The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 487: The Wrath of Citi's Atlantic Ocean Team

After the bombardment of artillery fire, the entire organization team of the pirate base camp moved quickly to launch a carpet search and arrest the pirates.

If it were normal, the Provisional Agency would turn a blind eye to the behavior of pirates in the pirate base camp.

But now it can't. If you don't follow the instructions on the paper, the pirate base camp will be in ruins in three days.

Institutional teams were everywhere in and outside the city.

They walked across the streets and hunted for pirates.

Especially some fishing villages close to the sea are the places they focus on searching.

Suddenly, the troubled people were panicked.

In many fishing villages far away from the capital, the pirates inside were quickly arrested due to the obstruction of news.

The most difficult thing to catch is the pirates hidden in the city.

The city is not like a fishing village. The pirates in the fishing village are nest after nest, but the pirates in the city are scattered.

This caused huge trouble to the arrest of the agency team.

However, the harvest is also gratifying. In just two hours, 113 pirates have been arrested.

At this time, fifteen nautical miles from the coastline of the pirate base camp, 20 small boats set out from the fishing village of the pirate base camp and sailed deep into the sea.

On the front of the small boat, the second master stood on the bow excitedly and said: "Brothers, we have escaped from the pirate base camp.

The vast sea is full of places for us to swim.Now our primary goal is to find an island.When the limelight is over, go back quietly."

The other pirates on the ship were in a very good mood and felt like they had escaped.

It's just that the question for them now becomes how to find islands and how to survive in the sea.

But they did not set off from the port, resulting in a very small reference role for nautical charts.

Although there are many islands in the vast sea, it is difficult to find if you just search aimlessly.

When the nautical chart loses its effect, everything can only depend on luck.

In this way, twenty small boats, carrying 221 pirates who escaped from the pirate base camp, floated on the sea.

I don't know how long it took, a sharp-eyed pirate suddenly screamed loudly.

"Torpedo, there are torpedoes! Run everyone!"

After he said, he immediately jumped off the boat and swam to the side quickly.

The rest of the people on the ship heard the sound and saw that white lines emerged from the bottom of the sea, approaching them at an alarming speed.

The pupils of everyone on the boat shrank suddenly, and then they jumped into the sea without hesitation, and moved away from the boat as quickly as possible.

Torpedo is a kind of underwater weapon. It can be launched from warships and airplanes.

And after launching, you can control the direction and depth of the navigation by yourself, and when you encounter a ship, it will explode as soon as it touches.

This is undoubtedly one of the most terrifying weapons in the sea.

The foremost ship was reminded that all the pirates above jumped off the ship and swam away quickly.

And those boats behind do not know what happened, why the companions jumped the boat collectively.

They raised their heads and looked forward, and immediately saw four white lines, speeding over from the sea level in the distance.

At this moment, everyone was stunned in place, a cold air rose from the soles of their feet, penetrated through the whole body, and then rushed out of the Tianling Gai.

They trembled all over, their faces turned pale, and they couldn't help shivering.

Everyone's eyes are full of deep fear.

They also wanted to learn from the previous group of people jumping off the boat, but it was too late.

The four torpedoes, from hundreds of meters away, arrived in no time.


The sound of a huge explosion spread across the endless sea.

The monstrous fire, rising above the sea.

Countless sea water was evaporated in an instant, and then formed into a white steam, suspended in the sky of fire.

The immense power of the torpedo turned all the pirates on board into nothingness in an instant.

Those pirates who had jumped into the sea first and were swimming desperately to the distance were also killed by the aftermath of the torpedo explosion.

In less than five seconds, more than twenty small boats and two hundred and twenty-one pirates were all buried in the waters of the pirate base camp.

At a distance of five nautical miles from them, a warship turned around and headed towards the port of the pirate base camp.

It turned out that when Fang Xiaoru sent out sixty fighter jets, he also ordered two warships and two guided missile cruise ships to blockade the territorial waters 20 nautical miles away from the coastline of the pirate base camp to prevent pirates from fleeing the base camp.

As expected by Fang Xiaoru, this group of pirates knew that they would not escape from the pirate base and would be arrested by the agency team, so they took the risk and chose to go to sea from the coastline.

In the port of the pirate base camp, in the command room of the warship, Fang Xiaoru was holding a glass of red wine, listening to the report in the communicator, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but evoke a joking arc.

"Everything is under control."

Behind him, the retired special forces on the Geely warship, and now the commander of this warship, looked at Fang Xiaoru with a complicated look.

This complicated gaze contains both worship and fear.

He worshiped Fang Xiaoru and expected things like a god. He had anticipated how the pirates in the base camp would react under such oppression.

Now what Fang Xiaoru expected had happened, and the pirates who ventured out to sea were caught in a nest.

At the same time, he was terrified of Xiaoru's character, which must be retributable. Once he provokes him, he will never die.

Although the pirate base camp had been destroyed, and even though the cargo ship and hostages of the World Group were safely rescued, Fang Xiaoru refused to let go of the pirates who had angered him, and was about to drive them out.


Ganges Ocean, Arabian Sea.

Citi's Atlantic Ocean team commanded Aros to lead the California battle fleet to sail for the pirate base camp in the Gulf of Aden.

At this moment, on the battleship of the California Battleship, Aros' face was gloomy, and his eyes were full of anger.

He slammed the information in his hand to the ground, and said sternly, "So courageous, courageous! This Fang Xiaoru is so courageous! So many big countries in the world, whether it is Goose Feather Nation or the East, dare not kill the pirate base camp. hand.

You are amazing. You dared to block the port of the pirate base camp with warships, and sent sixty fighter jets to bombard the capital of the pirate base camp.If I don't teach you a lesson, wouldn't it make the world underestimate my Atlantic Ocean team!"

He turned to the chief of staff and asked, "How long will it take to reach the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp?"

The chief of staff replied: "Go on at this speed and you will reach the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp at about noon tomorrow."

Aros said coldly: "Then give me speed up and rush to the pirate base camp as fast as possible!"