru's intentions would be and what impact it would have on the East.

At this time, the security chief said: “Fang Xiaoru’s purpose, I have learned about it through various channels. Half a month ago, two cargo ships of the Huanyu Group were passed through the Gulf of Aden by pirates from the base camp. Robbed.

The gang of pirates seized the cargo ship and the hostages on it, and threatened Fang Xiaoru to hand over a ransom of 100 million Citicoins within a month, otherwise they would tear up the ticket.

And Fang Xiaoru's move to build a battleship battle group was precisely to blast through the pirates from the front and rescue his cargo ship and hostages.Looking at their route, the goal is obvious, pointing straight to the Gulf of Aden."

The voice fell, and the meeting room was silent for ten seconds.

Ten seconds later, the faces of everyone present were filled with incredible expressions.

"He would rather spend huge sums of money to build a battleship battle group than spend a ransom of 100 million Citicoins. What is the reason?"

"The young people nowadays really can't afford to lose at all."

"This Fang Xiaoru has a tough personality and is not convinced at all. Facing the blackmail of the pirates' base camp, without negotiating, he actually has to hit the door directly by violent means. God, it is unimaginable, unimaginable."

"I'm afraid that in this world, only Fang Xiaoru has the strength and courage. Tsk tsk, such a huge battle fleet, ordinary small organization, is simply unable to maintain."

"However, the temporary organization of the pirate base camp is supported by Citi. If Fang Xiaoru directly fired artillery into the inland of the pirate base camp, wouldn't it be the same as Citi?"

The security chief sighed: "Now what I am worried about is that if Fang Xiaoru causes something in the pirate base camp, it will inevitably involve us in the east. If one fails, it is very likely that he will meet with the rice team."

Not only the security chief, but most of the people present have such concerns.

After all, Fang Xiaoru, as an Oriental, represents not only him alone, but also the entire East.

After a while, an official of the Security Bureau said, "Why don't we send someone over to talk to Fang Xiaoru, so that he can't get angry."

"Yes, this proposal is good. As a businessman, Fang Xiaoru doesn't understand the suspicions and taboos between big countries."

The vast majority of people agreed to this proposal.

In the end, the security chief said: "If this is the case, then contact the cruise ship that is sailing across the ocean and let them pay close attention to Fang Xiaoru, but don't let him bombard the pirate base camp inland.