The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 498: Having a child is like Fang Xiaoru

The Citi Security Chief’s remarks caused global uproar and heated discussions.

Countless people have focused their attention on Fang Xiaoru. This legendary businessman has once again become the focus of the world.

Many netizens and citizens in the West have attacked Xiaoru as humanitarian defenders.

On tweets and laughter, the other Xiaoru's cursing continued.

"More than 300 lives, I didn't expect Fang Xiaoru to be such a demon!"

"Blam up the imperial capital of the pirate base camp, Oh Mega, is he crazy?"

"Everyone is born equal, and life is supreme. Even if the pirate base camp is plundered first, you have no right to sentence them to death!"

"Hangman! Butcher!"

"Indifferent to life and disrespect for the lives of others. Such entrepreneurs are not worthy of our pursuit."

"Unbelievable! It is unbelievable that the world's most successful entrepreneur is such a person without humanitarianism."

Many Western netizens who claim to respect life and defend humanitarianism, many of the mobile phone industry and automobile industry that went bankrupt due to the monopoly of the Universe Group, and many people who lost their jobs due to the Universe Group are all madly criticizing and criticizing Fang Xiaoru.

Following the remarks of the Minister of Citi’s Foreign Education Department and the guidance of the major media, many people in the West began to condemn Fang Xiaoru, thinking that he did not respect life and love peace.

Especially Citigroup, the clamor is the most intense.

I have to say that this is an extremely ridiculous thing.

Citi has created wars in various countries around the world. Almost all Citi has been in the midst of wars in the Middle East, civil unrest in the pirate camp, and turmoil in Gezhou.

However, Citi always regards itself as the world's policeman, occupying the commanding heights of morality, in order to criticize and interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

However, although there are many remarks accusing Fang Xiaoru and the population base is quite large, it is less than 10% if calculated in proportion.

After all, not everyone hates Fang Xiaoru, nor is everyone bankrupt or undertaking because of the Universe Group.

But in any case, Fang Xiaoru fell into the cusp of the storm again.

After Citi attacked him and announced the prohibition of any product of the Universe Group from being sold at Citi, Neon followed suit.

Neon’s Foreign Trade Bureau expressed support for Citi’s decision at two o’clock in the afternoon local time, and also completely blocked the World Group for the same reasons as Citi.

No way, during this period of time, Neon's local mobile phone market and auto market have completely died.

Mobile phone companies all went bankrupt. Except for Toyota, which was acquired as a spare parts manufacturer, the auto companies also went bankrupt.

Neon's GDP also experienced a huge drop during this period.

A large number of unemployed people make the organization very busy.

They want to take this opportunity to suppress the World Group, but also want to use this to save local companies that have fallen into depression, at least to make the car company shine again.

After all, everyone has gathered the world's top automotive R&D personnel to work hard on Huanyu Automobile, and have gradually worked out the principles and technologies.

At that time, it will not be impossible to overthrow the world's dominant position in the world.


Xinglang, the largest social platform in the East.

Compared with the West, to be precise, with Citi at the head, and other organizations deliberately targeting Fang Xiaoru, Eastern netizens have completely opposite attitudes towards Fang Xiaoru.

Almost ninety-nine percent of people on the Internet agree with the other party's practice of Xiaoru.

"Too domineering! After being robbed by pirates, I bought an integrated battleship battle group directly."

"I'm going! It's really domineering. Looking around the world, I can't find anyone who is more direct, more direct, and more domineering than Fang Zong."

"Tsk tusk, I have to say, rich people really know how to play. The fact that Nima bought a battle fleet over here really scared me to death."

"I'm really envious, we ordinary people can't even touch a gun, Fang Xiaoru actually directly owns a battleship battle group."

"In other words, is Fang Xiaoru guilty of illegal possession of weapons?"

"Um, this question upstairs is a good question, the big one will come over and explain."

"I’m a PhD student at the University of Political Science and Law, and I just know this. If Fang Xiaoru’s fleet is driven back to China, it’s illegal. If it’s outside my country’s territorial waters, it doesn’t matter. Just buy it from abroad. Like a gun, it did not violate the law."

"Brothers, don't talk about these useless things. I just went over the wall to read on the laughing book, and almost didn't make me angry. Those stupid Citigroups, and the neon people of the dog day, actually said Fang Xiaoru He is a bloody butcher without humanitarianism."

When this person was commenting, he posted a screenshot of the foreign comment he saw over the wall.

There are a total of ten pictures, and the comments above are all criticizing and accusing Fang Xiaoru, as if Fang Xiaoru has been described as a butcher who is wicked and ignores life.

These ten pictures were reposted wildly on major news media and social platforms in the East.

Everyone was indignant at this, and shouted one by one.

"These virgin bitches are really idiots on horseback. The pirates in the pirate base camp do a lot of evil, and they die."

We cannot be polite to these pirates who rely on looting past merchants for their livelihood.Not to mention the death of three hundred, that is, three thousand deaths, that is more than dead."

"That is, bombarding the pirate base camp imperial capital and intimidating the pirate base camp organization team to capture the escaped pirates. Just thinking about it makes me feel enthusiastic."

"As an Easterner, you should be so happy and enmity. If you dare to grab me, I will dare to kill you. Fang Xiaoru bombards the pirate base camp, he is a real man with passion."

At this time, the main office of the conference hall.

In the office, the leader has been talking with director Liu Shimao for more than an hour, and the content of their conversations revolves around Fang Xiaoru.

Finally, the protagonist stood up, looked at the blue sky and white clouds outside the window, and exclaimed: "Birth is like Fang Xiaoru."