The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 497: Butcher Fang Xiaoru?

The commander of his own sea team was captured by Fang Xiaoru, a businessman.Coupled with the astounding "anti-gravity" equipment, the high-level staff of WHITEHOUSE are really big heads.

The screen switches to the east.

Compared to Citi, the atmosphere of the Eastern Security Agency is obviously lighter.

Although Fang Xiaoru forced the California warship to stop, forcibly forced the California escort warship to evade.Later, he ran on the sea again, gathering water to become a dragon, shooting and flying to the missile, golden light all over his body, resisting the bullet.

This series of shocking incidents has long dumbfounded the officials of the Security Bureau.

The chief of the security department instructed the staff in the satellite monitoring room: "You will edit this video later."

Contrary to Citi’s guess, the chief of security believes that all Fang Xiaoru has done is relying on his own strength rather than anti-gravity equipment.

Because he used to be in Longhu Mountain and saw Zhang Daochang walking on the water with his own eyes,

It's just that Zhang Daochang can only run about two hundred meters on the water, unable to do as easily as Fang Xiaoru.

The chief of the safety department asked him to edit the broken video, just to send it to Longhushan for Zhang Daochang to see.


Neon National Defense Self-Defense Force.

A group of devils all have an expression of seeing a ghost.

Fear and trepidation, but also full of fear.

"Bagaya Road! How come this Chinese man is so powerful!"

"How did he do it? Is it Eastern Kungfu?"

"No, Eastern Kungfu is nothing but fancy and ostentatious. Compared with our karate, it is completely scumbag. This is definitely not Eastern Kungfu."

"This Easterner is full of weirdness. He has suddenly risen in just two years and created the world's largest business empire. He also bought our car proud Toyota. I'm sure he must have many secrets."

The head of the National Defense Self-Defense Force is a thin man with a pinch of beard under his nose. At this time, he is looking at the satellite surveillance picture with a gloomy face.

He said in a low voice, "Go contact the Iga family and ask them to send ninjas to capture Fang Xiaoru."


In the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp, Fang Xiaoru was lying on a beach chair on Fang Xiaoru's warship, looking at the clouds of various shapes on the horizon.

The California battle fleet had all evacuated, and the commander of the sea team Aros was also caught by him.

All he needs now is to wait and wait for the temporary organization of the pirate base camp to escort all the escaped pirates.

The Temporary Organization of the Pirate Base Camp learned that the California battle fleet, personally led by the Citi Atlantic Ocean Team, had already returned home, and even himself had been captured.

The only trace of delusion in their hearts was instantly broken, and they became more active in the pursuit of pirates in the escaped pirate base camp.

For a while, the entire pirate base camp was shrouded in haze.

The pirates in the fishing village were either bombarded by Fang Xiaoru’s warships because they were going out to sea, or they were swept away by the temporary agency team that came quickly.

Most of the pirates in the city were arrested after being reported by their neighbors.

A small number of people escaped the city by chance and hid in the mountains and old forests.

But even so, it was surrounded and suppressed by the overwhelming temporary agency team.

These fleeing pirates can be said to have nowhere to go.

They didn't hate Fang Xiaoru, because they waited for someone to hijack his goods before they were retaliated against.

But in their hearts, they criticized the neighbors who reported themselves and others for their own safety, and the temporary institutions willing to be Fang Xiaoru's doglegs.

There are still more than 40 hours before Fang Xiaoru’s deadline, but 80% of the pirates who escaped have been caught.

Just as the temporary agency team of the pirate base camp wanted to arrest escaped pirates, a piece of news spread to the Internet, sparking reposts and discussions around the world, setting off a global wave.

On a series of social platforms such as Twitter, Laughing Books, ins, Skye, WeChat Moments, Button Space, Sina Xinglang, etc., in less than an hour, a hot topic was airborne.

It turned out that after a whole night of fermentation, Fang Xiaoru’s bombardment of the pirate base camp yesterday has spread all over the world.

In addition to those social platforms, mainstream news media around the world are also rushing to report.

All kinds of headlines are emerging in endlessly.The name Fang Xiaoru once again came into the eyes of people all over the world.

Geely BBC News: "In order to get revenge, the Duke of Windsor went to the Goose Feather Country and bought an integrated battleship battle group! It's a real man!"

Goose feather country polar bear news: "my country's retired northern battle fleet was purchased by the president of the Universe Group."

Neon Sun Daily: "The East bullied the weak with the strong, and sent warships to bombard the pirate base camp. I, up and down, strongly condemn this."

Oriental People’s Daily: "Fang Xiaoru traveled across oceans to rescue the hostages held by pirates in the pirate base camp."

Citi Times: "Shocked! Fang Xiaoru bombarded the pirate base camp without humanitarianism."

Because each organization has a different attitude and focus on filial piety, the headlines of their news headlines are different.

For example, the Oriental People's Daily is obviously inclined to Fang Xiaoru, focusing on solving the hostages.

Neon emphasized that Fang Xiaoru bullied the weak with the strong and strongly condemned it.

As for Citigroup, it directly points out that Fang Xiaoru has no humanitarianism.

Citi time, ten o'clock in the morning.That is the period of time when the California battle fleet confronted Fang Xiaoru.

The Minister of Foreign Education of Citigroup held a press conference.At the press conference, he made a generous statement, and Xiaoru made a strong accusation:

"Everyone, yesterday, a sad thing happened. Fang Xiaoru, chairman of the Universe Group, purchased an integrated warship battle group from Goose Feather Country and headed to the sea area of ​​the pirate base camp.

We thought his original purpose was to rescue the cargo ships and hostages hijacked by the pirate base camp.But we never thought that after the cargo ship and the hostages were rescued, he would even kill the pirates in the pirate base camp.

In order to retaliate, in order to completely exterminate the pirates in the pirate base camp, Fang Xiaoru did not hesitate to bombard the pirate base camp imperial capital, threatening the pirate base camp temporary organization to compromise and help arrest the pirates.

Because of him, at least 300 pirates have been killed or injured.Many civilians were also implicated and died unexpectedly.

Such a bloodthirsty butcher who must repay him is the richest man in the world today. I have to say that this is a tragedy.Such a person who has no good intentions and uses all means to achieve his goals should be rejected by peace-loving people around the world!

Starting today, our Citi agency has decided to completely ban the inflow of any products of the Universe Group. We will never allow such a butcher to make money from us and instead buy terrible team weapons to bully weak institutions..."

In this depiction of the Minister of Foreign Education, Fang Xiaoru turned into a butcher with a sinister heart and a murderous heart.

Such an ability to reverse black and white makes people have to admire.

In addition to discrediting Fang Xiaoru and the Universe Group, it also took the opportunity to ban the sale of Universe Group's products in Citigroup.It can be described as killing two birds with one stone.


There will be one more chapter, maybe two chapters later.