The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 483: Crazy Action

The second master stood on a high platform, scanned the hundreds of pirates ahead, and said with a heavy face: "Brothers, you have heard the sound of the cannon just now. Our leader Sanha, and Brother No. 100, at this time They are all buried in the sea.

A huge battle group of warships is currently blocking our door.This battle group belongs to the world group!

We hijacked their cargo ship and hostages, and now he is bringing the warship and artillery to avenge us!Compared with them, our strength is too weak, too weak to contend.

Now I call everyone here to inform you.Hurry up and pack up things, leave the headquarters, pretend to be fishermen, and mix with the civilians.When the limelight passes, we will come out again."

Hundreds of pirates under the high platform heard the words, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

If you pretend to be a fisherman and mix into the common people again, it is naturally excellent.

If it were the terrifying battleship of the tough guy in front of him, it would be like moths fighting the fire, and he would live impatiently.

Excluding the people who died in the sea before, a total of 763 pirates on the scene quickly went back to pack their belongings, dressed as fishermen, and returned to the status of civilians.

When everyone was gone, one of the pirates said to the second master:

"Second Master, we are going to evacuate here. How should we deal with the two cargo ships of the World Group with hostages? Should we burn the ship, kill people, and avenge the leader and the dead brothers?"

"Are you looking for death?" The second master's face changed drastically, and he cursed: "I haven't seen how terrible the other team is. If you burn his boat and kill his people, he will definitely not let us go. of.

So far, we have only hijacked their ships and hostages without causing any substantial damage.If it is according to what you said, isn't it a deep grudge that cannot be resolved?

Don't mention this matter again, so quickly pack up and avoid the limelight."After that, the second master turned and left, and went to pack his own things.

The senior was scolded by the second boss, and he was quite dissatisfied. Looking at the back of the second boss, he said disdainfully:

"If the leader is there, he will surely kill those hostages to avenge the Huanyu Group. Compared with the leader, you are too inferior. If you succeed the leader in the future, I will be the first to refuse!"

Soon, the 763 pirates all packed their things and rode in their small boats to the interior of the pirate base camp.

Their base is not really inland from the pirate base camp.But on a small island.

This small island is remotely located, and it is difficult to find it without deliberately looking for it.It is a good place to be a secret base, and it is also close to the interior of the pirate base camp.


Thirty minutes after the group of pirates left, Fang Xiaoru led a huge battleship group and found this small island.

And, on the shore of this small island, the two hijacked cargo ships were found.

Fang Xiaoru summoned the forty rank killers on the battleship to the deck and said, "The group of pirates has already evacuated from this place. You go to the island and find the hostages who have been held."

The killers obeyed their orders and immediately launched an action, rushing to the island to do a search.

This small island is not large, and under the carpet-like search of forty killers from the top ranks, the group of hostages who were taken up are quickly found.

A total of sixty-three hostages were safely brought back to the warship.

As soon as these people stepped on the battleship, they immediately jumped for joy: "Saved, saved!"

"It's been more than twenty days, we finally see the sun again."

"I thought I would die at the hands of those pirates, and I was thought to be saved."

"Feel the team officers, thank the soldiers who saved us."

Someone asked the group of top killers: "Can you tell which organization you are from?"

Obviously, the sixty-three saved hostages regarded such a huge battleship group as a foreign battle fleet.

But it's no wonder they had such a misunderstanding, after all, in their extreme joy, they didn't carefully see the logo of the Universe Group on the battleship.

Coupled with the top killers and those international mercenaries, they all look like Westerners.

So it is inevitable for them to have such a misunderstanding.

A sky ranking killer coldly explained: "We are not soldiers, but the leader saved you."

"You are not soldiers?"

The hostages on the deck are quite puzzled. On the battleship, are they not soldiers or something?

When they were puzzled, Fang Xiaoru slowly walked to the deck.

With a smile on his face, he said: "Since the detention these days, you have worked so hard."

"President Fang?"

"President Fang, why are you here?"

"Could it be that the foreign war fleet you contacted President Fang, asking them to rescue us?"

Seeing Fang Xiaoru's appearance, these people were obviously excited.I don't have the rigorous sense of facing a strange environment before.

The warship commander who has been following Fang Xiaoru said: "This is the BOSS's warship team. In order to rescue you, the BOSS went to the Goose Feather Country in person and purchased such a warship battle group at a high price."

When everyone heard the words, their expressions were startled, and they were dumbfounded on the spot.

They looked up at Fang Xiaoru with suspicion, only to see him smiling and nodding.

At this moment, the shock and emotion in their hearts have reached the point where they can't even speak.

In order to rescue herself and others, Fang Xiaoru actually bought a battleship battle group!Everyone was deeply shocked and moved by the news.

Seeing everyone who was already in shock, Fang Xiaoru smiled and said:

"Everyone follow the crew on the ship to take a shower, and then take a good rest. After this incident, I will let each of you take a one-month paid vacation."


"Zong Fang is mighty and domineering!"

After a brief shock, these sixty-three people, with all their faces excited, followed behind a few international mercenaries, and went to take a bath and rest.

When they were all gone, Fang Xiaoru's eyes dazzled, and he said to the commander on the side: "All of you, go to the port of the pirate base camp, and pick out all the pirates!"

The commander was taken aback, and subconsciously said: "Boss, the group of pirates in the base camp pretends to be fishermen, mixing into the civilian population, we can't find them."

Fang Xiaoru sneered and said, "We can't find it, so let the pirate base camp find it for us."

When the commander heard the words, his pupils suddenly shrank, he swallowed, and said with difficulty: "BOSS, this...this move is crazy."

Fang Xiaoru waved his hand and said proudly: "No need to say more, just do it."