The richest man in the magic city

Chapter Five Hundred and Three

On that day, Fang Xiaoru made two arrangements.

First, let the four hundred pirates be armed to the teeth, and let them return to their old business, specializing in looting the passing ships of Citi and Neon.

As for whether Citi or Neon’s warships will destroy them all by then, it is not what Fang Xiaoru cares about.

He just regarded these four hundred pirates as a tool for him to deal with Citi and Neon. They should also be thankful that they still have the value of being used, otherwise they would have been like the pirates who died under the cannonballs before. .

The second arrangement is to send fifty killers from the sky list, fifty killers from the land list, and two hundred international mercenaries to help the temporary chief of the pirate base camp, help him quell the domestic armed forces and bring Citigroup The personnel placed in the pirate base camp and the teams gathering resources there were all driven out.

Fang Xiaoru has always been a man who must repay him. If Citi is so concerned about the pirate base camp, he will cut all their hopes.

Although the armed forces and temporary institutions of the pirate base camp are all supported by Citi.But their weapons and equipment are still very backward.

Once the temporary organization has Fang Xiaoru's personnel and weapons and equipment support, it will quickly wipe out the armed forces that oppose him.

After everything was arranged, Fang Xiaoru received a call from the general manager of the Universe Group.

In the past, Huanyu Group had not set up the position of general manager. Until the beginning of this year, this position was handed over to O Zhengfei, the elder of the other's filial piety.

On the other end of the phone, O Zhengfei's steady voice came: "Xiaoru, Citi and Neon have a huge market. Even if their organization bans the products of the Universe Group, the people in their home country will definitely make trouble.

I believe that this ban will be lifted soon.And it is irrational that you are going to completely withdraw from the two markets now."

It turned out that after seeing Citi and Neon’s attacks and accusations against him, plus their official expressions of the ban on Huanyu Group’s products, Fang Xiaoru was suffocated in his heart, and he decided to give these two countries A profound lesson.

He smiled and said: "Uncle, Citi and Neon are nothing compared to the global market. Once the Universe Group is fully withdrawn, it will only be a small loss for us. But for these two institutions That said, it's not that simple.

Take Citigroup as an example. One year ago, the Universe Group did not gain a foothold in Citigroup. It was just announcing that Universe Mobile would withdraw from the Citi market, which dealt a huge blow to their mobile communications.

And now, the Universe Group has many employees in all major cities of Citi, and almost nine out of ten Citizens drive Universe cars.

Citi’s abacus is doing well and wants to drive us away and re-support local companies.But they have forgotten that there is an insurmountable gap in the technical level between the two sides.

When our Universe Group completely withdraws from Citigroup, the unemployment population of Citigroup will rise sharply.According to statistics, we have 110,000 employees at Citigroup.

Neon’s situation is even more serious. In addition to cars, our products in Neon include mobile phones, and there are more employees than Citigroup.

So, since people want to ban our products, then we shouldn’t just wait stubbornly, and leave.See who you regretted when you saw it."

Hearing Fang Xiaoru’s words, O Zhengfei sighed for a while, and said, “Xiaoru, your hostility is too heavy. Merchants are based on the pursuit of profit. Why should you give up two yuan to be angry with Citigroup and Neon? The market?

Although it is indeed as you said, Citi and Neon will suffer huge impacts and losses due to a large number of unemployment.But for our Universe Group, the loss is also not small.

You are completely killing one thousand enemies and hurting yourself eight hundred, which is not the business of the merchant."

O Zhengfei is the purest businessman, as long as he doesn't violate his own principles and bottom line, he mainly pursues interests.

There are no permanent enemies, only permanent benefits.

This sentence is used to describe O Zhengfei, which is completely correct.

But Fang Xiaoru is not such a person. Fang Xiaoru has revenge and grievances.

The pirate base camp robbed his cargo ship and detained his hostages. He did not hesitate to spend a large price to purchase an integrated battleship battle group from Goose Feather.

Although there are still four hundred pirates surviving, they are also the pawns he used to deal with Citi and Neon. As long as they have no utility value, the end of the game cannot be changed.

Fang Xiaoru smiled softly, with a shuddering chill in his voice, "Uncle just do as I say, don't let them hurt their muscles and bones, they will still push their noses and cheeks in the future."

Seeing Fang Xiaoru’s attention, O Zhengfei stopped persuading him. Instead, he suggested: "Since Xiaoru, you really plan to evacuate the two countries, you might as well be a complete 4S store and a mobile phone store. Staying will give them a heavier blow."

"Oh?" Fang Xiaoru was a little interested and asked, "Uncle, do you have any good suggestions?"

O Zhengfei smiled and said, "Since we don't plan to make money at Citigroup and Neon, we might as well cut off all service and after-sales issues there.

For example, mobile phones, like Citi, cannot download apps from the APP store, and the ones that have been downloaded cannot be used.

And Huanyu Automobile no longer provides any after-sales service.Once the car breaks down, since there is no maintenance provided by our 4S shop, it will be scrapped."

Fang Xiaoru's eyes lit up, he laughed, and said, "Jiang is still hot, uncle, your trick is too cruel, then do it."

After hanging up the phone, Fang Xiaoru turned his eyes to the southwest.

In that direction, there is a very large island named Huanyu Island.

Huanyu Island was formed by Fang Xiaoru who spent a lot of money to reclaim the sea and connect dozens of small islands.

He murmured: "The battle fleet bought from Goose Feather Nation is eliminated, and its power is not as powerful as Citi's California battle fleet. It seems that it is time to buy a high-tech weapon technical data from the points mall. ."

In this world, after all, strength is the respect.

No matter how big your company is, in the eyes of big countries, it's just an ant that can be easily eliminated.

Only when you have mastered a huge power can you get the attention of a big country.

Just like the Bartley family in O State, as the world's largest financial family, but also the world's largest weapon manufacturer, which institution in the world does not treat them politely.