The richest man in the magic city

The 481st chapter 3, 2, 1, shoot!

But when the pirate leader Sanha was uneasy in the heart of the pirate base camp, a pirate broke in with excitement and shouted excitedly:

"Boss, I found three large cargo ships passing through our waters. According to observations, there is no armed force on board. Would you like to vote?"

"Three large cargo ships!"

Sangha was also taken aback when he heard this, and sat up directly from the chair.The previous anxiety also dissipated with the good news.

He hurriedly asked: "You can see clearly that they are indeed three large cargo ships without armed forces?"

The pirate nodded repeatedly and said, "I can see it clearly, I can see it clearly from the watchtower. These three cargo ships, under the logo of the World Group, came out from the island they bought."

Hearing this, the pirate leader laughed and said: "I got the news that the president of Universe Group is raising funds and will come to negotiate in the next few days. I didn't expect that at this juncture, we encountered three more cargo ships. They are not stupid , Thought we only hijacked once?"

Sangha waved his palm and said vigorously: "Assemble the people and go to sea to hijack. If this ticket is dry, the ransom will be doubled!"

The group of people, under the leadership of Sanha, went out violently.

They quickly assembled the manpower and prevented a brigade of one hundred people.

More than a hundred pirates boarded their ships and broke down and set sail.

They were very excited about the fat sheep delivered to them.


Ten nautical miles to the east of the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp, Fang Xiaoru’s battle group of warships stayed quietly in place, like a tiger lying quietly on the ground, calmly, but when the prey appeared, it would Attack quickly, tearing the opponent to pieces.

In the battleship command room, the navigator said: "Boss, the prey is out of the nest."

Fang Xiaoru had cold eyes and a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

The sailor was stunned for a moment, and asked in surprise: "A nest? But BOSS, aren't you trying to rescue the hostages. If you anger the opponent, wouldn't the hostages be dangerous?"

Fang Xiaoru smiled contemptuously and said, "They don't have the guts."

Pirates in the base camp of pirates are composed of fishermen who cannot survive due to domestic turmoil and other miscellaneous people.

Their purpose of hijacking passing ships is for money.

If Fang Xiaoru wiped out all this group of hundred-man pirate brigade, after seeing such a powerful attack force, they would not immediately think about killing the hostages to vent their anger, but about how to protect themselves.

To the west of the pirate base camp, three large cargo ships, loaded with supplies, sailed out from Huanyu Island, passed the pirate base camp, and headed east.

It was not a coincidence that these three cargo ships appeared in this position at this point in time, but Fang Xiaoru's arrangement.

Fang Xiaoru wanted to use these three cargo ships as bait to lure pirates out of the pirate base camp and wipe them out in one fell swoop.

He wants to use actual actions to tell the pirate base camp that the World Group is not something they can provoke, and Fang Xiaoru is not something they can blackmail!

Fang Xiaoru knew that if the battle group of warships were driven directly to the port of the pirate base camp, the pirates would be scared of them and would not dare to appear.

Even if the two hijacked cargo ships and hostages can be recovered, this is not the result Fang Xiaoru wanted.

The pirate base camp pirates dare to hijack the cargo ships and hostages of the World Group, and use them to threaten Fang Xiaoru and blackmail 100 million Citicoins.

Fang Xiaoru would not tolerate such humiliation anyway.

If people don’t offend me, I don’t offend others.This is the norm followed by Fang Xiaoru.

He will not provoke others easily, but he is not afraid of things!

Since you dare to blackmail me, don't blame me for killing you!


On the blue sky and cloudless sea, three large cargo ships slowly sailed from west to east.

In the distance, Sanha was observing silently with a telescope.

After watching for a while, a smile appeared on his face: "Judging by the size and water level of these three cargo ships, the ship must be full of cargo."

He put down the spectacles, and then shouted abruptly: "Brothers, take these three fat sheep for me!"

The other pirates who had been eager for a long time suddenly screamed.

More than twenty speedboats, leaving white marks on the sea level, galloped towards the three cargo ships.

In the battleship command room, the commander Xiaoru said: "BOSS, all targets are locked, do you fire?"

Fang Xiaoru had no expression on his face and coldly gave the order, "Fire!"

"Yes! BOSS!"

The commander immediately connected two guided missile cruise ships and a escort warship, and shouted: "Lock the target, 3, 2, 1, shoot!"





The artillery roared and the sound shook the sky!

One shell after another flew out of the three warships, accurately hitting the more than twenty speedboats that were speeding at sea.

Under the endless fire, a touch of the end of the world appeared.

More than 20 speedboats were all hit by artillery shells. The sky-shattering explosion shattered the speedboat and the pirates on it.

On the calm sea, the flames skyrocketed.

Nearly the elite pirates of the No. 100 pirate base camp, in less than a second, all died of unfaithfulness and turned into fly ash.

They didn't even know what happened.

And this scene has appeared on the satellite surveillance pictures of several agencies.

The Goose Feather Kingdom has been paying close attention to Fang Xiaoru, the commander of the warship battle group, commanding Alexander, learning that Fang Xiaoru has come to the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp, and has been watching satellite monitoring these days.

When he saw Fang Xiaoru using three large cargo ships to lure the pirates out of the pirate base camp of the Hundred-odd pirates, and relentlessly fired artillery to annihilate all the pirates, a look of shock appeared in his eyes.

He murmured: "This Fang Xiaoru is really courageous. Does he not know who is behind the pirate base camp?"