The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 485: One Man Threatening One Country

The Temporary Organization of the Pirate Base Camp is an armed force supported by Citigroup.

At this time, upon hearing the report from the Air Force Command, these high-level leaders turned pale in fright.

A whole battle group of warships was blocked at their door, and they bombed the largest port of the pirate base camp with a disagreement.

Now another sixty fighter jets have been sent to invade the airspace of the pirate base camp.

Such behavior is no different from war.

Although they have been in constant civil wars, they are fighting against their own people and their weapons and equipment are very backward.

It is not the warship fleet that is staring at it outside, just the sixty fighter jets above it is enough to blast the entire pirate base camp.

The leader of the Provisional Agency was panicked, "What the hell is going on? Which agency sent the warship outside the port? What is the purpose of the fighter jets raging in the sky?"

A middle-aged man wearing glasses next to the leader of the Provisional Agency said angrily: "Not all of the pirates! They made mistakes, but they brought such terrifying enemies to our entire pirate base camp."

The leader stared and asked, "Do you know the reason? Hurry up and make it clear."

The middle-aged man wearing glasses said again: "About twenty-six days ago, two cargo ships of the World Group were hijacked by the pirates while passing through the waters of the pirate base camp.

They said that if they did not pay the 100 million Citi currency deposit within a month, they would tear up the ticket.

Now it's alright, the opponent is bringing the warship, the warship, the plane, the shells, and the anger to revenge!"

"Asshole!" After the leader learned the reason, he slammed a fist against the wall next to him, and shouted: "These damn assholes! Who are so short-eyed, anyone dare to grab it!

The Universe Group dares to confront Citigroup, so why can't they think a little bit more.Good now, the entire pirate camp is implicated!"

It's no wonder that the leader of this provisional organization is not very angry. Although the pirate base camp has been in turmoil over the years, it is much better than before.

As long as he is given a little more time, he thinks that he can be elected as the chief of the pirate camp, not just a temporary institution.

The middle-aged man with eyes asked calmly: "The warship is jammed in the harbor, and there are a large number of fighter jets circling in the sky, what should we do now?"

The head of the provisional agency looked cold, his brain was spinning fast, thinking about how to deal with the immediate crisis.

While everyone was thinking about the countermeasures, an executive of a temporary agency said:

"With our strength, we can't compete with each other at all. The only way now is to ask Citi for help.

Citigroup supports us in setting up a temporary organization for the pirate base camp. The intention is obvious and it will never ignore it."

The leader of the Provisional Agency shook his head and sighed: "It's too late. It will take more than a day to get here, the nearest Citi Atlantic Ocean team base.

In the face of an integrated battleship battle group and the sixty Su-24 fighters in the sky, we had no resistance at all, and could not hold on for two hours.

When the Citigroup arrives, the pirate base camp may have become a ruin of war."





As soon as the voice of the leader of the Provisional Organization fell, deafening explosions were heard all around.

The temporary institutions of the pirate base camp at the scene were in high positions, swaying one by one, and standing unstable.

The explosion sounded continuously for five minutes.

After the explosion, one after another screams sounded in the capital of the pirate base camp.

If you look down from a high altitude, you will find that the sixty fighters sent by Fang Xiaoru have razed several mountains and memorials in the capital of the pirate base camp to the ground.

Countless citizens ran out of their homes and gathered on the streets, wondering what happened.

Their faces are full of panic and fear.

In the past, during turmoil, there were one or two gunshots and occasional shelling.

But there has never been such a dense explosion like today.

"What happened? Why is there such a violent explosion?"

"Could it be that the war has started again?"

"Look! That institutional memorial has been razed to the ground!"

"Gosh! The park in the center of the city is also in ruins."

"That big mountain, that big mountain of more than 500 meters, has been flattened!"

"Oh my God! Look at the sky, how come there are so many fighters."

"Is there a war going on? Which agency do these fighters belong to?"

Many people began to notice the changes around them, and they screamed and exclaimed one by one, their faces all over.

Ordinary people don't know what is going on, who caused all this, and who sent the terrifying fighter plane in the sky.

But those pirates who have redressed themselves as ordinary people know this very well.

After witnessing the sixty fighter jets roaring from the sky, they all trembled and trembled all over, fearing to the extreme.

Just when the people in the capital of the entire pirate base camp began to feel anxious, sheets of A4 paper fell from the fighter jets roaring from the sky.

The densely packed A4 papers are scattered like snowflakes in the capital of the pirate base camp.

The entire city was soon covered by A4 paper.

Many people picked up the paper and looked at it, and they saw that on the A4 papers, it was written in the text of the Pirate Base Camp: The time limit is three days, and all the pirates are handed over.

Although there were only a few words, it did not express what would happen if all the pirates were not handed over.

But everyone in the capital of the pirate base camp felt awe-inspiring when they saw this line of words.

Although there is no explanation on the paper, they all know what the consequences will be if they do not complete the things explained.

Before, everyone did not understand why the plane in the sky would razing the institutional memorial to the ground, flattening several mountains and blowing up many forests.

Now everyone knows.

All this is a warning and a deterrent.

Warn them that if they do not follow the requirements on the paper, what terrible consequences will be waiting for them.

The pirates in the pirate base camp put down their weapons and returned to civilians, trying to avoid Fang Xiaoru's revenge.

However, he did not expect that Fang Xiaoru would directly block the port of the pirate base camp with a warship, and dispatched 60 fighter jets into the airspace of the pirate base camp.

Use a powerful team force to threaten an organization to do things for him!