The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 484: An event that shocked the world

Half an hour later, Fang Xiaoru once again did something that shocked the world.

World powers such as F, Will, Neon, Goose Feather, Citi, Geely, Dongfang, etc. were all shocked by the images on satellite monitoring.

No matter which institution, no matter how big or small it is, as long as it is in the satellite monitoring room, people who see this picture are shocked to the point that their eyes are about to fall out.

Even if they saw this scene with their own eyes, they still felt too unbelievable, too unbelievable.

At the base of the Citi Atlantic Ocean team, a team officer exclaimed: "Omika! How dare he bombard the pirate base camp? Is this going to start a war?"

In the Goose Feather Country, the polar bears felt grief for a while, and they said dumbfounded: "Unbelievable, unbelievable! If you were us, you wouldn't dare to be so bold. If this one is not handled well, it will lead to war."

Neon, the SDF officers laughed and gloated, "This Fang Xiaoru is really stupid. How dare you mobilize a battle group to bombard the pirate base!"

Although the pirate base camp is a small country in Rezhou, if he does this, he will easily start a war.In particular, the temporary organization of the pirate base camp was supported by Citigroup.

After hearing the command of Citi Atlantic Ocean team chief Aros, he has already taken the California battle fleet to the Gulf of Aden.If the Mi team exchanged fire with Fang Xiaoru because of this, it would be very interesting."

To the east, all the officials of the Security Bureau, after seeing this scene, only felt that the sky was about to fall.

An official sat on a chair and said with a look of lovelessness: "It's over, now the international fishing vessels are going to point us east again."

The long face of the security department has never been more solemn.

He stared at the picture on the video closely and was silent for a long time before saying: "Notify the Ministry of Foreign Education and let them prepare. The international fishing boats will be overwhelming tomorrow."

Time went back to a minute ago.

Three kilometers before the port of the pirate base camp, Fang Xiaoru's battle group of warships was magnificent and mighty.

When the battle fleet arrived here, it had already attracted the attention of the temporary organization of the pirate base camp.

The officials of the Provisional Organization felt uneasy, wondering what exactly this battle fleet wanted to do.

In the face of such a terrible military force, the pirate base camp has no room to resist. The only thing they can do is to send a few planes to high altitude to investigate the enemy.

Just when these people were uneasy, an artillery shell struck the port of the pirate base camp.


A trembling sound resounded in the ears of the people on the beach, making their brains roar and their ears humming.

In an instant, the largest port of the pirate base camp became a ruin.

Some people who had been restored to the status of fishermen by robbers saw the shadow of the battle group of warships in the distance, and their faces were ashes.

"It's the warship fleet of the World Group, and their warship battle group has come to our port!"

In a certain fishing village, a pirate rushed into the village and yelled in fear.

The second master of the pirates is also here.

Upon hearing this, the second master immediately boarded the observation tower next to the high platform, took a binoculars to look into the distance, and really saw the desperate battleship battle group.

He took a breath, and lost his senses.

And the group of pirates who had recovered into fishermen around him was in an uproar.

One by one, they panicked and panicked, as anxious as ants on a hot pot.

"Second master, what should we do?"

"Being blocked by a warship in the harbor, we can hardly fly with wings."

"Gosh, they won't really shoot inland."

The second master was also in shock. At this time, facing the panic of his subordinates, he didn't know what to do.

He forced a smile and said: "Don't worry, we are now fishermen. As long as the other people in the village don't confess us, or the organization doesn't come to arrest us, the warships outside can't help us."

After he comforted his subordinates in this way, his originally shocked heart felt a little better.


In the distance, in the battleship command room.

The commander Xiaoru said, "BOSS, you have destroyed the port of the pirate base camp according to your instructions."

Fang Xiaoru nodded gently, and said, "Next, let the fighter jet fly over the pirate base camp."

"Yes! BOSS!"

The commander took the order, picked up the walkie-talkie on the side, and ordered: "Pilots, please pay attention, all pilots, please pay attention to the target pirate base camp, perform the mission as planned."


"Received on the second."

"Received on the third."


"Received on the sixtieth."

As a series of horns came in orderly, the commander shouted: "Go!"


In an instant, one fighter after another taxied from the huge deck of the warship to take off, and then quickly rose to the sky.

A total of sixty fighter jets flew to the airspace of the pirate base camp mightily.

This is the fact that the teams that bully both sides are not equal!

The Pirate Base Camp is a poor and backward institution in Rezhou. Although it has been in the midst of civil strife all the year round, the war continues.

But their only air strike force is the few backward fighters. As for the weapons to strike against the air, there is no possibility of knocking down the fighters flying in the airspace.

That's why these sixty fighters dared to fly into the airspace of the pirate base camp so blatantly.

Over the pirate base camp, several reconnaissance planes turned pale when they saw the sixty Su-24 fighters flying like locusts.

They immediately contacted the Air Force Command: "Headquarters, this is Flying Eagle. There are a large number of fighter jets flying over our country, please give instructions."

When they contacted the Air Force Command, the headquarters also found a dense number of 60 red dots on the radar.

The Air Force Command quickly issued an order: "Land immediately!"

If they don't land, these reconnaissance planes will not even be able to hold the opponent's round of attacks, and will be bombarded to pieces.

After the command of the air force command was completed, it immediately reported the situation to the leader of the temporary agency.

In an agency building, the temporary agency leader received a message from the air force headquarters, and his face was pale with fright.


My sister was finally relieved when the college entrance examination was over.This period of time is really suffering.