The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 493: Frightening to hear

Fang Xiaoru's speed was much faster than that of the California battle fleet, and in the blink of an eye, he came to a place 500 meters away from the California battle fleet.

At this time, the seamen on the California battle fleet finally found him.

Compared to him just gathering water to become a dragon, flying missiles, and flying at sea, it seems a little bit no big deal.

But the key is that the sea teams on the California battle fleet do not know how the water dragon appeared just now, nor how the missile was shot by the water dragon.

So when they saw that Fang Xiaoru was able to run under the water, they were still shocked, and all their shocked eyes were about to come out.

And this is, Chief Aros heard the exclamation of the crowd and heard the news.

When he walked to the deck, he was immediately stunned when he saw Fang Xiaoru speeding on the water.

Such a scene is completely illogical.

How can a person not say running on the water, it is impossible to stand even while standing.

"The power of science, yes, it must be the power of science!" Aros suddenly thought of something, the original surprise and dazedness disappeared instantly.

"It is because of technological innovation that Huanyu Group has achieved great success in the mobile phone and automobile industries. The reason why he can run on the sea must be because of his shoes. Those shoes must be the latest of Huanyu Group. Research and development products."

Hearing Aros's explanation, the sea team who was shocked and dumbfounded suddenly'understood' and agreed with his point of view.

Everyone sighed: "I'll just say, the weight of a person is so heavy, and the density is much higher than that of water. How could it be possible to run on the water? It turned out to be the shoes under his feet.

"The cars launched by the Universe Group before will soon have the ability to drive at sea? I didn't expect that they have already applied this technology to a pair of shoes. It is really amazing."

Although the relationship with Fang Xiaoru is now hostile, there are still many sea teams who can't help but praise the technological strength of the Universe Group.

"However, what is Fang Xiaoru doing?" A sea team standing near Aros said to himself.

As soon as he finished saying this, the distance between Fang Xiaoru and the California warship had shrunk to one hundred meters!

Among everyone's horrified eyes, Fang Xiaoru suddenly accelerated.

A white torrent aroused on the water, and his whole person instantly came under the battleship.

I saw his legs slammed on the sea level, as if they were pedaling on a solid ground, and then his whole body rose eight meters high like a cannonball.

At the height of eight meters, his upward momentum could not be stopped.

Just when everyone thought Fang Xiaoru was about to fall, he stepped on his right foot with his left foot and slammed up three meters.Then the right foot stepped on the left foot again, and it was raised three meters again.

In an instant, he jumped from the sea level onto the fourteen-meter-high deck of the battleship.

Fang Xiaoru glanced around, looked at Aros, who was heavily surrounded by more than a dozen sea teams, and said lightly: "You are the leader of this team." /yuepiao.htm

Although this was an inquiry, he said it in a positive tone, obviously confirming his guess.

"Don't move!"

It wasn't until Fang Xiaoru uttered a word that the sea team on the scene recovered.

They took out their guns for the first time, and watched Fang Xiaoru vigilantly, for fear that he would do something special.

It has to be said that Fang Xiaoru's "black technology" running on the sea just now, and two interactive steps in the air, jumped onto the 14-meter-high deck, which completely shocked the hearts of everyone present.

Even if it is black technology, it is also an extremely terrifying black technology!

Among the crowd, Aros said with a calm expression: "Although you don't know what method you used, you can actually do this incredible thing.

I don't know why a water snake suddenly appeared on the sea before, and why this water snake was able to fly our missiles.

But you shouldn't do it, you shouldn't be so confident, come to my deck alone.Here, even if you have magical technologies in your hands, it will not help."

Obviously, for the unexplainable supernatural phenomenon, Arros attributed it to the black technology of the Universe Group.

He thought in his heart that Fang Xiaoru must have used some black technology weapon to create a water dragon, which shot the oncoming missile.

He would never think that all this is kung fu!


As soon as Aros' words fell, he heard waves of footsteps.

It turned out to be the combat team on the warship, and got the order and quickly rushed to the deck.They surrounded Fang Xiaoru in a siege and pointed their guns at him.

Fang Xiaoru glanced at the sea team of about seventy people on the deck, and said lightly: "I don't like being pointed at by guns."

Aros chuckled and said, "Although I don't know where your self-confidence came from, you still show such calmness now. But all your methods are useless in front of absolute power."

Fang Xiaoru nodded lightly and said, "I agree with you. But I have already said that I don't like being pointed at by guns."

Aros' face sank, and with a wave of his palm, he ordered: "Take him down! Remember, live."


The marine team on the deck responded loudly and approached Fang Xiaoru together.

However, the next moment...

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang..."

All the sea teams approaching Fang Xiaoru all flew out like sandbags and threw them to the ground.

No one can see exactly how Fang Xiaoru knocked these seventy sea teams into flight in an instant.

In the satellite surveillance picture, in the eyes of Aros and his staff.I only saw a series of dense leg shadows appearing in my eyes, and immediately after that group of sea teams, they were all kicked.


Aros swallowed, and a thought came into his mind that made him feel terrified.

That is Fang Xiaoru, who flew in the ocean before and jumped from the sea to the 14-meter-high deck, perhaps not with the so-called black technology shoes, but his own power!


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