The richest man in the magic city

Chapter 504 Thank you Mr. Fang

In less than a week, the armed forces of the pirate base camp had been wiped out.

Fang Xiaoru not only provided people, but also weapons.If it weren't for the armed forces to hide in the mountains and forests at every turn, I am afraid that it would not take a week, and the two sides would only need to face each other and they would be defeated.

After the armed forces were annihilated, the temporary chief of the pirate base camp immediately followed Fang Xiaoru's instructions to violently expel Citigroup's personnel and energy-gathering crews in the pirate base camp.

For a while, the entire pirate base camp was truly in the hands of the temporary chief of the pirate base camp.

And behind this temporary chief of the pirate base camp, it was Fang Xiaoru standing!

On this day, the pirate base camp celebrated the whole country, celebrating the end of the long-standing civil strife.

The temporary chief of the pirate base camp inspected and paraded along every street in the imperial capital, accepting the cheers of the people.

At the same time, Citi's Foreign Education Department once again issued a remark against Fang Xiaoru.

The remarks made this time are more serious than the last bombardment of the imperial capital of the pirate headquarters.

The spokesperson of Citi's Foreign Education Department said indignantly in front of more than two hundred notes from all over the world:

"During this time, Fang Xiaoru did not want to repent and continued to commit a serious and huge mistake. He openly intervened in other countries' internal affairs and interfered in the political changes of the pirate base camp.

Relying on the weapons and equipment he bought from the Goose Feather Nation, he relied on the international mercenaries hired in his hand to intervene in the civil strife in the pirate base camp.

With his help, the pirate base camp provisional organization team wiped out an armed force in the country, causing the deaths of more than 2,000 people.

Fang Xiaoru's behavior will be condemned by people all over the world!Citigroup officially decided to take Fang Xiaoru to the International Team Court to try him for his crimes."

The speech of the spokesperson of the Citi Foreign Education Department not only shocked the small notes present, but also shocked the world.

The bombardment of the imperial capital of the pirate base camp and the death of more than 300 pirates has not yet passed. Unexpectedly, Fang Xiaoru made another news that shocked the world.

As a businessman, he participated in the civil wars of other countries, resulting in victory for one side and the destruction of the other side.

Such behavior was frantically condemned by institutions and organizations headed by Citigroup.

Especially the companies that went bankrupt because of the Universe Group are active on the front line of condemning Fang Xiaoru.

It was as if there were relatives among the armed forces that were wiped out by the whole team.

They frantically condemned and abused Xiaoru on the Internet, and arbitrarily publicized that Fang Xiaoru's actions had violated team crimes and had to go to the international team court for trial.

"You see, the corpses of the three hundred pirates are not yet cold, and Fang Xiaoru has killed evil again."

"The number of people who died this time is more than two thousand. It is obvious that Fang Xiaoru is a person who ignores life and does everything in order to achieve his own goals."

"Such a dangerous entrepreneur is not what we need."

"I appeal to everyone, do not buy any more mobile phones and cars of the Universe Group. You did not spend a penny on the Universe Group, you are raising funds for Fang Xiaoru's crime."

"Trial Fang Xiaoru, boycott the World Group!"

Under the purposeful organization, with the participation of many water teams, Fang Xiaoru was tried to resist the clamor of the world group.

Under the guidance of the fishing vessel of Citi's Foreign Education Department, people who don't know the truth feel that Fang Xiaoru really has committed some terrible sin.

Netizens in the East also yelled angrily after seeing such reports and remarks from abroad.

"The Westerners are really idiots. Fang Xiaoru helped the pirate base camp’s provisional organization team defeated the local armed forces and ended the pirate base camp’s years of civil unrest. This is a good thing. How come to your mouth but describe Fang Xiaoru as A bloodthirsty man."

"Citi is also shameless, and even has the face to condemn others for interfering in the internal affairs of the pirate base. The world's least qualified to condemn on this ground is Citi."

"Yes, really shameless people are invincible in the world. Over the years, has Citi intervened in other internal affairs less often?

,, etc. Institutions in the Middle East and Rezhou, where is your Citigroup?"

"Fang Xiaoru helped the pirate base camp temporary organization team to destroy the local armed forces. I can't comment on this matter. But I only know one thing, that is, Citigroup is not qualified to use this reason to attack Fang Xiaoru."

"This Citi really regards itself as the world's policeman. The pirate base camp has not made any comments. You just jumped out in such an eagerness."


After a day of deliberation, all parts of the world are discussing whether Fang Xiaoru should participate in the internal affairs of the pirate base camp.

However, all those who hoped that Fang Xiaoru would fall, still focused on the more than two thousand dead armed forces.

They have always emphasized that the deaths of more than two thousand people are all because of Fang Xiaoru.

Fang Xiaoru should be responsible for the deaths of more than two thousand people.

Azak, who was the former temporary chief of the pirate base camp, removed the word temporary and officially became the chief of the pirate base camp.

In front of the major media, in front of the high-level officials and people in the pirate base camp, Azak excitedly began his inaugural speech.

"Guests, friends from the media, and citizens of the Pirate Base Camp, good morning. Today, both for the Pirate Base Camp and for me personally, it is a special day.

Years of continuous civil strife in the pirate base camp finally ended completely yesterday.From then on, we don't have to live in fear.

The civil strife is over, our organization will make every effort to develop the economy and improve everyone's living standards.

And for all these beautiful beginnings, we must thank one person, that is, Mr. Fang, the chairman of the Universe Group.Although it is a pity that Mr. Fang did not come to the scene today, I still want to thank him.

Without Mr. Fang Xiaoru, the pirate base camp will always be in war, and we will always live in poverty.

However, recently some institutions and forces headed by Citigroup have lashed out at and condemned Mr. Fang, condemning him for interfering in the civil strife of our institution, causing more than 2,000 deaths.

In my opinion, this is just a joke.Without the help of Mr. Fang, our annual death toll would be more than 2,000.

Now that the war is over and everyone can live a good life, why bother to condemn this benefactor who helped us?

They don't understand, they don't understand how much people like us who have lived in wars all year round desire peace.And Mr. Fang, it is this peace messenger who brought peace to the pirate base camp.

Everyone, let us use our actions to show the world that our other husband’s gratitude is to dismiss Citi’s remarks condemning him!"

As Azak was talking, getting more and more excited, he raised his arms and shouted loudly: "Let's shout out, thank you Mr. Fang!"

Peace is what everyone in the pirate camp desires most.But now, peace has arrived, brought by a man named Fang Xiaoru.

The people present, whether they were ordinary people or high-level officials, all felt it, and shouted one by one: "Thank you Mr. Fang!"